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Monday, October 31, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #705: Tricks Or Treats

Happy Halloween!!! Yes, we were live on mixlr tonight with the fifth episode of this fall Big Brother season. 

There was plenty to discuss, as always, including Danielle's HOH, allegations of production favoritism and the weird obsession that Scott has towards Alex. There were also a couple of great public vote outcomes (and one not so great pick), and an entertaining holiday-themed POV competition.

Once again, we also give a lesson about thinking of the bigger picture. We perfectly analyze why certain people need to stick around for a few more weeks even if they are indeed the worst people in the world. Hopefully, you have all learned that you shoudl take Colette's voting tips to heart. She is thinking of the overall good of the feeds - chaos, controversy, and clusterfucks!

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hudson's HG Rankings!!!

Ever since the season started, I’ve been inundated with allegations that I’m “biased” towards a certain side. Some believe that I’m in the pocket of the plastics, while others say I’m a card-carrying “misfit”.

Hogwash. As I’ve said for years, I’ve never had my enjoyment of a season determined by the fate of an individual or an alliance. I just want to be entertained. I want drama. I want fun. I want unpredictability.

Although anybody can study the history of my Big Brother Gossip podcasts, posts, and even my twitter to see that I’m consistent with this belief, my personal disappointment with what is otherwise a great season is the fanbase abuse. You would not believe what I’ve been called over the past few weeks, and out-of-context tweets are quite often utilized as “proof”.

You silly geese. The fact that I don’t have a rooting interest means that at some point of any season every Big Brother contestant is criticized. Everybody has moments where I make fun of them. Nobody is out of bounds for snark.

That’s not to say I have equal opinions on every single person. Of course not. There are those that I completely detest from minute one. Paulie from last season was a perfect example, as was “He Who Shall Not Be Named” in his season.

With all this said, along with some spare time, this is my current rankings of those still involved in the Big Brother Over The Top season. It’s not a “most likely to win” list, nor is this an overview on gameplay. It’s simply who entertains me. I’m just combining primarily entertainment value, along with game play and other traits into a likabilyt list.

Keep in mind that this is my order today. Yesterday may have been different, and next week I’m bound to again change my mind. For example, two weeks ago Danielle would be much lower on my list than she is today, but her annoyance level has dramatically decreased since boring lover boy Shane was evicted.

1. Justin. Is he a great Big Brother strategist? Not at all, but he’s not nearly as inept as some believe. He’s kind of sneaky good, and from day one he’s never had a problem with hanging with the “other side”. He even gives pep talks when times are bad. When feeds are boring, I just look for Justin.

2. Jason. While his first season was spent primarily in bed, this season’s anti-napping rules have been great for his game. Although he and the rest of the Misfits tended to isolate themselves from the rest of the house in the early weeks, he’s come to realize in the last week or so that he needs to establish some other relationships. His live diary room segments are also much more insightful than anybody else in the house.

3. Shelby. Ok, everybody knows why I initially loved this little twit. She’s cute, especially in a bikini. Her stock lowered a bit as time went on, but I’ve come back to appreciate her. In fact, it’s now more than just looks for me. For one, she’s hilarious. Her snark level is unprecedented for a female Big Brother contestant. I also believe that she’s playing up her ditzy L.A. girl persona, and her always-entertaining live diary rooms are proof of that.

4. Alex. Let’s get the negatives out of the way. Yes, she is the worst in the diary room. In fact, she makes Big Brother 18’s Natalie appear restrained. Her begging “America” for our votes should also be banned. She is the true ringleader of the plastics, though, and she’s been pretty masterful at leading not only the other three girls but her obsessed, drooling, friend-zoned manservant Scott. Why she’s not getting more accolades from the fan base that has long desired a girl’s alliance is beyond me.

