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Stuck On Stupid

No text is necessary.

And the one person with some intelligence!


Libra's Humble

Libra just told Renny, "they're all scared of me because I'm so smart". Hahahahaha!

They are all currently in lockdown because of a banner. Libra was told that it said, "Keesha, Libra is a liar! Love, Steven".

Edit: OMG, what a waste of a banner. Angie swears to Dan that this is exactly what was on the banner. Too bad the people that need to see it didn't.

Currently, Jessie is now taking his case to Libra. I can't bear to take it off mute.


Keesha, Libra, and Renny Lesbian Talk

Talk about Steven being gay leads to whether any of them could be with a woman. Despite being extremely horny because her period's about to start, Keesha says she can't imagine doing what guys do to other women. Renny doesn't understand, so Keesha has to come right out and say "going down". All three agree that's gross.

Keesha has made out with chicks, though. When asked by Renny if that was to see if she liked it, Keesha's response was she did it to try to impress some guys. Yeah, she's one of those girls.


The Difference Between Season 9 and Season 10

Season 9

Season 10