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Entries in Memphis (78)


Is The Whispering Beginning To Work?

Ollie and Michelle decided last night that they're going to work on creating doubt in Keesha and Renny's mind about Dan. They also plan on calling him out for being a plant when they're locked in the HOH together tomorrow. Michelle just put some garbage in Keesha's ear, and she's now asking Memphis what he thinks. They both agree, though, that Michelle and Ollie are just grasping at straws.


Laughing At Morons

Keesha is reporting all the crazy theories to Memphis and Dan, and they're having a good laugh about it. The all-girls' alliance, the phony picture, not wanting Memphis to use the veto, promising to save Libra over Keesha - it's all out there now. Dan says he's going to put his picture of Monica on the kitchen table for everybody to study.


Nice Lie, Michelle

With grieving time over, Michelle is now trying to work for a vote. She woke up a sleeping Memphis, and went on about how she's done nothing wrong and doesn't deserve this treatment. She thinks that Dan pressured Memphis not to use the veto, and she's even offered Memphis the same deal next week that Dan and Ollie made (yeah, that will work...and it was the plan that Ollie and her came up with a few minutes before). My favorite line of the one-sided conversation? "I didn't even know about all of the deal until the veto."

And please, BB, can we turn off the mics of those eating. Between Keesha chomping on candy, and Ollie's open-mouth chip munching, I'm annoyed beyond belief.


Post-Veto Vids

Watch them while you can.


Memphis Wins Veto!

Feeds are back, and at first it was confusing as to who won. The cams were all originally on Michelle, but it turns out that she ALMOST won. Then the celebration in the HOH made it appear as if it was Memphis, but it turns out it was Keesha.

Edit: Nope - it WAS Memphis!


Still No Veto?

I love how one "side" is tense, talking about nothing but using threats to get Dan to do what they want, while the other "side" is relaxed and just hanging out. Of course, that's been the story of the past 36 hours.

Please, anybody but Michelle for the win!


Feeds Are Back!

When the feeds returned, Jerry was up in the HOH grovelling to Dan. Memphis was hunting for food in the storage room, and then headed up to the HOH after Jerry left. Dan is trying to calm him down, telling Memphis that he must trust him, but Memphis is too worried about Renny's vote. "What the hell have you been smoking?"

Dan also advised Memphis to play up being upset. "Oh, I will 'cuz I am!" He also promised that he will break his word to Ollie if he wins the veto.


Memphis Out! Sorry, Christine


Up Against The Wall, Motherf******s!


Memphis Attempts To Talk Some Sense To Dan

Keesha has made sundaes for everybody not on slop. After she brings them into the bedroom, Memphis and Dan continue to talk about the veto. Here's some of the conversation regarding April and Ollie's offer to buy her way off the block.

Dan: You have to weigh 5 g's versus 500 g's but the end is a long way off.
Mmemphis: I agree.
Dan: I will say 5 grand up front and you can't put up me, Keesha, or memphis next week.
Memphis: Yeah, but then the next week.
Dan: I don't wan too get involved with Renny, ever.
Memphis: We lose Keesha if we go against Renny.
Dan: If we make a deal with Ollie..
Memphis: No, he is worthless.If you keep April, Keesha will not talk to you.
Dan: Keesha may be worth more than 5 g's.
Memphis: Michelle will come after you if she is put up because of a deal.
Dan: She is emotional. I don't want to hear about Jessie any more.
Memphis: If she went up as a replacement..
Dan: What if she was not around?
Memphis: No one would vote her out over Jerry.
Dan: I am trying to get the 5 grand AND keep Keesha safe.
Memphis: You're talking likd Renny at this point.
Dan: Michelle and I are neutral. Would she put me up?
Memphis: Talk to her; I am not sure. Make it part of a conversation - if she says I don't know, then she might. Feel her out.
Dan: Why does she want April to stay?
Memphis: She thinks there is a deal betrween Keesha, Renny, and us.
Dan: Said any chance of that is done due to Renny.

Now Michelle is in there talking nonsense.

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