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The Night Owl 

Due to real life BS getting in the way of my BB watching (hate it when that happens), I didn't see as much of the feeds tonight as I would have liked to.  I'm pretty sure I didn't miss a whole lot though.

For anyone worried about Amanda losing her spot in the HOH bed, you can relax. She only left the room once I think in the last 24 hours and it was just to go drink som beer.  Her mouth also ceased to stop moving at all.  She seems to be running out of game related things to say about people and has now moved on to just being critical of every single one of the other HGs in general.  Anything she can think to say about them she does.  I cannot believe I started off wanting to like this girl.  It's official, I'm over her.  I just need to come up with a title for her more creative than "Aman-DUH".  I would be feeling super sorry for McCrae's ears right now if he wasn't getting some kissy face from her and possibly other things when no one but BB and the world is looking.



GinaMarie came to the brilliant conclusion that there are 10 votes this week (there are actually 12) and took this to her faux BlondeTourage alliance member, Nick.  He of course listened to her talk about how they have the votes to get Elissa out no matter what etc.. etc.. and agreed with her blah blah.  These kids really don't have a chance right now if they don't wake up to the bigger alliance controlling everything for now.  I do think eviction  night is going to be interesting if everything plays out with the votes and eviction the way it is planned though. I look forward to it.  Anyway, after talking to Nick about it GM ran to tell her other BlondeTourage members Aaryn and Kaitlin about her ideas.



The girl side of the BlondeTourage decided that Andy has turned on them and is acting shady and planning to keep Elissa since they have heard him say that he feels bad for Elissa because she IS a human being after all.  Andy of course IS voting to keep Elissa, but was not at the time plotting against them.  While the girls talked in the Hammock, the BB experience proved to be a little too much for Andy tonight and he was upstairs pouring tears to Regina Spektor.  I feel bad for the guy.  I really like him as a person, but that isn't going to win the game for him, and I'm not seeing any impressive strategy out of him yet.



There was a booze delivery at some point in the evening, but unfortunately I didn't see any real drama come from it or even anything really fun.  They mostly just did this:




Both during the day and overnight several of the TMC alliance members talked to Jeremy to make sure he was okay with voting David out.  To my GIGANTIC surprise he was actually okay with sacrificing him for the sake of the alliance.  I really wasn't expecting Jeremy to be on board, but apparently the MC alliance is solid for now.



Amanda got all emotional and spent some of the evening crying based on hearing that some people were coming after her. I'm not going to lie to you all though, I changed the feed and didn't hear what she had to say about it.  If I tried to keep up with everything Amanda said I would never look away from my computer screen or see any of the other HGs.


In more fun news, while the drinks were going around, some of the other HGs tried to teach Judd how to speak in a manner where others could understand him.  They also taught him a little bit of NY speak.  Speaking of Judd, I'm starting to not recognize him and think there is a new HG now that he has been on slop for the week.  Someone needs to feed that guy soon or we may lose the late night hilarity that is the J-U Double D. 



There was a very very small late night tiff between Candice and Aaryn that is hardly worth mentioning. Apparently Aaryn thought Candice smashed her hat, and Candice was upset that Aaryn was bitching to everyone else instead of just asking her if she did it.  During the fight Aaryn corrected Candice's speech by saying "ASK!" (instead of ax) much like Aaryn does to production when they ask her to stop doing things.  The fight was over quickly when Aaryn walked away, but there is a big tension building there and they both went and told their versions of the argument to other people.  Apparently according to Aaryn it is the highest form of disrespect and is demonic for someone to sit on a southerners hat.  I can tell you as a southerner that this is absolutely not true. She also went on a tirade of racist and homophobic remarks after this, but that's not really so shocking coming from her.


Other than all that stuff, everything was the norm. David was a tool, Aaryn whined at David, was a smartass bitch to production and kept singing, Andy and Judd were funny, the showmances showmanced, and Amanda talked ..and talked...and talked.  Oh, and for anyone who didn't know, the POV ceremony DID happen today/yesterday and Elissa went up as expected.  So that's pretty much it for the night. Hopefully more action will come tomorrow night.  As always, for my other random thoughts on the night you can read my twitter @ashes2ashes13



The Night Owl

In order to understand the events of the last day/night, you first have to understand some of the alliances going on in the house right now.  The season is still pretty new and alliances are going to change, crumble, and form, so these are just the most current.  The very first alliance to emerge (I'm embarrassed to say their name, but I like the members) was The Moving Company.  This alliance consists of McCrae, Nick, Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy.  Next up you have the "showmance alliance" which consists of Jeremy, Jessie, Aaryn, and David.  After those there are a few alliances without names...or who have been named without their knowledge.  You have the "BlondeTourage" made up of Aaryn, David, and GinaMarie, and then what Amanda has just begun calling "Bieber Fever" which apparently consists of all the younger HGs except for McCrae who she considers her closest ally for now. Then there is a group that only Judd, Amanda, Andy, and Helen think is real consisting of the 4 of them plus McCrae and Spencer.


Okay, now that that's out of the way... 

There has been a ton of strategizing today/tonight even though the POV ceremony hasn't even taken place yet.  The plan is still to put up Elissa and keep her plus blindside David, but there have been many talks, and some confusion as to who originally came up with the plan.  The plan to keep Elissa originally started with Helen and McCrae and then with The Moving Company (mainly Nick and McCrae), but by now, Amanda, Judd, and Andy have all been convinced that THEY were the ones that came up with the "brilliant" idea.  Andy  not as much. I think he believes he is just along for the ride on this one.


