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I now have a website set up where you can go to hear current and old episodes of the Big Brother Gossip podcast.  Please go to!


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A Little Help, Please!

On last Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show, I mentioned that we'd like some help from our listeners. Unlike most shows, I'm serious. In an effort to help out Ash, our Audio Producer, I'm putting out a call for some audio clips from you fine folks. If something goes down that is funny, interesting, or integral to the week's happenings, send us the clip for possible inclusion. The key word there is possible, as there are no guarantees that we'll use it. Also, you need to be able to record soundboards. On Windows, that generally means setting your audio to "stereo mix". On Macs, it's a bit more difficult. No matter what you use, the audio can't just be recorded by your device's built-in microphone.

If you do have something to contribute, you can contact me here, twitter (bigbrothrgossip), or via email ( Of course, you'll get credit if we do indeed utilize the audio.

Thanks, my friends, and enjoy the show tonight!


Scott The Media Whore

As I mentioned on Saturday night's Big Brother Gossip Show, I now have a side gig as a music writer for the Argus Leader in my hometown of Sioux Falls. The paper, part of the Gannett chain, has a daily online video talk show, hosted by my old friend, Patrick Lalley. Today at 4 pm ET, I will be on as a guest to talk about this site, the Big Brother Gossip Show, and a sneak preview of sorts of the upcoming season of Big Brother.

Join us at and toss a question or two in the chat, or take a look at the archived version that will be available shortly after airing. 

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