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Willie Hantz: Making Chima Look Good Since 2012

It's Sunday morning, I'm nursing a cup of coffee and a large glass of water to try to undo way too much wine last night, and I wanted to share my thoughts on Willie. I dunno why I keep wanting to call him Big Willie, like Will Smith. Big Willie Style. You know...Gettin' Jiggy Wit It? No? Nothing? Alright then...  
If you're thinking to yourself, "Who the hell is this person?", let me just say, hi. I'm Barefoot Drunk, and I'm new here. Before I get started, I wanted to say thanks to Mike, Scott, and Ash for including me this season. 
Unfortunately, I'm getting a bit of a late start on this season. Real life events have conspired to keep me from being able to watch the feeds much for the first week that they were on. But, I decided, I was going to make it a priority when things settled down beginning week two. Of course, in keeping with my luck, that's exactly the same time Big Willie decides to go ahead and get himself kicked out of the house, and the next thing I know, I'm watching feeds with people talking about what they eat in their every day life. Those are only slightly less stimulating than the other option of watching them nap. 
See, the thing is, I hadn't been able to keep up enough to really have a favorite or really hate anyone. But from what I understand, Willie was the only thing that kept the feeds entertaining. I was, like most of you, less than pleased when I heard that they were dipping into the same old pool of Hantzes and former houseguests that seems to be the home of the only people who show up for CBS casting calls anymore. And that's a nasty, filthy, disease ridden pool, kids. I wasn't sure I even wanted to watch this season. But, it turns out, Willie wasn't bad at Big Brother. Well, no, he was bad at Big Brother, but he wasn't bad at keeping the feeds interesting. Apparently, he couldn't handle the stress of a free vacation in California that lasts anywhere between a week and 3 months and might make you moderately famous. Really, really tough, it must be, to lie around in bed all day, in between smoke breaks and catching sun by the pool. Poor Willie. No wonder he snapped. 
Of course, as soon as we learned he was gone, the inevitable comparisons to Chima started popping up. Ok, I compared Willie to Chima. But I wasn't the only one. I felt that there was no difference between them. They both were having a great time as long as they were in power, but as soon as something didn't go their way, they became an uncontrollable spoiled brat who'd rather break the toy than share it with others. But since I've had some time to reflect and find out a little more about what actually happened, I've changed my mind. And I've decided what Willie did was actually worse than Chima.
Don't get me wrong. At the time, I hated Chima and I was ecstatic when she left. Today, watching these feeds, I kind of feel like, maybe a little microphone throwing isn't so bad. But that's beside the point. In Chima's case, as we all know, she apparently took the short bus to Crazytown after she learned that Jeff was given the Coup d'etat, and her HoH was completely invalidated by a nation of catladies voting for the cute guy.  I'm not defending her actions. The motto of Big Brother is Expect the Unexpected. Twists are going to go your way, and twists are going to leave you screwed. You have to be prepared to deal with it, or you shouldn't even apply. But if there was ever a time to throw a microphone into a hot tub, it's when you've worked a week to get someone out, and with an arbitrary twist and votes from people not playing the game, one of the strongest members of your alliance is gone instead. 
Big Willie, on the other hand, apparently went crazytown bananapants simply based on speculation alone. He didn't know for certain that the coaches were entering the game. NO ONE knows for sure. He heard a rumor. Speculation. His HoH was a success. He got one of his targets out. Yes, he was in trouble the next week when the guy he got into a sissy fight with won HoH. But he wasn't even nominated when he went around headbutting everyone. There was still plenty of time to save himself. He could have made a secret alliance with Frank. He could have won the POV. He could have made an alliance with the person who won POV. He could have campaigned. He could have made up lies to turn people against each other. There were lots of options, aside from headbutting and pork-rind flinging. I give him no quarter and no sympathy. I don't care if he tried to get in the DR to calm down and was denied access. How many times has that happened in BB history? All. The. Time. Being denied access to the DR is not a license to go around acting like a dick. Sorry. I get pissed off at work all the time and I really just want to go home and cry and throw things, but I can't. I have no choice but to hold it together. If you can't handle yourself without help, you don't belong there.
All that being said, I'm sure the feeds will be all the duller for having lost him. I wanted to see him sabotaging some shit. Psychological warfare, and all that jazz. Unfortunately, that's no longer an option. I guess we'll have to hope for the others to STEP UP. Please. Step. The fuck. Up. Please don't give us BB13 v. 2.0. If your friend wins HoH, go ahead and pour their alcohol down the drain. If you find yourself in bed with a fellow houseguest, go ahead and reach over and give them a handy. We are bored. We have spent money on watching you. Please don't make us go back to HBO. It's several months til Game of Thrones starts back up again.



Big Brother Gossip Show #20: Little Willy

It should be pretty obvious what we talked about tonight on The Big Brother Gossip Show. Yes, it's Little Willie Hantz, and we go over his tumultuous week beginning with his reaction to Britney's disclosure that the coaches believe they'll be entering the game up to his shocking eviction Friday night. Besides the actual events, we also talk a little bit about the ramifications of these events, including how CBS will fill out the rest of the season and whether future Big Brother seasons should include stunt casting such as the Hantz booking. We even have a handful of tunes in tonight's show!