Amanda did a ton of talking in the last 24 hours (what's new?)  so I will begin with her.  After having some talks with McCrae while going to sleep Thusday night/Friday morning, he kind of let her believe that it was her plan to keep Elissa while he just dropped subtle hints to lead her to the final conclusion.  So she spent all day Friday convincing Judd, Spencer, Andy, and Helen to keep her and also convincing them that THEY were the ones with the idea.  She also conjured a fake fight with Elissa which I have yet to see.  This apparently came in the wake of her explaining to Elissa that she would vote to keep her but that they had to pretend to hate each other or something very close to that. (I still need to flashback and watch that part). I'm really not understanding how Amanda has not lost her voice or at least become sick of the sound of it by now. I feel bad for McCrae.  If only he were as good at kicking her out of the HOH as he is at competitions.



Amanda's non stop rattling and self praising aside, we got to see a few glimpses of what is SUPPOSEDLY going on with The Moving Company.  Nick found time to slip away and tell Spencer not only about the plan for the vote to keep Elissa and oust David, but also to tell him to play it cool and talk shit about each other if people ask questions or bring them up so that no one knows that they are working together and also so they never get put up together if someone not in their alliance wins.  This also helps them control the votes.  They discussed immersing themselves into the other alliances in the house in order to protect their other alliance members from that side of the house while still making sure the house is divided.  IE Nick joins the BlondeTourage group via GinaMarie while Spencer gets in good with Amanda and her little crew. Then if one of their non Moving Company members wins HOH and they have some pull, they protect their member on the other side.  Spencer also came to Nick later on in the night and implied that they needed to have a talk to catch up on what has been going on with said side alliances etc.. but this talk has yet to happen. If it happens after I post the blog and I catch it, I will be sure to do a follow-up with the details of the meeting.



 Spencer relayed this info to Howard as well.  Spencer also held up his end of the deal by making sure to call Nick an "untrustworthy floater" to Amanda and Andy while they were discussing who to include in their alliance of people keeping Elissa. Amanda instructed them to DEFINITELY not let Nick know they were keeping Elissa because he is untrustworthy and she doesn't want him to know "her" plan.



Here is where The Moving Company's problem comes in... No one has told their 5th member, Jeremy, what is actually going on.  IF they were to tell him it likely would not change anything since he has what seems to be a stronger alliance loyalty to David.  Jeremy would likely lose it and either tell David or try to change things which would blow up the MC alliance potentially.  Jeremy and David already spent a good portion of today being very paranoid that people were turning on them and that David would go home.  The fact that they were blaming the wrong people for turning on them is kind of irrelevant ..the point is that Jeremy doesn't want David to leave and short of the other members of the MC being able to convince him that it was not them who kept Elissa, he will likely be leaving the alliance or screwing them over in some way.  I hope I'm wrong on this one, but I just don't see him being alright with them voting David out.



There is also the problem that Amanda has been in McCrae's ear for well over 24 hours now.  I'm not kidding, she has not stopped talking once during the time she has been awake, and so it's really hard to tell how invested in her he really is since he isn't trying to shake her.  If he is keeping her around and letting her think she came up with this plan just to keep her quiet about the plan and keep her from blowing things up, he might be brilliant.  But part of me is scared that he has forgotten  his original alliance altogether as he has slowly allowed Amanda to turn him into a pod person.  He did let her tell Elissa that she is staying and David is going home.  Where his thoughts are I really won't know until I see some DRs, or possibly when I see the meeting of the MC alliance.



Compared to all the strategizing that has been going nonstop, the other things that happened in the house tonight seem very unimportant, but I will try to give a quick rundown. GinaMarie managed to injure herself again by stepping on something else.  I think this is the third time.  If I were her I would invest in shoes.  Kaitlin and Aaryn both had pretty productive evenings, but they were mostly just rubbing on their showmances and talking sweetly to them about how it feels to kiss and love etc.. etc.. *gags*.  Neither of them seemed very concerned about actual game happenings.  Aaryn DOES put on her game face now and then, but it's usually when she is freaking out at David and telling him what to do or being angry at him for talking to Elissa.   I know she is pretty guys, but she might be ALMOST as crazy as Jessie....almost.




Andy spent a lot of time talking with Helen, Spencer, Amanda, and McCrae about their "new alliance".  He also spent a decent amount of time being very funny.  I'm sad that he doesn't seem to be in the inner circle or know what's going on when it comes to the real alliances in the house, because I truly do enjoy him and would like to see him make it pretty far.  As I have said before though, the season is young and there is still plenty of time.  At least he has not emerged as a huge threat to anyone so no one is really talking about evicting him yet.  Ideally I would love to see Jeremy get booted and see Andy join up with the other members of the MC.



Nick spent most of his day and night hanging out with David, Elissa, and GinaMarie for various amounts of time in an attempt to not only lull David into thinking he is safe, but to get in good with GinaMarie and her group and also with Elissa.  I think a lot of this is in preparation of the post vote where he, Spencer, and Howard have planned to play "the blame game" about the votes so that no one knows WHY Elissa is still there or who voted for that to happen.



As of now the HGs are all in the backyard, most of them in a group on the couches talking about past seasons and doing former HG impersonations.  After a long day of really hot weather I am ready to sign off and hit the hay before I do it all over again.  If I catch any big strategy sessions or meetings I will be sure to post a follow-up.  How are you guys feeling? Do you have a favorite alliance that you want to see succeed?  Until tomorrow night..

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