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This Is How Bored They Are

Birds have been the only thing discussed tonight besides Jerry's insane POV speech. Ollie says he's scared to death of them ever since he watched "The Birds" as a child.


Conversations With April

If you ever see April on the feeds or Showtime, there's no reason not to mute. Just refer back to this post, as this is EVERY conversation that she has with Ollie (outside of demanding where Ollie deposits some bodily fluids):

April: OMG, can you believe Keesha is such a bitch?

Ollie: Mmmm-hmmmm.

April: I've been nothing but sweet to that bitch. I don't deserve to be treated this way.

Ollie: I know, April.

April: She's friends with Memphis just to piss me off. He shouldn't be here. He already won a three million dollar car.

Ollie: Mmm-hmmmm.

April: I'm tired of being stabbed in the back by everybody. I swear I'm the most caring person in this house.

Ollie: You are, April.

April: I bet Keesha has never had to work a day in her pathetic life. You know I work at least an hour a day, and it's sooooooo hard.

Ollie: Mmmm-hmmm.

April: I've never said anything bad about anybody in this house, especially that stupid bitch and those other pathetic morons.

Ollie: I know, April.

April: Even Jerry. Yesterday, I saw him say hi to her. Talk about a slap to my face.

Ollie: Yep.

April: Even you, Ollie. I see the way you look at her when her fat ass is hanging out of her bikini. God, it's just pathetic the way she struts her body around here. At least I wear classy heels.

Ollie: I'm sorry, baby.

April: And why the fuck were you flirting with that cow Janelle? Sometimes you disgust me.

Ollie: It's not my fault she was talking to me. I'm sorry.

April: And then Libra wasn't even thankful that I made her a birthday cake. She knows I hate her, but I'm so wonderful that I set that aside and tried to give her a special treat.

Ollie: You did, April.

April: I've had it harder in this house than anybody. It's so hard to save everybody every single week, and then they treat me like that?

Ollie: They're just jealous of you, April.

April: America knows how wonderful I am. They know that I'm a beautiful, caring person who puts everybody's happiness before my own. Do you think CBS will air our wedding?

Ollie: Mmm-hmmm...wait a second!

April: Can you imagine how perfect it will be?

Ollie: What did you just say?

April: Are you ready for bed?

Ollie: Yeah, let's go.


Good Morning! While The HGs Sleep......

Here is a quick recap since we tend to get side tracked very easily on this blog, although not as easily as we did when Angie was still in the house - right Scott?

Jessie is most likely still getting voted out tomorrow - although America is most likely the 'swing vote' as Dan put it last night when he spoke to "America" from the hammock. Dan asked America to choose Jessie because that would put him in less peril but since when does America give a care about what kind of position its 'player' is put in (right Eric?).

Libra, Keesha and Renny are set to vote out Jessie

Ollie, Jerry and Michelle want Memphis gone.

Dan, I mean America, has already voted twice for Jessie this week - I'd expect a third time tomorrow and it is bye bye Jessie as April's teeth clench and Jerry checks his hearing aid (right Jerry? I mean RIGHT JERRY??).

But today will be slow with the only major event the hour of picture time with April - lots of fake smiles all around!


April and Ollie Are Delusional

Apparently, April is having a meeting tonight to make sure everybody is doing what she wants. (Edit: the meeting is Dan's idea.)Dumb Ollie says the meeting should just go, "I'm the head of household and I'm going to say who's going to be evicted. Meeting adjourned." Dan tried to calm her down, telling her she should just hear them out and make her points. April's response? "I shouldn't have to try to convince them of anything." Oh, and once again the fact that he won a car is the reason he should have to go.

Meanwhile, Keesha is complaining how the worst winners of the game would be either April or Jessie. Memphis and Keesha wouldn't even go to the wrap party if either of them won. Keesha, Renny, and Libra are all going to pretend that Memphis is still their target. Oh God, this is going to be good on Thursday.

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