5. Danielle. Two weeks ago I was begging for the house to evict her. I couldn’t handle any time the feeds were on her, as she dominated each and every conversation. Her fifteen minute rundown of every birthday in her life showcased just how self-centered she was, and the story of how her dog died angered almost anybody who heard it. In the last two weeks, though, she’s greatly calmed down. When Kryssie was HOH, she quietly was the rock that kept her grounded. As HOH this week, she’s using logic and strategy instead of the pettiness most of us predicted.

6. Morgan. The hate towards Alex’s sister is also perplexing. There’s nothing exciting about her. She’s not some great strategist, nor is she likely to make it to the end unless Alex drags her there. But outside of befriending Monte, she hasn’t done anything truly offensive. Truthfully, how is she any worse than any of the females from Big Brother 18? Now that I think about it, I’d take her over any of them!

7. Kryssie. I go back and forth on Kryssie. There are many things likable about her, but any time I think of her positive attributes she’ll loudly burp for five seconds. My main problems with her have everything to do with hypocrisy and delusion. She’s offended when the plastics celebrate in the bathroom, but was all about Neeley’s bump and grind dance after she won HOH. She’s anti-backdooring in principle...except when it’s her side planning the backdoor. She also firmly believed (for a few moments) Morgan would use the POV on Neeley instead of herself last week. What really dropped her in this list, though, was not so much the fact that she gave up on the wall POV but she turned a couple of blisters into a modern day version of Jesus being hung on the cross.

8. Whitney. I’ll admit that she’s not playing a bad game, but that’s all you’ll get from me. I hate her voice. I detest her Middle America pop culture taste. She’s simple. She’s boring. The fact that until this weekend’s have-nots she has not been voted a nomination is mind-boggling to me.

9. Scott. If he quit trying to live out a real-life version of Revenge of the Nerds, some people could easily root for him as an underdog. Instead, he thinks of himself as a ruthless Evil Dick-ish antihero who is there to keep his fair maiden Alex safe. None of his antics of the last few days (antagonizing Danielle, clapping at Neeley’s eviction) has done anything to elevate his game, and has probably squashed the potential of cementing working relationships with Jason and/or Justin.

There you have it. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll update this list. In the meantime, what is your list? I’d love to see “fair and balanced” lists from other feedsters. A word of warning, though. I’ll always ignore anybody who attempts to lecture me on what my opinions “must” be.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Your New HOH Is... be revealed in a minute. After some fiery discussions in the house about loyalty and bullying, the cast was called to the memory wall to view some "baseball cards" (photos). Ten minutes later, BB attempted to get them in the backyard, but they had some audio issues.

These problem persisted for a bit longer before it finally commenced. It's a true/false competition called "One Strike You're Out" where you're knocked out for an incorrect answer. The first question is whether in "down the line" there is a black dot between the letters OTT and HOH. The answer is true, so Scott, Alex, and Shelby are already out.

Question two is about "7th inning stretch" - whether the words "cold drinks" are visible. The answer is true, and now Morgan is eliminated. Things are looking good for the Misfits.

The third question is whether the care package box is in the shade, and they all get this wrong. Two of them started to walk away before they discovered they were still in the game. Question four is whether there were bananas in a picture, and Justin and Jason are the next ones kicked to the curb.

That means it is now Danielle versus Whitney, and they both get this question correct. We finally have a winner...and it's Danielle! Oh boy, this is going to be quite the week!

I'm off to bed!!! Have fun with the ramifications of this comp!

The Week In Review!

Sorry, kids, for the lack of updates. I actually started tonight's post back on Monday during the POV competition, but the fact that it ran so long meant that I had to put it aside to focus on the latest Big Brother Gossip Show episode.

As you undoubtedly know, the HOH this week is Kryssie. Her immediate targets were Scott and Alex, but this was foiled when Alex won America's Care Package. This prize gave her immunity from nomination, but also made her Kryssie's "maid" for the week. Kryssie was as unhappy with the idea of Alex being her servant as Alex was for having to endure Kryssie.

With Alex no longer available, Kryssie had to come up with an alternate plan. Obviously, this was going to be either Shelby, Morgan, or Whitney. Kryssie decided to wait until after the Have-Nots were announced to make her pick, and this week's slop-chompers ended up being Jason, Neeley, and Scott.

