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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

So you wanna watch Big Brother UK......

I said I wasn't going to do this but here we are. 

Big Brother UK is back on after a 5 year absence and its the currently the only English speaking version of Big Brother I am aware of that still follows the original format with the public voting the Housemates out which makes for a completely different, some would say 'boring' game.  I do not find it boring myself, I find it really entertaining and 'smart' as production doesn't dumb things down for us and also lets things go at a slower pace. And with six hours worth of show a week (vs three in the USA), there is a lot to see. 

So the new season, called Season 1 - NOT Season 20, kicked off on Sunday with a 90 minute episode and its on nightly except Saturday and the first eviction is this Friday.  Here is some more basic info (always subject to change and I can't promise I'll return to update this):

The regular show is on at 9pm (GMT) which is 4pm ET and is 60 minutes.  They also have a 65 minute talk show "Late & Live" on from 10-11:05pm and some nights they will show some live feeds online after "Late & Live."  You technically can watch all of these using one of the methods I'll present below but I personally am mainly sticking to the regular show.

At this point I am going to carefully walk around the elephant in the room which is those that have issues with people from outside the UK watching content that is, in theory, meant to be exclusive to the UK viewing audience. My personal take is that I am a huge fan of the show and I am also a fan of the same show in the USA, and Canada, and Australia, I don't think I hurt the shows popularity in any country, as a matter of fact I feel like I actually increase interest in the show in every country! 

So on with the ways you can watch Big Brother UK.  Understand it is not my intention to be your tech support, I am going to give you some tools and if you can't sort them out, reach out to your closest computer geek for help.

The easiest way to watch will likely be over at the website - on that site they have the Season listed as "Season 20" and they have been posting both the regular show (eg EP03a) and the "Late & Live" shows (eg EP03b-BBLL).  Honestly as long as they keep posting them that might be the way to go. (Update - not sure I can continue to suggest this as there is a lot of pop up ads you have to navigate)

The next way would be a private playlist on Daily Motion I have created and, hopefully, will keep up-to-date.  For the short term I will link to individual episodes but eventually I may just ask that you get an account on Daily Montion (free) and then you can see the playlist.  Here are the current episodes, I will add to this list when I can - hopefully within a day of each airing: 

Finally, the most challenging but also perhaps the most rewarding way to watch is by using a VPN (virtual private network) to watch the shows live or on delay directly off the ITVX website.  Thats also the only way to catch the Live Feeds that I have found.  I gave very basic directions in this Twitter thread:

I've watched the episodes via the final method and its worked fine on  my PC.  But I had a few issues getting it to work on my older iPad.  Thats why I can't be anyone's tech support and will point you to one of the other options!

**Also....  BBAU kicked off November 6th and its much easier to watch - just navigate over here to catch all the episodes as they come out

Ok, that's it.  Thanks for checking this out.  Be sure to check out my previous post about "The Traitors" as that is another great show to check out with good seasons from many countries!

Bonus / cryptic option for those that kept scrolling.  Over on Twitter you might want to follow my friend STONY_110 as his tweets are often helpful for those looking for yet another way to watch the show.