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Big Brother 3's Tonya Casper in jail on wreckless homicide charges.

Maybe I saw this last year or maybe I was too busy, but did you know Tonya Casper, known to fans as the Las Vegas blonde with implants from BB3, was involved in a 5 car accident which resulted in two deaths?

Apparently she rear-ended a car which in turn flipped over - and two passengers in that car ened up dead. One when he was thrown out of the car and the other as he was hit by yet another vehicle while standing outside the flipped vehicle.

Turns out Tonya was "under the influence" (edit - I have been corrected and indeed - Tonya was not specifically charged with 'drunk' driving as I had originally stated - one of the charges is quoted as "aggravated driving under the influence" - my apologies) and the driver of the car she hit was on some type of drugs (he was charged with "driving under the influence of drugs").

Prosecutors have decided to charge Tonya with reckless homicide since she started the whole accident. She's in jail in Springfield Illinois on a one million dollar bond.

I guess these things will happen over time to random people and with so many Big Brother alum the odds will begin to mount agains them - but this makes at least three former Big Brother houseguests that we know of that have been jailed this year with BB9's Adam and Matt being the other two.

You can read the entire story here: Springfield woman arrested, charged in '09 double-fatal crash