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More Tool Time!

He just won't let it drop. Even though everybody, including Angie herself, has conceded that he's safe, he's still going on and on about the injustice of being on the block. After another one-sided conversation with Keesha, he believes that they're now working together, as is Dan and Renny. He also has "noticed" that the people in his own alliance are now distancing themselves from him. Um, no, tool. They're sitting outside, as they have been since they walked into the house. You're the one now hiding in the bedrooms conspiring.

He's lucky that Michelle is as needy as he is. She's now mad that Angie is actually talking to her enemies. So she's supposed to just roll over and let herself be evicted? (For the most part, that's exactly what she's done.)


Veto Ceremony Is Over!

Apparently, Angie talked about Libra in her speech, and Libra thanked her after it was over and told her that she thought it was "classy". They continued their talk into the bathroom, and they've both agreed to just make the last few days drama-free. Renny came out of the shower and added that she thought it was "beautiful".

For some reason, Michelle's not happy with her words, though.


Jerry the Martyr

So Jerry and Michelle had a confrontation inside the house that turned into a screamfest. When Angie, Memphis, and Jessie walked in, he whined that she was "calling in her army". Now she's screaming over and over about how "fucking stupid" he is.

Meanwhile, Jerry the hero is upstairs relating his version of the story. Jerry is trying way too hard to prove himself. All day long, he's been hanging out in the back yard just long enough to pick up some nonsense that he feels proves something, and then running upstairs to report it.

According to the hens, all of the Jessie and Michelle anger is part of Angie's grand plan. Um, no


Michelle, Angie, and Keesha Chat

Well, the conversation was mainly Michelle, as usual, but Angie made the smartest point of the show when Keesha talked about keeping her promises. "No matter how anything falls, this game going forward for you, you got to start making decisions. When you give your word to people and they don't keep your word to you, in the real world, you're not going to still be friends with them."

When asked about the Jerry incident, Angie told Keesha that he told her to start "thinking for herself", but that he didn't yet "know where my vote is going. I haven't made a decision. Don't give up." She added that Jerry will not even look at her after being called up to the HOH.

After Michelle babbled on more and more, Angie added, "I totally respect you're an honest person. What you don't understand is that other people know this about you and figure that you'll keep your word no matter what they do to you. You have to understand your friends and family will want you to stick up for yourself."


Michelle: Whine Whine Whine (Rinse and Repeat)

Just like when she whined to Angie two weeks ago that she was hurt that Angie didn't cry on her shoulder, Michelle is now up in the HOH with Keesha doing the exact same thing. "I'm obviously sad that my friend is on the block. I just don't understand why you didn't come to me and tell me. I thought the plan was...I just don't understand...I'm sad...we sat up here last week...I just don't understand...people must think I'm stupid...I just don't understand...I'm being honest...I was up here last week...if I get HOH next week I'll never put you up...I just don't understand." Even a person with the limited brain power of Keesha must be getting tired of this.

Michelle is talking out of both sides of her mouth, though. She just promised to not use the POV if she wins, just minutes after she promised Jessie she would.


Wake Up, Memphis!!!

Showtime began tonight with Memphis hanging out with the self-proclaimed King and Queen. When he left the room, the brain trust congratulated themselves for working out a second alliance behind Memphis' back - this time with Dan. I hope to God Memphis figures this out and wages war. Michelle also wants to watch Jessie take a bubble bath. Yeah, we know you do.

Meanwhile, when Libra's not complaining about being hungry, she's talking out of both sides of her mouth. First, she says that the people put up should be by house consensus, and then she tells April and Ollie that our girl Angie needs to go next. But by no means is next week her turn to go.

I think I'm punching out for the night. The conversations are beyond boring, and the only person I enjoy watching hasn't been shown all night.


Maybe Michelle's Not So Dumb After All

Big Brother just announced an indoor lockdown, and a couple of people immediately predicted a concert. "There's no way they can construct a stage in 20 minutes", said the person who had not said one intelligent thing all season. I predict either a luxury competition or a nice dinner.


Picture Day For the King and His Queen

Jessie was given the camera today to take pictures for his blog, and of course it had to become a big production. Michelle and her fancy black dress had to be a part of every single overly-staged photo, which they would then spend ten minutes complimenting themselves as to how great they looked.

BTW, Libra told Ollie she was a first-team All American volleyball player, and after her first child was born she was a 140 pound size 4. Is that possible?


Jessie has insecurities

Jessie and Michelle are hanging out outside in the sun. Jessie's insecurities with his body are shining through. He has a pimple in his eyebrow that he's not too happy about. He stares at his hands. And his ears. He says they're weird.

Michelle and Jessie are BFF. They plan on getting on the next Big Brother All-Stars cast, but the house keeps yelling at them. Michelle says America loves them.


I hope I missed something. Because neither of them should be on an All-Stars show.


Does She Ever Shut Up?

I swear whenever Michelle's featured on the cams I immediately go to mute. She just goes on and on and on about nothing. Everybody in the house knows everything about her life and family. What we've been saying since day one was noted by somebody last night - she's this year's Amber.

Incidentally, Steven immediately told Libra that he tried to backdoor her...and you can imagine her reaction.