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Ronnie Is Delusional!

Ronnie's "wacky" HOH tweets:

I want to say hello to my friends and family. I love and miss all of you so much!!! I can't believe I am in the BB house living my dream!!
11:15 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

Shell - I miss you like CRAZY!!! You never know how much someone truly means to you until they are not around anymore...
11:17 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

I will end with this - PSHS 4N6 Rules.... we don't just forensicate....we DOMINATE!!!
11:18 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

P.S. I am a rather unpredictable person and I promise if I have my way this house will be upside down before the week is over.
11:20 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

When I get out of the Diary Room I am going straight to my HoH room to play games with my modeling clay!
11:22 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck

Hey, it's me... Ronnie !!!! Wow this game is really turning out to be more difficult than I thought it would be.
42 minutes ago from TweetDeck

I am so absolutely grateful for this once in a lifetime experience!! I hope all of America is enjoying watching the show.
41 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Hopefully everything that I have planned will work out well this week. If not, then I will have to roll the dice on the next HoH.
40 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Playing this game is WAY more difficult than playing any video game...EVER!!
38 minutes ago from TweetDeck

In a video game you have control over so many aspects, whereas in this game you can only control yourself.
38 minutes ago from TweetDeck

I would have to say that it is much easier to slay a cartoon dragon than evict a real person... Unless it is Russell!
36 minutes ago from TweetDeck

I am cherishing every second I have in this house. This has been a dream of mine for a long time!
35 minutes ago from TweetDeck

The BB game is unique. It incorporates the strategy elements of chess, the bluff skills of poker, and the creativity of an RPG. I love it !
32 minutes ago from TweetDeck

I just hope and pray that my friends and family are proud of me. I am trying to do the best I can under this difficult situation.
31 minutes ago from TweetDeck

There are some people in here I would love to stay friends with possibly. However it is still a game to me.
26 minutes ago from TweetDeck

As you will soon see, hint hint, I definitely am not afraid to put personal feelings aside in my strategy!
25 minutes ago from TweetDeck

25 minutes ago from TweetDeck

My t-shirts are special to me. I am a wacky crazy guy and a tad unpredictable. I still have a few you guys havent seen yet!! >8-)
20 minutes ago from TweetDeck

The Bomont High School Athletics shirt is a very special gift to me. The entire administration and student body of PSHS are amazing!
18 minutes ago from TweetDeck

In closing, Shell you are my best friend and I will never take you for granted!! Ok..I am leaving DR and I am going to do a booty shake !!
17 minutes ago from TweetDeck


So Much For the Plan

Jordan angered King Ronnie, so she's now the new nominee.

Come back in two hours for the latest change.

Ronnie informing Jessie and Chima informing Natalie were the two dumbest moves of the weekend.


Bikini Day!!!

A little something for everybody!


The Silliness of These People

Don't get me wrong - I firmly agree that eliminating Russell is a smart move.

Yet the reason that the majority of these people turned against him is pretty childish. Yes, he's cocky and has had words at times with everybody in the house. As a relatively intelligent person with an athletic build, he is a threat to suddenly make a run for the finals.

But that's not the reason he's (probably) going to be put up, and (probably) evicted on Thursday. He's going home because he had the audacity to sit outside with Casey, Laura, and others on Friday night...and then again last night.

Sure, Ronnie had claimed to Jeff, Jordan, and Laura that backdooring Russell was his plan all along. That's complete b.s. that he said to only save face with that crowd. It wasn't until Friday's incident that started people like Chima and Lydia's whisper campaign.


Jordan the Actress?

Jordan was lectured for at least a half hour, and she eventually agreed that if she wins HOH next week she can't put up Jessie, Lydia, Kevin, Chima, or Ronnie. Oh boy. She was then instructed to inform everybody outside that she was told that she was going to be Jeff's replacement on the block so that Russell doesn't have a clue. She did just that, and while Russell had a couple of questions they all seemed to believe what she said. Of course, now she's making the mistake of continuing to talk, so we'll see how long she can pull of the charade.

I predict that Russell finds out even if Jordan doesn't screw up before Showtimes is over because a). none of these people can keep a secret, and b). Ronnie wants to tell Jessie of this plan...which means Natalie will know five minutes later, and then one of the two will tell Russell.

While this was going on, Russell was having a relatively intelligent conversation with Laura and Michelle about Jessie, Natalie, and Ronnie.

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