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Natalie's Non-Stop!

Monday morning are generally pretty boring until the POV ceremony. Not today, as Natalie was working it hard from the moment she woke up. She has everybody believing that she's their ally, and has come close to convincing Michelle to use the veto on Jeff!!! She buttered her up by saying she's as alone in the game as she is (hahah), and she still claims she had no idea that Kevin was going to break his deal with Jeff. Michelle really can't be that stupid!


Is There Something Going On Tonight?

I'm sure quite a few of us were shocked to see Natalie take a shower today, but now Michelle has dressed up and applied makeup. Did the HG's win a party of some sort?


Michelle: A Socially Inept Winner?

Nobody can say that Michelle hasn't worked hard to get where she's at in the game. She was initially paired up with two people who didn't like her, and has always been the outsider in any group she was affiliated. Yet winning 3 POV's and 1 HOH has launched her into the final four (unless something strange happens in the next four days).

Her competitive skills are now in place to get her into the finals. Obviously, she's in by simply winning HOH or POV next week. But even without that happening, she's in a pretty good position. If by a small miracle Jordan wins POV, she could survive even if she's on the block...but there's a chance that Kevin or Natalie could do the same if they think about jury votes (don't think Natalie's not thinking about that scenario).

Yet there probably hasn't been a more awkward final four contestant than Michelle. She's prone to giggling when pressed with questions; she forgets details of conversations (and not conveniently like Natalie). She could have easily squashed Jordan and Jeff's paranoia about Russell if she could have formed a coherent sentence. None of this will matter, though, if she survives next week.


Kevin's Nominations!

No surprise here - it's Michelle and Jeff. Michelle's cleaning, and Jeff's cooking. The only comment overheard is Jeff said "fucking scumbags". Natalie is upstairs rehashing every second of the luxury competition while loudly munching on chips.


Kevin Tells Michelle She's Not His Target

Minutes after telling Jeff he's safe, Kevin told Michelle that he wants her to be in the final four with himself, Natalie, and Jordan. This week is going to get interesting.