Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Article: Why Doesn't CBS Care About the True Fans of Big Brother

Nick Lobuzzetta is a longtime supporter of the Big Brother Gossip Show. After word came down that the feeds will be down for an extended period after Thursday's double eviction, Nick asked if he could contribute a guest column expressing his anger. Of course, I said yes!

I just found out that the feeds will be down for a whole day after the Double Eviction for the Friday show. Even though CBS said it will be “worth it” this is the final straw for me. I am sick of the real fans of Big Brother, the feedsters, the people who want to see real gameplay, getting screwed every single season. All CBS has to do is listen to our concerns and show every once in awhile that they care about what we want. We are the ones paying to see these feeds. Even if it is a small price a month, I don’t think that means CBS can take us for granted.  

We don’t want vets in the house who the newbies worship like a hero and we don’t want twists to protect their precious stunt casting. Is it too much to ask for a fair game with real players? Find me one person who would rather watch Jeff interview Jillian instead of the fallout of a blindside and an HOH win!

Time and time again the fans say that having a houseguest leave Day 1 is stupid and not worth it. And what does CBS do? Evict someone immediately 2 seasons in a row. They make someone like Cameron go through the entire casting process, sequester him for a few weeks, only to have Paul come back and take his spot. I think I speak for all true fans that if that was us we would be pissed.

Last year we missed a handful of endurance competitions that were blocked for no reason, like the 6 hour endurance competition after the Battle Back. What is the one competition that every single fan wants to see again? The Pressure Cooker where people stand for longer than the usual 1-2 hours. When Big Brother finally gave us something pretty close to that we were not allowed to watch it. It felt like a giant middle finger to the feedsters. 

This year we missed the HOH endurance competition after the Battle Back that lasted 3 hours. And once again we are going to miss something entertaining, the best part of a Double Eviction, the fallout and seeing everyone scramble. It’s very irritating that we aren’t able to watch some of the things that make Big Brother great.

I know I shouldn’t complain, but it is so frustrating to see the biggest fans of the show get the short end of the stick to appease the CBS casuals. We love this show and will continue to watch it no matter what, but it could be so much better if production put any thought into what the superfans want. 

Thank you for taking your time reading this. If you’d like you can follow me on Twitter @NickGLob to talk more Big Brother. Be sure to listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show and if you want to show your support, check out their Patreon page! 


  1. Preach!! #BBOTT was so much fun..it really gave us insight into what we miss during a regular season. I too love this "social experiment" but is being being dumbed down for the CBS only viewers..

  2. Preach!! #BBOTT was so much fun..it really gave us insight into what we miss during a regular season. I too love this "social experiment" but is being being dumbed down for the CBS only viewers..

  3. Bring back BB, a fair game. Stop "twisting" so much we can't recognize a game!
    Thaks Nick for writing this view.

  4. you have every right to complain! You are voicing the same frustrations that many of us have. This group has become such vicious bullies that for the first time ever, I don't think i will continue to watch until the end. Once Cody gets voted out, i doubt i will be able to stomach the rest. Paul being given the 8 friendship bracelets and 4 weeks of safety ruined the game this year. He has his minions hypnotized and they have all become mean bullies following his lead. I really thought i would have liked Alex, Jason, and Christmas but they are just as bad as Josh. BB needs to work on better recruitment. Cameron and Glen should be brought back for another shot next year.

  5. Totally agree with your assessment! Expressed as much to CBS and Fly on the Wall yesterday when I cancelled my feeds. This season has been an epic fail.

  6. If Mark or Elena dont win this HOH I am done with the live feeds can not stand this one sided game. I will follow FB and Twitter sites. This ganging up on one person is ENOUGH. My son was bullied in school. Don't need to see it on BB.

  7. It's horrendous. And the fact that the HG don't see what they're doing and/or don't feel they're doing anything wrong is distressing.

  8. I've bitched plenty about how the game has been ruined by all the gimmicks and fan interference. When BB came on the air it was perfectly paranoid and Big Brotherish. Now it's a gimmicked up game show and the real tension and release has been destroyed.

    I quit feeds and BBAD long ago for my main complaint.... whispering. How can you have a successful show if you deliberately deprive the audience of the ongoing dialogue. It's insane!

  9. Ratings are up. Grodner has had the show for a decade, nothing is going to change. You can accept what you get or cry over everything every summer. Up to you.

  10. Lol BBOTT was awful. America's nominee basically gave one side all the power for the whole game no matter who was HOH. Now that was a ruined season as there was literally no way to strategize. Jason should have been out in the first few weeks. He got a pass to the end from the nominee vote.

    As far as Paul being "handed the game" let me play devils advocate: The friendship bracelet was a two-sided thing. It made him a huge target and it potentially divided the house. Cody never got over not getting a bracelet, not surprising really. The house could have NOT taken the temptation, and America could have given the Temptation to someone else. Finally, once Paul's safety was up, it was up to the relationships he had formed to keep him safe. You have to give him credit for running circles around the house. Then Paul targets people who had been openly targeting him, what's the problem with that, really? It's only logical.

    On the other side were two of the dumbest, most arrogant and foolish players in the history of the game, Jess and Cody. Fundamental misunderstanding of the game on Cody's end, and lack of personal detachment on Jess'. Both of them together were worse. They did not socialize, they ostracized themselves, treated the other houseguests with disdain, AND they were given TWO extra opportunities to stay in the house. Yet, they did nothing. If they had developed relationships with people, they could have at least had three other people in their corner, and if you take away the short-sided, hateful things they said to other people, they could have had more. I didn't even mention Jess' disaster of an HOH... another missed opportunity. And now Cody is gonna marry her? Lol, how ridiculous is that? You've known her for a few weeks. That just shows how utterly immature he really is.

