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"Very Manly"

The interview with Steven and Brian is easily the most entertaining interview I've ever seen with a Big Brother contestant. Both are smart and sarcastic, and I think they'd like our site. (Shameless self-plug, I know.) They both just said that Angie was the sexiest woman in the house, and that Keesha looks better on TV than in person, and that Michelle was "very manly". Hahahahaha!

Now if I could figure out how to send in a question.


Picture Day For the King and His Queen

Jessie was given the camera today to take pictures for his blog, and of course it had to become a big production. Michelle and her fancy black dress had to be a part of every single overly-staged photo, which they would then spend ten minutes complimenting themselves as to how great they looked.

BTW, Libra told Ollie she was a first-team All American volleyball player, and after her first child was born she was a 140 pound size 4. Is that possible?


Slip 'n' Slidin' With Angie and Friends

What a great day for feed watchers. Angie and the boys created a slip 'n' slide out of trash bags and duct tape. Naturally, Libra and the other hens didn't participate (except for Michelle and April, who made one attempt). Obviously, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last hour.


Big Brother Season 10, Episode 4 Recap

Happy Sunday, everybody! Welcome to episode four of the tenth season of Big Brother. Tonight we’ll see the ramifications of Jessie winning HOH, plus the (boring) unveiling of his HOH room, and the big reveal of his nominations.
After the summation of the season so far (I do love the Renny/Jessie bitchfest), we start right in with Brian’s eviction. Dan admits that staying true to Brian until the end and being his sole vote makes him “stick out like a sore thumb”. Steven says he was close to tears, and Ollie says that while he felt responsible for Brian’s eviction “my relationship with April is more important than the agreement I made”. Yeah, we know it is.
Jerry says he doesn’t feel any remorse for going back on his word, and then we have a great moment. My girl Angie makes her first diary room appearance. She’s sad that she had to vote against Brian because “now I’ve got to deal with people that have gotten on my nerves”. Damn, I love her.
We now see the overly-dramatic change in Brian’s picture, and Libra is all full of herself. “My biggest threat (is) out of the house. I could have done a dance, a jig, a high-step, a frickin’ flip.” Um, you’re biggest threat? (I won’t go into Jessie and Renny’s idiotic babbling.)
Sitting at the table, Jerry tells everybody that Julie hit on the betrayal theme in his HOH speech. “I don’t think it was betrayal”, responds Jessie. (Ugh.) Once again, we hear about his lack of military garb, which Dan jumps on. Renny babbles some nonsense, and Jerry jumps on her for it. “He broke his word with me!”
Now we move on to the HOH competition. “It’s probably the best feeling in the world right now”, he says. “I see this as an opportunity to get back at Renny. She should have at least apologized.” Jesus, get over it, steroid boy.
Keesha laughs at April’s enthusiastic leap into Jessie’s arms (which at least gave us a great view of her thighs). “I felt it was totally fake. I think she was being a little Barbie bitch.”
Angie has a forced smile on her face because she knows she could be in trouble. “(Jessie) has suspicions that I was trying to keep Brian in the house based on the fact I was hanging out with him. It was a dumb move on my part.”
Renny says that his winning HOH is her biggest nightmare. “It’s going to be a long week.” Steven, meanwhile, is pissed that suddenly “they” (Keesha, Libra, etc.) are acting like they’re his best friends. “They want to divide the house into two. Those that liked Brian, and those that didn’t like Brian.”
Ok, this is enough of this crap, as we get to watch Jessie continue to celebrate. Jerry even says “I think we created a monster.” Jessie moves into the storage room with Memphis to continue to celebrate. “Jessie and I see eye to eye on a lot of things.” Ugh, Jessie goes on to say “everybody thinks that I’m a body without a brain”. Please, make it stop.
OMG, it goes on and on, as now Ollie, Michelle, and Libra jump for joy. Angie walks in on the “fun”, and admits that she “doesn’t like the people on their side”. Neither do I, my dear.
Steven and Dan are out in the kitchen, and a dejected Steven sits in silence as Dan says that “the one thing you won’t see me do is kiss his ass”. Meanwhile, Jessie is STILL celebrating, this time with Ollie and Jerry. Steven, though, says that he’s not worried as he’s never had a “beef” with him. Dan knows he’s going, though, but “I’m not going to surrender…but I’m going to have to be creative.”
With the celebration (thankfully) over, it’s time for Libra to decide what’s going to happen…at least in her mind. She asks April what she thinks about Steven. “I want him out.” April agrees that it should be Steven and Angie on the house. In fact, April wants Angie out before Steven. Michelle walks in, and agrees.
Now the segment I dread – Jessie’s HOH. Food, candy, and so-called “perfect” pictures. Yeah, yeah, yeah – we know you’re a weightlifter. Renny claims that her son “has better legs”. I’m starting to like her. At least everybody else is as bored as I am, and April says that she likes guys with a “little cushion”. Hmmm, maybe I should be focusing more on her.
Ohmigod, he goes on and on about his amazing body. Dan laughs that he’s got maybe one or two photos with family and friends, and the rest are of him posing. “If everybody in the house knows one thing, it’s that Jessie loves Jessie”.
Jessie notices in the spy cam that Steven didn’t bother coming up. Of course, he’s offended. “I really didn’t care” is his explanation. Good for you. “It’s pretty disrespectful”, complains Jessie. Ugh.
After everybody leaves, the “brain trust” sits in silence until Jerry leaves. Jessie immediately says he’s going to put up Renny, which causes both Libra and April to throw him dirty looks. They all say that instead of her they need to go after Steven, but Jessie claims that he “really doesn’t think he can win”.
