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Dan and Renny

We had 20 minutes or so of fish after Ollie called Dan a "faggot", and we've returned to Renny visiting Dan in the HOH. Dan asked if he did the right thing today, and Renny said "yes". She does question if it had to be done in such a dramatic, controversial fashion, but they now all have to just move forward. She also asked him why they don't believe his pictures are real, and his only answer is that he appears slightly bigger in his football picture.

Dan also asked if Michelle has approached him for a vote, and Renny confirmed that she had. She says that she just told Michelle that she's too tired to talk right now, but she says that it was hard to look at the desperation in her eyes. The both agree that as the numbers dwindle, they'll have to start evicting people that they really care about. "I like Michelle but she is a fierce competitor, like April was."


Nice Lie, Michelle

With grieving time over, Michelle is now trying to work for a vote. She woke up a sleeping Memphis, and went on about how she's done nothing wrong and doesn't deserve this treatment. She thinks that Dan pressured Memphis not to use the veto, and she's even offered Memphis the same deal next week that Dan and Ollie made (yeah, that will work...and it was the plan that Ollie and her came up with a few minutes before). My favorite line of the one-sided conversation? "I didn't even know about all of the deal until the veto."

And please, BB, can we turn off the mics of those eating. Between Keesha chomping on candy, and Ollie's open-mouth chip munching, I'm annoyed beyond belief.


Post-Veto Vids

Watch them while you can.


Michelle Returns...And Repeats Her Allegations

Michelle plopped down on the couch next to Renny and Keesha, and immediately started in on how Ollie supposedly spotted Monica at a CBS meeting. They were all cordial to each other, but we went to fish in the middle of her story.