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Entries in Ronnie (44)


It's Official!

Veto ceremony was just held, and Casey was indeed put up! A newly energized Ronnie is now holding court with his best pals Jessie, Natalie, Chima, and Kevin(?). Apparently, some strong words were said by Jessie. Can't wait to see it tomorrow!


Birthday Time!

After two hours of gameply with Ronnie, Chima was rescued by Natalie. Initially she didn't want to come downstairs. "I want to go poo. I hope it's not my birthday shit cuz I'm not dressed for it."

With the door open, she finally saw the streamers, but still wanted to delay the festivities. "Let me get cute. This is going to be on TV."

Everybody came out and tossed pillows on her, and it was announced that the "have nots" would get an hour reprieve from their diet to eat cake. Chima also received a card from her grandmother.


Ronnie Says He's Morally Superior to Casey

Ronnie was stuck with the task of "babysitting" Chima as the rest of house put together a surprise birthday party for her. Of course, he immediately does what he was exactly told NOT to do - turn on the spycam.

Besides reinforcing his claim of loyalty to her, he's also going off on how Casey is am embarrassment as a teacher. Teachers have a responsibility to have a special image, so he doesn't even go to bars and clubs in his hometown. (Well, wouldn't that be more due to his computer games?)If he lived in Casey's community, he'd run to the Board of Education to report him. I really should take a drink every time he uses his favorite variation of "actions speak louder than words" cliche.

So Ronnie's plan is to first eliminate Jeff so Jordan will be alone, and then Lydia to do the same to Kevin. He is, after all, the only non-athlete to be HOH (he said this yesterday or the day before).


Veto Results!

Michelle apparently won POV, but poor Chima now has to wear a leotard all week. Despite my critics on this site, I do feel sorry for her.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is eating alone...again. Is it possible I'll start to feel sympathy for him?

Edit: Ok, it's a bit unclear as to the booby prizes. It sounds like Casey has to wear a "banana suit", but it's still unclear about Chima's unitard. At first, it also sounded like Natalie won $2500, but she was the host. It's actually Jessie who won the money. The house also won a margarita party, which the "have nots" cannot attend.

One (hopefully) last edit: No leotard, and apparently Michelle also won a trip.


King Jessie Holds Court

Everybody has to come up to pay their respects to the King, which is a fantastic way for Jessie and Natalie to gather information. I swear these people can't wait to spill their guts about everything.

They're also all backing down from demanding Ronnie get nominated, which Jessie is now telling Ronnie...sort of. He is informing Ronnie that he's the only HOH which wouldn't put him up right now (except for his sidekick Natalie, who quickly adds that neither would she). But he's also grilling Ronnie on all of his earlier misdeeds, babbling over and over the usual variations on the "action speaks a thousand words" cliche.

Casey's definitely going up, and mainly because he tried to put the athletes on slop.


Who Will King Jessie Nominate?

Natalie and Jessie are discussing nominations, and the idea of drawing straws is obviously thrown aside (like that would end up happening, anyway). Natalie is adamant that Casey needs to go, and the fact that he was willing to put the Athletes on slop is reason enough. Jessie believes that Jordan and Michelle are the obvious choices, but adds that nominating Jordan will again cause problems with Jeff.

Jessie also says that they may just have to admit that they have no plans to nominate, let alone eliminate Ronnie.

Meanwhile, Chima and Lydia are also saying that Michelle and Casey need to be put up, but Lydia does admit that if four of the final five are athletes she'll be "pissed".


Ronnie Versus Russell, Round ???

All you really have to do is play the earlier tape in reverse...with one exception. After returning to the HOH, Ronnie attempted to listen to the "chess couch" conversation through his door.


"Don't Worry, I'll Be Right Here When You Get Out"

Ronnie got called to the diary room, and Russell followed him the entire time asking if he had any new schemes. After he enters the diary room, Casey advises Russell that a silent game may be a better psychological ploy.


Don't Expect To See Much Of Ronnie Today

He's been holed up in the HOH almost all day, constantly watching the spy cams. Russell spent most of the morning camped out in front of the HOH door on the "chess couch", but is now outside with everybody else.

Jessie is still supportive of Ronnie, though, and is currently in the HOH giving him a pep talk.


The S*** Hits The Fan

So I went to bed about halfway through BBAD last night, bored to tears by Ronnie's "advice" to Laura. What a mistake.

Basically, Ronnie's house of cards tumbled last night. People (finally) began comparing notes, which led to the confrontation of the year. So much happened that I highly suggest just going to Real and watch it all unfold.

Edit: Ok, I've gone back and watched lots of footage from different cams. The entire fight actually starts about 11:15 or so, right after Laura left the HOH. Chima, Natalie, Ronnie, Lydia, and Kevin began arguing about how Russell should have been the replacement nominee. Natalie and Chima, in particular, get into it.

Lydia then goes off and complains to Russell how Natalie acts like she's in charge. Russell smartly plays into it. A few minutes later, Russell pulls Ronnie into the storage room and advises him to settle down and not act so paranoid. This conversation gets heated, as Russell calls him on talking behind his (and everybody else's) back.

Russell then calls everybody into the bathroom and states the obvious - "if you want to know what is going on, why wouldn't you call me up there and ask me what is going on, rather than planting seeds of doubt. You should ask me what is going on? Does that make sense? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?" Ronnie complains that Russell shouldn't talk down to him (hehe).

A few minutes later, almost everybody is in the backyard, and Laura wants Russell and Ronnie to come out to tell everybody what she has said or not said. Russell and Jordan jump in, but Ronnie refuses to answer to them as the conversation is expanded to all of Ronnie's shenanigans.

Ronnie retreats to the HOH with Chima, who points out that what he's saying should be said to the entire group. They're all yelling for Ronnie to come back out, and finally he screams "you're the one going home" to Laura before slamming the sliding glass door.

They're ALL now talking shit about Ronnie, except for Lydia and Jessie. Ronnie attempts to chat with Russell, who calls everybody into the house to listen to Ronnie claim he hasn't lied to anybody. An exhausted and defeated Ronnie retires to his room, as the rest of the crew continue to make fun of him for the next couple of hours. Yeah, they're a bit full of themselves, and I don't necessarily believe that every single one of them would put him up if they win HOH on Thursday.