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Michelle Returns...And Repeats Her Allegations

Michelle plopped down on the couch next to Renny and Keesha, and immediately started in on how Ollie supposedly spotted Monica at a CBS meeting. They were all cordial to each other, but we went to fish in the middle of her story.


Dan's POV Plan

In the last few minutes, Dan called up Michelle and asked her who she wants put up in place of Memphis. Her answer was, obviously, Keesha. He then brought up Renny and Keesha, and told them his POV meeting plan was to ask four people who they want to see on the block. He wants them to both name Michelle. They're not happy with this plan, as it's pushing blame for his move onto them, but both have agreed to do it.

Update: Renny doesn't feel comfortable with this idea, so after another meeting with Dan she's now going to say Ollie's name.


Still No Veto?

I love how one "side" is tense, talking about nothing but using threats to get Dan to do what they want, while the other "side" is relaxed and just hanging out. Of course, that's been the story of the past 36 hours.

Please, anybody but Michelle for the win!


Renny's HOH Blog

Dear Fans,
This is Renny, hopefully one of your favorite Big Brother Housequest! I am so excited about sharing some of my thoughts with you. First, I would like to thank everyone that tunes in for every episode, especially all my fans and enjoys our antics in the house. Secondly, I want to thank my beautiful husband Patrick, my daughter Paris and my son Patrick Ruben, aka "Sparky". Loving shout out to my son - in-law Benson! They have always been there for me and supported me throughout my life. I love you always and forever. This experience has been like no other I have ever experienced. I know first hand how difficult it is living with this many people. It can be sheer chaos! All these houseguest have different personalities, and it's like trying to maneuver through a minefield. Every day you wake up knowing most of everyone schemed the entire day to try and get you out, so they can win the half a million dollars. I have already been told people would not take me to the end because I am well liked by many of the houseguest. If that is the case, I hope my fans consider me for America's favorite. I have been playing this game hard. Many people may not realize the sheer hell I've been put through at the hands of Jerry (The Colonel). He still has not apologized for what he did to me. Let me guess, I'm too old for him to give me an apology. In his state of mind you have to be a young chick to get one. By the way Colonel, how about covering your mouth when yawning I'm tired of seeing it, you look like a Rhino! Take some etiquette classes.
April, I was so tired of you prancing around this house like a drama queen, you won the cash, the clothes, suck it up chick your good at closing deals. However this is one gamer you could not close RENNY, Good for one this game is closed for you!
Memphis your a good looking shrewd young man, however I've had my eye on you since day one, I believe you think you've won the game already. It's not over to the fat lady sings!
Michele, you have a winning personality. I like to hear you laugh. Your one tough broad from the east coast! I do believe though you would sell me out for the guy's. I love how you talk about your mother, she is a beautiful mother, she must be proud.
Dan, you are the most unusual young man. I like you a great deal. However call me Sherlock Holmes, you are a very suspicious suspect. Sometimes some things are too good to be true, you are falling into that category mate. I do admire you for being a sweet young man and very loving. Shout out to your mother Sue. However in the game some things don't make sense and you don't. Call me Judge Judy!
Ollie you a gentle soul, I know you might have found love in the big brother house. More power to you.
Keesha you have been my best friend in the big brother house. I know what's coming. However you have been my rock in here and I have trusted you. I am not here to make friends, yet along the way I think you are a treasure. Some people in this house are taking advantage of your good nature, but you are extremely smart. I will never forget you lady!
I want to tell everyone good-bye and I hope to see you when I get out. I am always there for my fans! I will never forget all of you for watching me! I love all of you,

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