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Memphis And Keesha Are Worried About Michelle's Vote

Michelle has been subtly hinting that they should evict Jerry instead of April, which has Keesha and Memphis concerned. She's saying the right things to Keesha, but they're not convinced that she'll do as promised and vote to evict April. They're also worried about Renny's growing fondness for Ollie and Jerry. They both agree that Ollie should be the next target, as he will be gunning for the two of them if April is evicted.


The Onions Are Off!


After All the Drama, It's Time For Some Bikin Pics

And two pics for Christine and Ale!



April to Dan: I'm probably the sweetest person in the house.

Jerry to Memphis: You're me!


Jerry's STILL Taking His Victory Lap

I did chuckle when Jerry, April, and Ollie were laughing about the fact that Libra was in second place AGAIN. What is that, like 6 times now? But overall, Jerry is way too full of himself for winning the veto. He thinks when the "crowd" sees his victory, they'll cheer.

He also still won't let go of the Dan vote. "Dan will always be a Judas in this house to me, that motherfucking cocksucker".

In the other room, Memphis has pointed out that April should be able to drop the fact that he has won a car now that she's won ten grand and a shopping spree. Good point, sir, but something tells me she never forgets.


Holy S***! Jerry Won Veto!

Feeds just came back after 3 hours, and somehow Jerry won POV. Michelle just said, "that was for Jessie", which led Jerry to go on and on about how he felt he needed to win because on numerous he promised Jessie he was safe. Memphis has to wear a necklace of onions, also thanks to Jerry. Michelle doesn't want to change the noms, but he's pushing for using it to save Keesha and put up Dan. He's going to be unbearable this weekend.


Keesha Wants To Do Playboy

I believe it was Renny that first raised the question, but hte conversation moved outside with Memphis. Keesha's boyfriend doesn't want her to pose for Playboy, which makes her want to do it that much more. Of course, Michelle says she'd definitely do it, and her mother would love for it to happen.

With that conversation over, Keesha is now telling Memphis what happened last night in the meeting in the HOH.


Good Morning! While The HGs Sleep......

Here is a quick recap since we tend to get side tracked very easily on this blog, although not as easily as we did when Angie was still in the house - right Scott?

Jessie is most likely still getting voted out tomorrow - although America is most likely the 'swing vote' as Dan put it last night when he spoke to "America" from the hammock. Dan asked America to choose Jessie because that would put him in less peril but since when does America give a care about what kind of position its 'player' is put in (right Eric?).

Libra, Keesha and Renny are set to vote out Jessie

Ollie, Jerry and Michelle want Memphis gone.

Dan, I mean America, has already voted twice for Jessie this week - I'd expect a third time tomorrow and it is bye bye Jessie as April's teeth clench and Jerry checks his hearing aid (right Jerry? I mean RIGHT JERRY??).

But today will be slow with the only major event the hour of picture time with April - lots of fake smiles all around!


Keesha and Libra may bail on April

Keesha has just told Libra that Dan wants Memphis to stay and they discuss how they feel April is expecting them to follow what she wants. Libra has said she really wanted Jessie out last week. They both also feel that April is expecting both of them to be evicted before her.....

Libra says to Keesha that she will vote out Jessie if Keesha will (and Dan) - but she doesn't think they have the fourth vote..... after a long pause Keesha says they have four (Keesha means Renny). So they are seriously ready to flip on April.

Now as I type Keesha says she is not 100% sure on Dan - but the seed has been planted and I am thinking there is a very strong chance that Jessie goes home - if he does chalk things up to Memphis quietly cozying up to Keesha and Libra this last few days.


Memphis Down!

Memphis is down, just Renny, Michelle, and April left.