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The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Tonight was a pretty eventful night as far as gaming goes.  The POV was played today and Hayden won! When the feeds returned after the POV comp, Jocasta was recovering from another heat related illness and a knee injury, and Hayden was busily talking to Frankie in the HOH about how he was definitely going to use the veto to pull Victoria off the block.  Frankie told Hayden his plan to possibly backdoor Amber and the tow of them started scheming about how to get Caleb on board.  This has of course already been talked about between other various members of The Detonators, but today the plan was actually put into action.

Frankie had various members of the Bomb Squad plus Nicole and Hayden coming in and out of the HOH room and each one except for Caleb was sort of tipped off to what the plan may be.  Frankie had a short intervention with Zach, Nicole, and Christine to try and smooth things out after Zach's veto speech.  Nicole is still whining about the whole thing, but Christine is pretty much over it after talking to Frankie a bit more later on in the night about how it wouldn't really be a good idea to get Zach out right now when he is a bigger target than they are.  Don't get me wrong, I still think Christine will be gunning for Zach, or at least put him up, but she is not determined to get anyone else to put him out this week and is on board with being cordial and working together to get Amber out.

Frankie's plan to get Amber out was to talk to Caleb and tell him that Amber actually hates him and that she has alliances with everyone in the house so that Caleb would be mad enough to give Frankie his blessing on nominating her and voting her out of the house.  When Zach was told about the plan, he went to work on turning Caleb against Amber.  The whole thing was super amusing, and it actually worked. He told Caleb things Amber had said and only skewed them slightly and then did the same to Amber then went back to Caleb and did the same thing over again. Each time Zach returned to Caleb he would feed his ego a little more about "how much he has done for Amber" etc.. etc..   The whole thing was very amusing to watch.

By the time Zach was done with Caleb, Frankie had already had talks with pretty much everyone except for Jocasta and Donny and had them all on board for backdooring Amber.  He prepped all of them and told them that he may have to tell Caleb that she is the one that every single person in the house wants out, and they may have to all speak up.  But as it turns out, none of that was necessary.

Caleb talked first to Derrick and then to Frankie about "HIS" idea to put Amber on the block.  He had a long long LONG winded discussion where he said "at the end of the day" at least 100 times and called himself "Daddy" and "Beastmode Cowboy" at least 100 more...and I sat through it for you guys so I could tell you what he said.  His idea was to put Amber on the block to scare her.  He wanted Frankie to convince Hayden to use the veto (which he thought was not going to be used) on Jocasta so that they could throw Amber on the block and scare her into thinking she was going home, but then vote out Victoria.  He calls it a test.  He thinks putting Amber on the block will scare her into "realizing only he can save her" and will make her come running to him.  Not quite, Beastmode.

So after talking to Frankie, Caleb went out to the backyard to try to convince Hayden to use the veto on Jocasta.  Hayden told him that he would just let things ride for now since they have another day to talk about it, but that he was definitely open to using the veto. Frankie later talked to Hayden and tried to convince him to use the veto on Jocasta instead of Victoria to keep Caleb happy, but Hayden told Frankie there was no way he was doing anything other than using it on Victoria because he had already promised it to her. He said he would help do damage control with Caleb, but that he wasn't pulling off Jocasta.

Later Hayden talked to Donny and filled him in on what was going on.  Donny had previously talked to Zach and knew a little bit, but didn't know the whole story until Hayden told him what was going to happen.

Derrick and Frankie, and then Derrick and Donny talked about the Team America mission.  Since they failed to have Zach go off for a full 20 seconds at the veto meeting, they have to try their mission again at the nomination ceremony..and guess who is going to do the work for them again?  I don't even have to say it.  They are priming Zach to go off on Amber after she is nominated.  This could do a lot more damage to Zach's relationship with Cody in my opinion.  Cody already spent a good portion of the day whining about Zach to anyone who would listen because he THINKS Zach said that he said to nominate Nicole and Christine on Thursday night. I don't know WHY he believes that stupid lie that came from Nicole, but for some reason he does and he cannot stop talking about it.  He has stated several times now that if one more thing happens with Zach he is going to turn on him and vote him out.

The more hopeful side of that (for me anyway since I want Zahc to stick around) is that Cody and Derrick had quite a few game talks today.  Hayden approached Cody at some point yesterday about a final 5 alliance with he, Derrick, Cody, Christine, and Nicole.  Derrick and Cody discussed it and talked about how they have to say yes, but they also talked about how Hayden is a beast at comps and how they would likely get voted out over him and he might also be playing them, so they are not taking the alliance with him seriously.  They also talked about getting out Caleb or Frankie next week or at least very soon.  It's occurred to them (or at least to Derrick) that Frankie is friends with everyone in the house and has won three HOH competitions, and both of them want Caleb gone soon because he will likely still be after Cody.  Derrick still mentions Zach when he talks about the final 5 and the final 3.  So, this gives me some hope.  I think he realizes it's useful to have someone around who won't vote you out and is a larget target to blame everything on..and doesn't even mind being that target.

