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Nice Job By Production

This trivia question was put up after the conclusion of Natalie's claim to being the first person in the "history of Big Brother" to get a proposal. Nice job behind the scenes, my friends.

The rumor is that the entire jury house was back, and that Natalie had her choice of who she wanted to talk to. Obviously, she chose Jessie, and the others just made a bunch of noise to distract the rest of the HG's.

Edit: I was premature about Natalie having finished her story. She's still going on about her "proposal".


Natalie is the Pandora Box Owner

I'm sure everybody thought that the lengthy trivia meant it was nomination time. Instead, it was the Pandora's Box bullshit, and details are sketchy since then. First, Natalie said she didn't want to talk about it, but that she can't participate in the POV. After consulting with Kevin, she now has an elaborate story about how by choosing the Pandora's Box she got twenty minutes with her boyfriend, and that he proposed.

She's proud of her various stories - "All y'all got got by an 18 year-old", she said before her proposal story. Please tell me these people aren't dumb enough to believe her. Something tells me they do, though.


Oh Natalie!

This is the outfit that the Queen plans to wear to the nomination ceremony. Even though nominations are just a formality, and the POV winner has the real power, Natalie and Kevin are planning a sort of fake fight for the benefit of Jordan and Michelle. They're also scheming new pranks to pull on Michelle. Really classy, those two. Kevin was called into the diary room, though, and informed that they can no longer mess with her.

The bulk of the nomination speech, though, will be directed at Michelle. Here's what she plans to say:

"Michele, I'm nominating you for personal reasons. Yes, Chima got kicked out, but what America doesnt know is that you were the cause of her getting kicked out. You were the reason Chima threw her mic in the water. By your actions you threw all your Christian values away. Michele, I'm also a Christian, and one thing I've learned as a Christian is not to make a deal with the devil. You offered a final three deal. Well, Michele, I decline your deal because if I would have taken your deal, I would have accepted a deal with Satan himself. Yes, this is a game, and I'm here to win a half million dollars, but as my dad would say 'winning a half million dollars would be nice but not at any cost'. And if it means I have to sell my soul to the devil then I won't be winning the half million dollars...I did it with my morals, my integrity and I still have my soul in tact."

If you want to see this for yourself, go to around the 12:40 mark in Real's "wayback machine".

In case you haven't heard, last night the final four all received new wardrobes, and all seemed to enjoy themselves trying on clothes. Kevin and Michelle pledged to go after Natalie, but of course he ran right up to inform Natalie everything Michelle said.


Operation Jordan!

Natalie wants to get into Jordan's head to make it easier to get rid of Michelle. She's even planning on sleeping in the same room as those two to prevent Michelle from talking to her. She also has again pledged final two with Kevin.


Natalie's Non-Stop!

Monday morning are generally pretty boring until the POV ceremony. Not today, as Natalie was working it hard from the moment she woke up. She has everybody believing that she's their ally, and has come close to convincing Michelle to use the veto on Jeff!!! She buttered her up by saying she's as alone in the game as she is (hahah), and she still claims she had no idea that Kevin was going to break his deal with Jeff. Michelle really can't be that stupid!