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Ollie Makes His Pitch To Dan (Sort Of)

Ollie to Dan: "Let me ask you a question. Have you given your word to anyone about how you would vote this week"

Dan's response was "no", and they immediately cut to four cams of the girls getting ready for Craig Ferguson.

Feeds are now back, but the discussion has moved on to Jerry's attitude. Finally, Dan mentioned that what he did last week was no different than what Jerry did during week one. Ollie agrees. Dan also believes it would actually be in Jerry's best interest to come make a deal with him. "Nobody would ever expect that."

I wish we could have seen what happened in between, but judging by how quickly they changed subjects, he must not have been too open to the suggestion.

BTW, Libra refused to take a picture with Michelle today because she's "not fake". April has also asked if they can have a conversation later tonight. I'm sure at the time it was due to their plan on voting out Keesha, but sine it doesn't appear that it's going to happen I wouldn't be surprised if they don't chat.


April Tells Ollie Her Secrets

Not surprising, but April has slept with some professional athletes. She also recently had a DUI, and drives with a breathalyzer attachment.

Ollie's big sin is that he has slept with a married woman. This confession leads to a fight, because April is perfect.


April's Been In A Movie

We've already heard about Michelle and Keesha's supposed movie career, but April is now using her exploits to "prove" how down to earth she is. She's been in a blockbuster movie that "everybody" has seen; has been in a seven-page spread in a sports magazine; and has done a ton of commercials. Plus, she's now the star of the "best season ever" of Big Brother. And who knows, "P. Diddy may be a huge fan". I can't wait until she's out of the house and learns the truth.


"We Could Go Back To The Back Side"

Um April, we already know you like it that way. Why does she continue to set me up like that? So, the brain thrust's great idea is to bring Libra into the new version of the top-secret super gigantic alliance. April believes they'll again be anonymous since Libra is a "giant target". How dare she make fun of Libra's weight like that. They're way too proud of themselves.

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