Once again, here are the instructions to listen to the show. You can stream it via Scott's Android/iPhone app, The Ledge, or via Stitcher ( You can also subscribe via iTunes (, and if you do please leave us a review. Finally, there's also a feedburner site - - that links you to a number of different methods to subscribe. 

Finally, for a direct stream or download, please click...


Thanks to Mike, Ash, Colette, and Karen for their help in putting together this episode. Now go listen!!!


Willie Gone, POV Competition Results, Big Brother Gossip Show Tonight!

Hey hey hey...  did you hear about Willie?  Did you NOT read my last post?  Come on now!  Willie has been out of the house fo 24 hours at this point and thanks to his antics one of his teamates may go this week as well.  Here is whats up....

Wille was indeed given the boot and it was his own doing although looking and listening back, Joe was partly responsible from the sounds of it in that he 'egged' it on until Willie burst.  We'll dicuss it in a couple hours on the podcast.

If I didn't mention it last night(I think i did), Frank then nominated JoJo and Shane.

Today the Power of Veto competition was held. Playing along with Frank, Jojo and Shane was Ian, Ashley and Wil.  Joe was the host.

After a couple hours the feeds came back and we learned that the competition involved memory - and Shane won it for the second time in a row.

So Shane is now safe, and it looks like a pretty sure thing that Danielle will go up in his place, however there has been a little chatter of putting up one of Janelle's HGs to get out a better player than JoJo or Daniele.  As of this writing Boogie and Frank seem to agree that its best to get Danielle and thus Dan as well.

Tonight we have our weekly Big Brother Gossip show/podcast.  You can listen live at 10pm Eastern - 7pm BB time at the following ustream location -  If you miss it then you probably won't  see this because Scott will have already posted info on how to listen to the recording!

And there you have it - tomorrow's TV show will be most interesting.


Coaches Competition Results - Have Have Nots - Will Willie Last?

The Big Brother Live Feeds were off for a couple hours this afternoon for the Coaches Competition and when they returned for less than 10 minutes around 3:35pm we found out that Janelle won the coaches competition and chose to 'save' Ashley (she can't be nominated).

Janelle also apparently selected the four "have nots" and we found out they are Willie, Shane, Jojo and Ian (Ian may have volunteered). The have nots will also get pudding and pork rinds this week to go with their slop diet since apparently thats the food "America" selected for them.  Joe, who is very anti-Willie said that he will cook for Ian but not the other three.

Willie was very mad - it seems to me he is frustrated that Shane and Jojo are being lumped in with him and didn't think it was fair.  He was heard to say that he was going to be sure he was evicted this week, and he was going to take the heat off Jojo and Shane.  Some of the things he said made people think he might try to get thrown out before Thursday to ensure he goes next.

Around 3:45pm BB time, Willie stormed up to the HoH room where Janelle, Joe, Boogie and Frank were celebrating his situation - you can watch the rest below.

<or not - video removed - working to get it back - (grumble!)>

For those that can't watch the video - at the end of it Willie is heard to say to Jojo, "I'm gonna get in a fight in this house and knock somebody out. That's what I'm gonna do." The feeds then cut away for  few seconds.

After this the feeds came back for a minute or two more but nothing of note happened.  Then they cut away to trivia and have been off for almost two hours.  Nominations may be going on.


Willie has a blowup with Frank last night. Who ended up in worse shape?

Have you heard about the fight that took place last night yet? Surely you have.

Read Scott's last post to get up to speed if you missed all the 'goings ons' earlier in the day.

The fight between Frank and Willie came about because Willie got word from Britney that Frank was going around saying that Willie was saying, "homosexual slurs" about Wil (see the youtube clip below to listen to exactly what Willie said and how he said it).  Willie decided to confront Frank on it and that was the spark.  Frank said he only said Willie was making fun of Wil but that didn't calm Willie down.  Willie was very frustrated that he felt he has been lobbying all week to keep Frank safe and now he found out Frank was bad mouthing him. Franks main issue in his reply to Willie was that he was mad Willie seemed to be playing with the votes - trying to make them come out a certain way instead of just working for a 7-1 vote (assuming Danielle will vote to evict Frank no matter what).

In the end Willie came out looking much the worse.  He is now determined to try to get Frank out, the problem as I see it is he doesn't have the support.  Willie thinks he has Ashley's support but Ashley seems on board with Joe, Frank, Ian, Wil and Jenn as a part of the new "Diversity" alliance (the members are all on Boogie and Janelle's team but neither Janelle or Boogie had a part in its formation).

I'd say that around 36 hours from the first live eviction, Kara will be heading out on a 5-3 vote.  I'd also imagine the producers want to see Frank stay as well so expect little encouragement to change the current feelings in the house.

Flashback times to see the action:

  • Tuesday 2:13pm Cam 3 - Willie makes fun of Wil to Brit and Frank.
  • Tuesday 2:53pm Cam 1 - Frank tells Joe and Jenn what Willie said.
  • Tuesday 10:15pm Cam 1 - Willie get upset in the HoH room about the "gay slur" rumors.
  • Tuesday 10:24pm Cam 3 - Willie goes off on Frank - lasts over 10 minutes.