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Entries in Ollie (56)


So Far...

Dan looks completely uncomfortable. He basically can't sit still. But he is singing and asking for people to talk to him. I guess that's the way to go - annoy people off the shaking wall. Ollie And Jessie are also staying in motion. Jerry is moving a little bit to get comfortable. The girls have remained fairly stable and not moved.

Also, the feeds keep going to trivia. It's quite annoying.


Tool Time's Great Plan

To be fair, he has yet to do this but a little bit ago our favorite tool came up with one of the craziest, most idiotic things I've heard on this show. Even crazier than what he has said for the past three days. He told Michelle that he he wants to put on his posing trunks and go outside where everybody else is and pose and ask when was the last time any of them looked as good as him. Yeah, that's a great idea. At least Michelle thinks so.

His growing mental instability may just lead to his eviction on Thursday. April, Ollie, and Libra had a conversation a little bit ago where they said they're now leaning to keep Angie. April, in particular, wants him gone and has told the others this is their opportunity. They're going to wait for the next blowup before approaching Keesha with this idea.


April's Showing Her Best Side

Ollie certainly loves the booty, as he told April she looks sexy today.


At Least This Time April Got Some Pleasure

Jerry walked in afterwards and said "you guys are too much".


Ollie Has Stamina Issues!

Oops, they did it again!

Plus, bubble bath time! Ohnoes, it includes Libra.


More April/Ollie Sex

According to Joker's Update:

April: Cum on me.
Ollie: You want me too?
April: Yeah.
Ollie: On you?
April: Yeah.

Both are breathing heavily. Ollie has slowed down. You can hear more kissing.

April: Wow.

He grabbed her something so she could wipe off then climbed back in bed. Quickie!


Slip 'n' Slidin' With Angie and Friends

What a great day for feed watchers. Angie and the boys created a slip 'n' slide out of trash bags and duct tape. Naturally, Libra and the other hens didn't participate (except for Michelle and April, who made one attempt). Obviously, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last hour.



This is why I don't like April. Ollie's talking to Angie, and of course that's awful. She thinks she's flirting with him because she's jealous of their "relationship". Get over yourself. This whole "how dare you talk to the 'other side'" garbage needs to end soon.

Libra has some "wisdom" for her. "Put your boobies in his face, put your ass on him." Um, that's already happened.

BTW, when are the rest of them going to realize that the one person who is playing both sides is Keesha? She tells Angie and Steven she HATES Libra and April, and where is she at most of the time?


Ollie and April!!!

Going back to reading the various chatter over this incident, I'm surprised that these two are so open to everybody about what they've done. April has been joking that she wants to get wilder...and attempt the reverse cowgirl. (She's really never heard of that?) Ollie is telling her that will have to wait until sequester.


Sex in the Big Brother House again?

Good morning - just a quickie from me this morning (Get it? A "quickie?" I kill me!).

I looked about for video but it hasn't apparently hit the net yet (and it may just be a dark camera anyways). Sounds like Ollie and April did the deed in the 'spa room' early this morning.

Sorry to tease ya and run off - but I have a busy day!