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A Sigh Of Relief - It's April and Jerry

Wow! Just when I thought Renny was off her rocker, she did the right thing and put up Jerry and April. Jerry is now upstairs making his case about his honesty and everything else, but Renny is repeating that he's not her target.

This is a smart move in my opinion. If either win veto, then Ollie will go up. Barring some weirdness, it's guaranteed that one of the three are going home.


Ollie and Renny

Renny summoned Ollie to find out "where he is in this game", and then gave the boot to the rest of the cling-ons. She tells him that she doesn't want him to go, but hints that he'll probably be on the block. Ollie pushes for Jerry to be put up, and says he doesn't want him around. He also questions whether Renny is really doing what's best for her.

Downstairs, everybody is freaking out that Renny has hinted that various other people may go up.

Update: Immediately after this conversation, Ollie huddled with April and shared the (not) surprising news they may both be going up. They immediately hatched a plan to guarantee her safety for two weeks, and Ollie ran back upstairs. Unfortunately, Renny didn't want company (she had a ribbon in the door to indicate that, or something to that effect), but let him in for a couple of minutes. She didn't seem too fired up about the deal, but I guess we'll see in a few minutes after the nomination ceremony is concluded.


Dan As A Pawn?

Renny just asked Dan if he would be ok with going up as a pawn? WTF? Just put up April and Ollie, and if either goes down put up Jerry. There's no need for a backdoor in this situation.

Michelle and Keesha just came in, and Michelle's convoluted babbling is confusing everybody.


Jerry And His Big Mouth

Well, now everybody knows about the plan to boot Keesha instead of Libra. Silly old man.

(Edit: Sorry, I inserted the wrong video. I'll update it when it surfaces.)

I also read that last last night Renny pledged to take Michelle to the end. How did that happen? Oh, I found the video.


Ugh! BB Lets April Steal Renny's Spotlight

After an outside lockdown, the house was let back in to a pile of gifts. Unfortunately, they're April's designer outfits...including new pairs of stripper shoes. If I was Memphis, I'd ask her just how much they were worth. $60,000? $70,000? More than a vintage car?

Why couldn't they give April her prize next week? Oh yeah, she may not be around then...hopefully.


The One Time I Haven't Minded The Unveiling Of The HOH

I actually teared up a bit, as our favorite old girl finally got into the HOH after a brief struggle with the key. It's amazing, though, how April was the first to pour on the compliments. Ok, it was predictable.


Michelle In Diary Room, and Aftermath Of Silly Jerry

These probably won't be up long, but enjoy while you can.


OMG, These People Are Paranoid

Earlier tonight, Dan spent an hour chatting with Libra about various topics, including the Bible and her life. It was completely innocent, and later Dan explained that he was just trying to cheer her up and that Keesha still has his vote.

Michelle, of course, has it all figured out. Dan and Libra have been put in the house as America's Players, and have worked together since the beginning. She thinks they may even teach at the same school (despite the fact he lives in Michigan and she lives in New Orleans), and that their game plan has been to rarely acknoledge each other. Keesha, obviously, can be convinced of anything, but I'm shocked that Renny is falling for this garbage.


Renny Is Sad

I'm not sure why, but Renny just left the HOH bawling. Dan's now consoling her.


Good Morning! While The HGs Sleep......

Here is a quick recap since we tend to get side tracked very easily on this blog, although not as easily as we did when Angie was still in the house - right Scott?

Jessie is most likely still getting voted out tomorrow - although America is most likely the 'swing vote' as Dan put it last night when he spoke to "America" from the hammock. Dan asked America to choose Jessie because that would put him in less peril but since when does America give a care about what kind of position its 'player' is put in (right Eric?).

Libra, Keesha and Renny are set to vote out Jessie

Ollie, Jerry and Michelle want Memphis gone.

Dan, I mean America, has already voted twice for Jessie this week - I'd expect a third time tomorrow and it is bye bye Jessie as April's teeth clench and Jerry checks his hearing aid (right Jerry? I mean RIGHT JERRY??).

But today will be slow with the only major event the hour of picture time with April - lots of fake smiles all around!

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