Saturday saw the first safety announcements, and they went to Justin, Danielle, and Neeley. The following night Kryssie gave safety to Jason, Whitney and Shelby. This obviously made her nominees Scott and Morgan.

This morning saw the unveiling of America's Nomination, and it went to Neeley! This greatly upset Jason, who went on and on about that "prostitute" Shelby. Classy, my friend. The POV draw also happened at that point, and Justin's chip was pulled. Scott had a Houseguest Choice chip, and he picked Shelby.
Monday afternoon saw this week's POV competition. This comp was called "Wall of Shame", and it was an individual timed event. There was a wall they had to "climb" to unveil questions regarding previous evicted houseguests Cornbread, Monte, and Shane. Each answer was a number which the contestant had to go back and grab. If they fell, extra time would be added. The longest they could spend on the comp was 30 minutes, but there total time could exceed that if penalties minutes were added

Morgan was the first to compete, and we thus first saw the questions. Shane's query was, "in Shane's awful performance in 'Live By The Sword', ____ HG's were eliminated before him. The day of Monte's eviction is the second question. For Cornbread, it was about how many people voted against him. 

Morgan drew the first chip, and after a couple of miscues she completed the task in approximately 8 minutes. Neeley was next, and took over 20 minutes, and had two penalties. Kryssie moved faster than I ever thought she could, but wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the numbers. She also purposely took a couple of penalties so she could just walk back. Incorrect guesses also screwed her potential for a shocking win, along with a different issue. "Can I just give up? I'm fucking bleeding." She did finally just stand on the platform until the 30 minute maximum time ended. (BTW, all of this "bleeding" she was bitching about? She had a small blister on her hand.)

After that embarrassing display, Shelby is the next person up. Being tiny certainly helped her scamper around the wall, but she also wasted a lot of time thinking. Her time ended up being just north of thirteen minutes (but she looked cute doing it!).

The it was Scott's turn. He had spent the last hour or so in the yoga room doing yoga and psyching himself up like a fool. He did really well, but the sex noises he was making drove me nuts. When he finished he acted like he was a WWE heel stealing the heavyweight title. He was jumping around and screaming, and continued it when he returned to the yoga room.

Finally, it was Justin's turn. Let's just say he had no idea what the answers were, so although he was amazingly quick he had no chance to finish in time. Morgan thus won, as Scott's 8:51 was just a few seconds slower than Morgan!

Obviously, Morgan was going to save herself, but the others had different ideas. Alex wanted her to save Scott with it, and Kryssie said there's no way Morgan wouldn't save Neeley with it. Wait, what??? She did indeed take herself down, and Whitney was put up in her place (she volunteered). Scott also got into a little argument with Danielle, and Neeley yelled at him earlier today.

So that catches you up to tonight's eviction, and I really have no idea how this is going to go. I don't know who the online vote is going to choose, and there are actually a couple of votes that could go either way.

This eviction was quite fun. Scott's final plea was nothing but "thanks for the memories. One love." Neeley then filibustered, going on and on about how Scott didn't deserve to be in the house, plays for TV time, and applauded Kryssie's hand injury. In the meantime, Scott just sat there and acted shocked she would say such a thing. Whitney then babbled a bit, but I muted so I didn't have to hear her.

Then the voting began, and it was as expected. Jason, Danielle, and Justin voted to evict Scott, while Shelby, Morgan, and Alex voted to evict Neeley. Since America voted against Neeley, she was out by a 4-3 vote.

When Kryssie read the announcement, Scott immediately began clapping hard. Kryssie yelled at him for this, and he did his usual "this is Big Brother" routine before continuing to clap as he wandered around the house. The girls all went to the bathroom to celebrate. Kryssie interrupted them to ask why they were keeping this nasty kid in the house another week. They gave her some excuses about doing what was best for them, and Morgan apologized. Alex even added that Scott has been as "bullied" as he has bullied others. Ugh, that word again.

