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Jerry Is Desperate

As stated earlier, Jerry had a heart-to-heart with Keesha where he told her the only way she can win is to carry him to the finish. Then he mysteriously appeared outside as she was sunning herself with Memphis (and eventually Dan). When he finally went inside, Keesha complained how he was giving her the evil stare the whole time he was out there. I guess in his mind once they had that conversation she was supposed to just isolate herself from those two (like Ollie and Michelle did).

After she complained to the boys, Dan reported that earlier today Jerry took him aside and reminded him that he can "control" the jury house. Really, Jer? Dan can't believe that he wants him to carry him to the final three. "Yeah, let me trust someone who has tried to get me outta here like a million times."


Jerry Interuptus

Keesha started to talk to Memphis, but Jerry came out just as she was hinting at some of the stuff he had told her earlier. Talk quickly moved to nothingness, punctuated by another overly-long Jerry story. Now that he's gone, they're sticking with the non-game babbling.


"Is This a Japanese Restaurant?"

Jerry was determined to eat outside, so they rearranged the furniture to create a makeshift outdoor eating area. Renny was in the diary room during some of this time, which delayed the dinner a bit, and was surprised by what they came up with. "Is this a Japanese restaurant?"

"Either this, or we sit inside like always", replied Chef Memphis. Jerry's literally begging for more beer. Earlier, when he was screaming at Big Brother, Renny asked Dan and Memphis if he had Tourette's. God, I'm going to miss her.


"Keesha turned out a lot smarter than I was expecting"

That quote's from Memphis, as they celebrate making final four and begin figuring out what needs to happen next week. It's all about the veto, and Dan says they have a 3-1 advantage...unless Keesha makes a deal with Jerry. Well, wasn't the numbers game supposed to give them HOH this week?

You have to love Renny, though. Instead of wallowing in her own self-pity, she's spent the last few minutes trying to cheer up Keesha.

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