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Entries in Memphis (78)


Tonight's HOH Clue?

Tonight's HOH competition will probably have something to do with the pictures that replaced their promo shots on the wall. It's pretty typical for this contest to have something to do with things that happened in the house, and the pictures match up to that theme. They've all been studying them throughout the day, and Renny has been giving Keesha encouraging words.


Memphis And His Girlfriend (By Request)


Renny's Last Supper

Memphis cooked salmon on the grill for Renny's last meal. For some reason, though, Jerry declined to participate. He spent some time alone in the HOH, but is now sitting by himself in the living room.


For the Ladies: Memphis Appreciation Post

Are you happy now?


Jerry Is Desperate

As stated earlier, Jerry had a heart-to-heart with Keesha where he told her the only way she can win is to carry him to the finish. Then he mysteriously appeared outside as she was sunning herself with Memphis (and eventually Dan). When he finally went inside, Keesha complained how he was giving her the evil stare the whole time he was out there. I guess in his mind once they had that conversation she was supposed to just isolate herself from those two (like Ollie and Michelle did).

After she complained to the boys, Dan reported that earlier today Jerry took him aside and reminded him that he can "control" the jury house. Really, Jer? Dan can't believe that he wants him to carry him to the final three. "Yeah, let me trust someone who has tried to get me outta here like a million times."

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