So that's it! There's a HOH comp in less than an hour. Who do you want to see win? Does Scott make it past another week? We shall see really really soon!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #704: Blood On Her Hands

It's been a long, long week, but Mike, Scott, and Colette once again take you through everything that happened from the moment Shane was evicted to when Morgan won POV.

Her victory literally came as we were starting tonight's podcast, but we still managed to keep an eye on everything as we were putting together the broadcast. It's a feisty little show tonight, with even an angry word or two expressed. But that's part of the fun of this passionate little show.

Once again, we also give a lesson about thinking of the bigger picture. We perfectly analyze why certain people need to stick around for a few more weeks even if they are indeed the worst people in the world. Hopefully, you have all learned that you shoudl take Colette's voting tips to heart. She is thinking of the overall good of the feeds - chaos, controversy, and clusterfucks!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Friendship Returns To The HOH!

I had just posted my eviction article when the Big Brother doorbell rang. Yes, it was the return of Paul!!! And Pablo, too!

This is so much better than stupid Jeff. Paul is actually funny, and knows how to ad-lib. "Just found out you evicted an asshole", he shouted, "so they brought in a bigger asshole!" Everyone in the house was excited...except for Shelby who had no idea who he was.

Neeley in particular was thrilled. "You're looking sick, daddy." When he saw the box of condoms on the table, he asked who was boning. Danielle did not answer. He then got a tour of the house, and made a joke about how easy the have-nots have it this season as he could fit his entire family on one of those trampolines. He then pointed to his fifth tip on the board - "no showmances". Yes, we agree.

He was also asked who won his season, but before entering the house he had stated he wasn't going to reveal that piece of information. Jason later stated that because it was him coming in to host a comp so early in the season he must not have won.

The feeds then went down for fifteen minutes or so as the cast was brought out into the yard and given instructions from production. When they returned, we discovered the competition was called "Perfect Shot", and it was a modified (i.e. cheaper) version of last season's ball roll competition.

The big difference is that in this version not only is there only one rolling platform but they have to earn their rolls. Hundreds of balls were then rained on to the backyard, and some of them contain tokens. They could then exchange their tokens for balls. Due to her punishment in the golf comp, Alex had to wear "beer goggles" to blur her vision.

It takes some time for anybody to attempt some rolls, as they were pocketing the tokens as they found them. At one point, Neeley informed Paul that she's single, but she wasn't the only flirtatious one in the house. Later on, Morgan winked at him and said, "I like balls.". It wasn't until the twenty minute mark, Justin became the first to exchange some tickets. Shortly afterwards, everybody was doing the same.

Few people land anything close to the "bucket" at the end of the platform. Even those who make it all the way across tended to toss it too hard. Danielle, in particular, comes very close a number of times. Justin actually hit the little bucket but it bounced off the side.

The game then passed the 30 minute mark. If it was to go past one hour they were going to have some sort of different rules to follow. It was right around this time that Kryssie came to the table with ten balls, and in the most surprising moment of the season Kryssie nails it and is the new HOH!

This will create some good drama this week, but there's nothing I hate more than hypocrisy. Remember how upset Neeley got when she saw Shelby celebrating America's nominee? Now she was dancing around and singing "who's that bitch?" Remember Kryssie just an hour earlier decrying Scott using a backdoor to evict Shane? Well now she wants to backdoor Alex?

That's really about it for last night's activities, except for a weird moment when we find out that Kryssie's boyfriend had created a "hair bracelet" out of his own hair and some he gathered from her hairbrush. What???

It should be an interesting week. Like her or not, a power change is always good to rev up the feeds. Who do you want to see get voted the  ACP, as Have-Nots, or America's nominee?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Third Evictee Is...

That was a bit anticlimactic. Well, the actual eviction was, but it got entertaining afterwards. But we'll get to that in a second.

First I need to update you on what happened at the POV meeting. Alex did not use her veto, but Justin took down Kryssie (as planned). Scott replaced her with Shane, just as they had planned all week.