    I am so sick of you people crying about them. It's the underdog effect taken too far.

    The bullying thing is ridiculous. Since BB2, HGs have demonized people (targets) in order to build the social capital necesssary to get them evicted. It's natural human behavior. They usually start weeks ahead of time so it has time to fester and build. Like Mark and Elena, then Matt and Raven, and now Kevin.

  11. Peter, on the feeds, all of the mics in a room are on. So they overlap each other making it more difficult to hear. There's nothing they can do about this live I'm afraid. In an edit, they can cut out other audio feeds and boost relevant ones.

  12. This whole post is bull shit. There's a special episode on tonight and they want it to be a secret. That's all.

  13. Interesting how the same person constantly telling us to stop watching if we hate it so much keeps coming back to a site that they clearly hate to bitch about the posters they despise. *shrugs*

  14. This is what I mean Scott, no one else is allowed to have another opinion. Someone with another opinion is not allowed to post in your chat, tweet at you, guest blog... nothing.

    If you want to surround yourself with sycophants by literally blocking every other opinion, go right ahead. This podcast used to be so good. It's just sad to me. Do you actually listen to your past shows? Maybe you'd see what I'm talking about. And I actually don't listen anymore (too hard to get through, keep having to skip every time Colette speaks), there are other podcasts I enjoy more these days. I just like to come back and troll you guys cause you can dish it all day but can't take it! Haha

    Speaking of other podcasts, Scott, do you have permission to use those clips on your show? I was just wondering. Cause you know, ToS and all. I did a little google search and it seems CBS could sue you for every single 5+ second clip from each show from every season. I'm sure you have your bases covered though. I mean there's no specific reason no other podcasts play clips right? Sleep tight buddy

    1. I'm going to guess you are the same person that left a similar review about using clips on our iTunes page. We've been doing it for 8 seasons. Cbs knows who we are. They know how to get ahold of us. Thanks for your concern. If you don't like our show - don't listen - better yet - start your own and let us know about it. We will even leave you a nice review on iTunes ;)

    2. Mike, CBS doesn't give AF about your show. That's your saving grace. They also don't care what a few hundred to a couple thousand of your listeners think. They get 6-7 million views an episode. Those are the numbers they care about. That's why they don't care when you cry about not seeing comps, or vets, or recruits or whatever else you bitch and moan about every fucking summer. Your show is a circle jerk of frustration. You guys carry that burden like it's an honor.

      It's ironic because if your show wasn't so negative, it would be much more popular and THAT might get CBS' legal attention.

    3. Let it go. It's apparent we aren't your cup of tea. You are now crossing over into harassment.

      I get it - you don't like us anymore, when you did, the way we did the show was perfectly fine with you. Now that you don't you are making threats. Go enjoy your life and we'll keep on entertaining a few hundred people each week. We never did this to become famous or get rich.

  15. Dude, I rarely comment to you. Say whatever you want. It doesn't bother me. I get it. You hate us. You hate Colette even more. BTW, Fair Use laws covers what we're doing as these clips are being used for analysis. I've worked on documentaries that have studied these laws.

  16. I don't hate any one, Scott. Never said I did. You guys are the haters, smh. I do get turnt up when you say hateful shit to me just for visiting your site and making a few comments of my opinion on something said or posted. I guess that's why this escalated. I'm genuinely sorry about that

    I personally dislike Colette's rants, but to be fair I'm sure some of your listeners still like them. In my view, she's frequently wrong and won't let anyone get a word in edgewise, and she goes on and on and rehashes it over and over. It got old, especially after years of listening to your show, I realized what hypocrite she often is. Like with the favorites thing or how fans view certain things. So my backlog of years of listening to her plays into how I see the things she says now.

    I also dislike the direction of your show, as I've said before, you can't lie to me and tell me it's not much more negative than it used to be. It used to be funny. Now it's angry, but not in an edgy way. I was wondering, even though your show clearly has an advantage over he competition with its use of recorded media, how does it rank next to those other podcasts? Why shouldn't your show be the best? Don't you put more work in than anyone? Ask yourself, why it isn't the bes?. Why aren't you getting thousands a month from Patreon? Purely constructive criticism.

    And so it this: As for fair use, listening to your show clearly spoils upcoming episodes (they play clips BEFORE the shows air) and therefore makes a SUBSTITUTE for those shows, meaning you would have no need to watch the episodes themselves. This is a violation of the digital copyrights act, and a frequent end around in law suits where defendants make a fair use claim. Also there are certain precedents such as the length of the clips, whether the commentary is considered defamatory, etc... which you do not abide to. Look it up. I've also seen comments in your chat and on this website that reflect that people feel they don't need to watch the show when they listen to your podcast. You don't think a law firm bankrolled by CBS can't dig up every comment, tweet, Facebook or instagram post to that effect and throw it in your face? That would prove your show costs CBS viewers and nullify the fair use claim.

    I also reiterate the point that no other BB podcasts or YT shows play any clips, audio or video, of either the feeds or of the shows themselves, whether they're made before or after the shows air. There is a reason for this.

    Further the All Access TOS, clearly state that no redistribution, recording or dissemination is permitted, whether for profit or not, without expressed written consent.

    That all being said, I don't "think" you'll get sued. CBS has more on their plate than a few broke ass fleas. It is possible you will get a C&D at some point. You are, however, open to a lawsuit on multiple grounds, and whether a judge or jury would agree with your fair use view or not, it would still cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more because of your enormous backlog of episodes and the cost of legal analysis for each one. I don't think you have that kind of money.

    Finally you cannot compare your obscene, profane, and spoiler ridden podcast with an actual documentary. That's absurd. Take some advice, call a copyright attorney, pay him a fee, and find out if you really are covered. You know what I'd wager...