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The Final Four!

Now the camera crew hates all boys...which normally I don't mind.

The final four are Chima, Michelle, Jeff, and Russell. I actually give the edge to the ladies, as they're dressed for cold, damp conditions.



Every Thursday, the houseguests are forced to spend a couple of hours in the HOH while the crew gets the house ready for the live show. It's always uncomfortable for everybody, as it's quite often the only time the various alliances intermingle.

Today's gathering may be the most uncomfortable of all time, as Ronnie is forced to be in the same room as most of the cast for the first time since late Tuesday night. He's decided to pretend they're not even there, slipping on the headphones to listen to his awful Legally Blonde cd.

Russell is making a show of attempting to bother him, but since we've seen him sneak in and out of the HOH the past 24 hours it's not nearly as entertaining as it was on Tuesday.