Zach and Amber had a "squash our differences" date in The Hive Room.  Amber talked about how she doesn't attack people personally and she feels that they should be working together in the alliance.  She said she thinks it's inappropriate to say some of the things Zach says to her about she and Cody because her family is watching.  Zach apologized for taking it too far and told her not to take anything he says seriously.  He played the game and made her feel safe about the alliance.  He didn't tip her off to anything that was about to happen, but just reiterated over and over that he is just very sarcastic and it's not meant to hurt anyone's feelings.  I believe he was foreshadowing the veto ceremony for her.

Amber also talked to Hayden and told him that she wanted him not to use the veto.  He too did not tip her off to anything weird going on.  The general idea is that Amber is supposed to be blindsided by the nomination, and both she AND Caleb may be blindsided by her eviction.

Frankie had a chat with Jocasta about the different "options" that may happen on Thursday and basically tried to wiggle a safety deal out of her if she gets saved.  He told her that there may be an option to put someone up next to her that will insure her safety and that he won't be putting up Donny.  Jocasta was Jocasta and didn't really give much away or say much of anything...but that's really how her game kind of goes.  She is just really good with the side eye and the eye rolls.  I'm afraid there may be a fatality in BB if she keeps trying to compete in BOBs and Vetos though..

That's pretty much it.  There were other game conversations that went on in the house tonight, but everything basically leads back to the same idea.  If nothing changes today, Victoria will come down off the block, Amber will be nominated, and Zach will flip out on her post veto meeting on Monday.  But Sunday is 24 hours long and a lot could happen. Caleb may be back in love by the end of tonight.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night..



The Night Owl

McCrae won the veto!  The HGs competed in some kind of BB Bowling veto that involved spinning around a lot and throwing bowling balls.  They also got beer.  And McCrae won.  My hope was that he would be super excited about winning and staying in the game and that he would start trying to fit back in with people and save himself, but so far that hasn't happened at all.  For the most part he has been campaigning for Amanda and trying to help her campaign for herself.

For a good while after the veto, McCrae and Amanda both went in between napping and campaigning, but their campaigning mostly consisted of the same old tired arguments "Judd is bad"  "Elissa is bad"  "Keep us and we will be loyal till the end" and a lot of other things that still don't change the fact that they are an overt couple working as a pair in the house. 

When Amanda and  McCrae were not around, the Exterminators alliance decided it would probably be best to put Spencer up instead of Elissa so Elissa does not end up pissed off at them and they all know they will still vote out Amanda.  GinaMarie said that it wouldn't matter if Elissa convinced her that she had sex with Nick, she STILL wouldn't put her up against Amanda because they need Amanda to go.

Other than the campaigning, most of the afternoon was slow and most everyone was either tired out or drunk after the veto and many slept for quite a while.  When everyone started waking up again the house was on indoor lockdown because of a wedding playing loud music in the backyard.  They got  more alcohol and decided to play poker games.   Poker is always pretty dull for most of us watching, with the most interesting part of tonight's rounds being Andy losing and ending up in one of GinaMarie's outfits.

Andy and Judd had some short discussions here and there about how to proceed in the coming week if it's a double eviction (which it is).  They both feel it will be best if one of them wins to put up either McCrae against one of them and then if anyone wins veto put up Elissa, or put up Elissa against one of them and if someone comes off put up McCrae.  That way they only piss off both McCrae and Elissa if they have to, and one of them definitely goes home since their alliance will still control the votes.

Other than that it's been a super slow night and it's been FILLED with constant feed cuts every few seconds as Elissa and Amanda don't seem to be capable of going a full minute without singing or mentioning production once they have had a little alcohol.  So that's pretty much it. There is not much more to tell.

I'm happy with the veto results.  I'm excited to (hopefully) see Amanda walk out the door this week, and I would be even happier if Elissa followed right after her in the double eviction. Alternately, if McCrae doesn't actually start playing this week, I would be fine with him going too.  I'm sad that he made the choices he did in the game as I felt he had SO much potential to be a graet player when he came in. That's just my personal opinions/desires.  I expect to see Spencer or possibly Andy or Judd on the block next to Amanda on Monday, but none of them will be in danger of going home or getting voted out.   In between now and Thursday we should see a lot of ups and downs from Amanda as she swings between acceptance and campaigning.  Maybe she will make one last loud bang, or maybe she will just stay in bed all day, I don't really care either way.  As always, you guys can follow me @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight feed updates.  Until tomorrow night...