Also, this is the first night that I've been a bit disappointed with the weekly recap "episode". It was edited like a typical summer CBS broadcast. There were a few fluff sequences, and Danielle was given a completely unrealistic sympathetic edit. We didn't see any evidence of the types of things that were annoying not just the "other" side, but her own alliance and the online viewers. Her becoming a Have-Not wasn't mentioned, nor her childish reaction. Getting America's Nomination did seem completely out of the blue, which was clearly not the case for those of us watching at home.

Just like in the past weeks, the moment the recap was finished we went right to the eviction. Neeley gave the first final plea, and simply said she can't possibly "campaign against my friends". Danielle said hi to her son, and then talked about how lucky she was to have met Shane.

Then it got a bit interesting. Lame Shane stood up and started babbling about how great his Late Night Jamboree pals were, and how they were a real family. If/when he's evicted he's not going to hug a single one of them. According to him, neither Alex or Scott have a chance to win the game since they've gone after him. Well, they probably won't win but it's not for that reason.

When he was finished, Scott actually made a funny. "Monte felt the same way."

Voting then began with Alex, who voted against Shane, as did Whitney. Kryssie and Justin then voted to evict Danielle, but this was countered by Morgan. Jason then voted against Danielle, but Shelby very happily went against Shane.

That makes the vote 4-3 in favor of Shane, but when Scott returned he announced it was a tie. Obviously, that means America voted to evict Danielle (see why that edit was silly?). Scott then had to break the tie, and as he started to explain what he was going to do Shane said "don't". "Danielle, you have never broken your word to me", Scott then said. "Shane, when you drank the blue potion, I knew you were either going to be my friend or my enemy. I vote to evict you."

Shane then kissed Danielle and said, "I'll wait for you" before hugging the rest of his alliance. He then took off to the great unknown. The girls then began crying. Well, at least the girls on his side. Kryssie was furious. "Scott is not a man", she later said when she was alone. He's a scared little boy."

Ok, I'm jumping the gun a little bit because Scott did ask Kryssie if she wanted a hug after Shane was gone. She declined as she is pissed at that speech. "He's a human being", she whined. Scott actually tried to smooth things over by reminding her that this is a game, and that afterwards she hopes that they will all be friends. Her response is that he'll see what it's like when he's on the block. She's particularly pissed that he was backdoored, which n Kryssie's world I guess isn't ok.

It's a bullshit scenario. Scott had a plan, and he and his alliance perfectly executed it. Even though she's bitching that Scott is not playing a good game, he's done a lot more so far than she has. And that is coming from something who DESPISES Scott.

The new HOH comp is starting any minute now, so you're bound to see another post soon. Join us online!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #703: Puppy Tears

Last week's show was dominated by the various idiotic things that Monte did and said. With his eviction, we were forced to find another twit full of silly fodder. 

Well, that wasn't hard. While we've been a critic of Danielle from almost the very beginning, she took the crown this week. Besides being voted a have-not and nominee by America this week, her house conversation reached a whole new level of dumb these past few days. 

Need some examples? How about the fifteen minutes she spent running down each and every one of her birthday? Or how she intends to save up her child support money for a trip to the Bahamas on her 25th birthday? What about the tragic tale of her puppy who starved to death primarily because she wasn't intelligent enough to care for him?

We talked about all of these issues, along with so much more on tonight's episode. As always, there's plenty of impassioned rants from Colette, which is always the perfect sign that this is a keeper of a broadcast.

Most importantly, we all give a lesson thinking of the big picture. We perfectly analyze why certain people need to stick around for a few more weeks even if they are indeed the worst people in the world. Hopefully, you have all learned that you shoudl take Colette's voting tips to heart. She is thinking of the overall good of the feeds - chaos, controversy, and clusterfucks!

As always, you can listen to this show from the usual online sources, including:

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Is America's Nominee Once Again Doomed?

What a glorious day of live feeds!