Michelle wants Steven and Dan, and says that obviously Keesha is on “their side” as she’s now sitting outside with them. “I hate people that go from one side to the next”, whines April.
Keesha and my girl are outside bitching about the cattiness of the other girls. Keesha claims that she’s trying really hard not to be like that. “I try to escape but April is always there. I really don’t like her.”
April, meanwhile, is pleading for Steven to put up Angie. Noooooooo. Steven still wants to put up Renny, but Queen Libra is having none of that. “Forget putting Renny up there, period.”
After the break, Jerry is talking to Angie and Libra about the fact his wife has Parkinson’s disease. Libra asks about putting her in a hospice, and Jerry says that he promised her that as long as he’s physically able he will never do that to her. He tells them that a month ago, she told him to put her in a nursing home but he can’t do that to his best friend of 54 years. Both Angie and Libra are in tears.
We move on to Steven talking to Dan and Keesha about being gay. Although Steven says he’s been open to everybody about this aspect of his life, Dan claims that he was the last to know. In the diary room, he goes on that being in the house has been an “eye-opening experience”. This is another segment that’s nothing but filler.
Meanwhile, Angie is lying in bed when Jessie wanders in. She asks to go up to his room. Damn, I’d love to hear that same question. Angie says that she doesn’t want things to keep being like they had been the last 24 hours. Jessie, as usual, whines about how she “could have come up to me…you took the one guy that wanted Memphis, Michelle and myself out and aligned yourself with him”. Angie says that 95% of her conversations with Brian had nothing to do with the house, and that when they did talk about the game she was telling him that she was not voting for him. Jessie doesn’t buy it, especially when Angie admits that for a “half hour last night” she attempted to swing some votes for him.
Oh god. He goes on to lecture her about how everybody thinks he’s just all muscles, and how “that’s what I wanted them to think”. We get it, Jessie, you’re a stud. I truly hate him.
After another commercial break, we come back to more filler with Steven and Keesha talking about their love of animals. “My dog, honestly, he comes before everybody”, says Keesha. “Even before my significant others. I mean other.” Steven breaks her heart by telling her that after three months, their pets are going to forget them. This is quite the conversation.
It’s now time for the food competition, which actually happened after the nominations. Jessie has a fake moustache and is babbling in a terrible phony French accent. April’s not happy with the people that are on her team, especially since it includes both Jerry and Renny. She and Libra both openly bitch about this fact as they change into the competition clothing.
So this dumb contest includes looking for corks and filling up wine glasses, and Jessie’s accent is bothering the hell out of me. Libra is already whining about how she can’t be on slop again. I won’t bother with the play by play, but Angie says that Dan is the star of the game. Keesha does say that Renny did very well in the competition, which Renny says it’s because “if anybody knows wine, it’s me”.
If you haven’t figured it out by now, the green team won, which meant that Libra and April are back on slop (as are Renny, Jerry, and Michelle). As expected, Libra and April are pissed, and immediately begin bitching at each other. Keesha is loving the fact that those two are fighting.
Dan asks Jessie is he can use the HOH bathroom, thinking it’s an opportunity to chat with him. Unfortunately, Jessie is too stupid to understand, and continues to sit at the kitchen table. Finally, he comes up but with Ollie. Dan races into the bathroom, but Jessie has forgotten that he gave him permission. Mission failed. Ooof.
Another useless segment – Libra wants to know why Memphis never shows emotion. He goes on to talk about his father’s death, and how he didn’t get to know him until he was 15. Then Memphis says that he got his heart broken by a woman. Cue the inspirational piano music!
Dan makes another attempt to talk to Jessie, and he actually gets an audience this time. He tells him that although he expects to go up, his sticking with Brian proves that he’s a man of his word. “But…if there’s anything you can think of, I’m open”. Jessie responds that “the way you handled it, as opposed to the way other people handled it - I think you know who I’m talking about – I understand.”
Finally, after an extremely long hour, we get to the nominations. Angie’s worried that she’ll be put up, and Renny says that “she never feels safe…but he should go after somebody else”. Dan is feeling a bit more confident that his conversation helped his case. Steven says that Jessie’s cockiness means that he doesn’t see anybody as a threat, and that it’s certain other people that will control who he nominates.
Jessie pulls out the first key, which is Keesha. This is followed by Ollie, Michelle, Jerry, April, Libra, Memphis, Angie, and Renny. The nominees are Steven and Dan. Jessie says that both of them “showed their cards way too soon, so as far as I’m concerned you’re both against me. In addition to that, you (Steven) didn’t come upstairs. You showed a lot of disrespect last night” Steven says that he was asleep and didn’t realize that he had received his key, but Jessie whines that it “took you almost 24 hours to come up there”.
Steven says it best. “Jessie is a tool. I also think he’s a tool of people in the house.” Dan’s not as upset because he knew it was coming. Renny, meanwhile, is ecstatic. “My strategy worked. I just kind of laid low and not cause any trouble or waves right now.” Jessie says that there’s no reason that Dan can’t be in his alliance, as opposed to Steven “who will definitely be going out the door”.
That’s it for tonight. Can I get my hour back?