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Natale: The Premier Manipulator

She's a nightmare to watch on the feeds. Not only does she rarely shower or attempt to make herself presentable, but her persistent babbling is a nightmare to endure on the feeds or BBAD.

Yet nobody has played the game as ruthless or smart as she has. No matter the situation, she has come out smelling like roses (insert lack of bathing joke here). When her main ally, Jessie, was eliminated, it wasn't more than a few hours later that she was downplaying their connection. When members of the other side have been put up, she makes sure they know that she had "nothing" to do with it. She boasts about her "honesty" constantly, but it's her "last minute lies" that has saved her the last couple of weeks. Even her friendship with Kevin the last couple of weeks has been more out of convenience than any real connection, and she's great at feeding him only the information that helps her game.

Having said that, though, the fact that everybody buys into her bullshit says more about intelligence level of the others than her own gameplay. Time after time, she's one honest conversation away from having her whole game undermined. Even last night, Jeff and Michelle were well on their way to solving the Natalie riddle when Jeff's self-pity suddenly derailed the conversation.

I'd hate to see her win, but I can't say she doesn't deserve it.


Nat Is Good!

As everybody is filing outside for the camera shots needed for the pre-nomination footage, Natalie told Jeff that she "tried" to convince Kevin not to put him up. "You're up, man. I Tried. He said that he wants her gone though." This is minutes after she coached Kevin on what to say during the nominations and afterwards. He's to continue to tell them both they're pawns.


Nat Calling Out Michelle

Kevin's HOH win really is Gnat's, and she's laying into Michelle right now. Of course, we're all hearing the usual garbage about how Natalie's "word is everything". Michelle's handling it better than she did last night, saying she knows that she's going up "and I'm fine with it".

Earlier today, the house had a money-grab luxury competition, which also involved a "Pandora's Box" where Kevin chose "greed". Jeff has bragged that he grabbed as much money as he could, but Jordan felt there was a catch and only grabbed a handful of $100's. Jeff also grabbed a "mystery key", which obviously has something to do with that door Julie showed us on Thursday night.

Could Jeff have once again lucked into a game-saving twist?

Nominations are coming up soon, and Kevin is now talking to


Michelle Knows She's In Trouble

You gotta feel for her. She's been pretty much alone this whole game, and despite her issues she's not a bad person. She knows she's in trouble, and while we have all predicted that it would be Jeff and Jordan on the block Natalie is pushing hard for evicting Michelle.

Natalie's reason for going after Michelle is some insane theory that next week's competition will be memory-based, and only Michelle can beat her at that. Yeah, right. What about the last memory comp? Now if there was a babbling competition, she'd win hands down.



Nat dropped her cup into the chocolate, and the feeds went to fish. When we returned, she had it in her hand. Why not just show her fishing it out?

Jordan just took a nice little tumble.

Kevin's still winning.