The day started with the announcement of America's nominee. Yes, it was Danielle. And yes, there was some good fun at this meeting, which also included the POV draw. Justin and Alex joined Scott, Neeley, Kryssie, and Danielle.

The fireworks began almost immediately as Neeley noticed the girls celebrating in the bathroom. How dare they? She was fuming as she related the story in the bedroom. "I'm about to rip her ass off and hand it to her", she fumed. "Took everything and the angels and Jesus Christ to stop me from jumping on the back of her neck. She's being way too ignorant, and real reckless right now."

Jason attempted to clarify what happened, so she carried on. Kryssie and her saw them celebrating as they were warming up their tea in the microwave. Those "bitches just ran to the bathroom, and started shimmying and all this bullshit." At some point, the word heifers was thrown in there. Good stuff.

It took almost an hour, but the expected whine session from Danielle also finally kicked off. "I don't understand why America wants to keep people like that in this game", she said. "After Neeley came in here, it took everything in her not to go punch Shelby in the face. I don't understand why I'm constantly being targeted, and now America made me a have-not and nominated me in the same week. My whole life I have been bullied and made fun of by girls like that. I have a thick skin and can take the passive aggressive thing from the girls but my biggest fear coming into the house was America not liking me."

When they all headed outside, there was a curtained off area with buzzers facing it. One cam showed the view behind the curtain which was puzzle pieces and platforms to place them. On a table were the three different types of vetoes, and a lengthy card of instructions for Jason to read. "It has paragraphs on it", he said just before the feeds went to fish. (This is done for production to provide them some information.)

It's a knock-out type puzzle comp. One person challenges another, and the first to complete their puzzle moves on to the next round. If the person who buzzes in is wrong, they are eliminated and their competitor moves on. Game pieces are also reset between rounds.

Scott then announces he's choosing the double veto. Jason then pulls the order of players in this round, which is Kryssie, Danielle, Scott, Neeley, Justin, and Alex. Kryssie chooses to go against Alex, and it took just a minute or so for Alex to win. Danielle then challenged Scott, and it took a bit longer but Danielle wins this round.

Since Scott was taken out, it's Neeley's turn to challenge, and she picks Alex. They both fly through it, but Alex again wins. Justin challenges Danielle (somewhat surprisingly), and he wins! This doesn't look good for the showmance. She hides behind the rest of the cast and begins to cry as Shane attempts to comfort her. "Why wouldn't he fucking throw it to me? That's bullshit."

Round two commences with Alex picking Justin. Wait, aren't they the two POV winners? There's some confusion, and then it's announced that they indeed both won the POV.

As they came back in the house, a tearful Danielle attempted to head to the diary room, but instead buried herself under the covers as the "plastics" celebrated in the kitchen. She knows that Justin picking her to compete against indicates he's not going to use it on her. In fact, he's obviously now working with Scott. "He's fucking retarded." Shane says he just doesn't understand the game, and he expects to be backdoored.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Initial Nominees!!!

Part one of Scott's plan to evict either Shane or Danielle is now complete. The second safety ceremony just happened, the four saved were Morgan, Shane, Danielle, and Shelby.

The plan to evict included saving them? Yes, thanks to the double veto situation, the two targets were saved with these initial nominees. Instead, Neeley and Kryssie were nominated as pawns.

After practicing his speeches for most of the day, Scott told Neeley he has respect for her, and he wished her luck in the POV competition. For Kryssie, he said they were the two "mental giants" in the game, but they have "different approaches". Because she has issues with "certain group situations" he was nominating her.

Nobody is surprised by what just happened, but that probably won't stop Kryssie from whining all night long about it. (Almost immediately she blamed the nomination on yesterday's dirty
underwear incident.) Her constant babbling, along with Danielle bitching about slop and the other girls, will completely be in line with this entire season of complaining and shit-talking.

What are your thoughts on this? Who are you picking to be America's nominee? We're going with Danielle. We'll have plenty to say about all of this on tomorrow night's Big Brother Gossip Show!!!