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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Big Brother Over the Top Eviction 1 Recap

Hey everybody!!!

It’s been awhile since I posted an episode recap. To be honest, I just didn’t dig transcribing the idiocy that came out of the mouths of James and Nicole last season. At some point I just decided that I just didn’t feel up to recapping the network showings.

Weirdly, though, I didn’t actually HATE Big Brother 18. There was enough interesting situations that we were never short of material on the Big Brother Gossip Show. I guess overall I just have mixed feelings about the season, although everybody knows I absolutely abhor what happened in the finale.

So here we are with the first “real” episode of Big Brother Over the Top. Like everything else associated with this season, we don’t know how this is all going to work. We’ve already been told that despite previous promotional statements, Julie Chen will not be a part of the eviction.

What is going to happen instead? Is the evictee just going to walk out of the camera shot, never to be seen again? Will there be goodbye messages?

Due to the format of the season, these recaps are also going to be shorter than before. There’s reportedly going to be a look back at the entire week before the actual eviction, and there’s no real need to recap that. Most everything has been covered in previous posts, or on the podcast.

In case you haven’t paid attention, King Douchebag...I mean the first HOH. He nominated Jason and Danielle, with Jason being the target. America’s nominee was Cornbread. After Jason won POV, spoiling Monte’s plans, Kryssie was put up in his place although Danielle made a case for Shelby. For a while the target became Kryssie, but that has changed in the last 24 hours.

Sure enough, the highlights portion is pretty much just the daily highlights edited together. I’ll admit that it’s presented in a pretty dry manner that has left some people complaining online, but I’m actually fine with it. Most importantly, it was pretty accurate and included very few non-essential moments. Now I’m going to sit back and relive the memories. See you when the real excitement starts.

Once the highlights were over, they jumped right into final pleas. First was Daniele, followed by Cornbread and Kryssie. They all pretty much just said they loved everybody and want to stay.

The first to vote is Neeley, who votes against Cornbread, as does Jason, Whitney, Morgan, Justin, Shelby, and Scott. Alex, though, decides to “create some paranoia”, and votes against Danilele. (It actually worked, as Danielle is now paranoid that her vote came from America.) Shane, though, is back on track with Cornbread.

There’s a bit of a delay while “Big Brother” tabulates the votes. Monte goes off to the diary room to get the results, and it’s announced that Cornbread has been evicted by a vote of 9-1-0. Obviously, America also picked Cornbread. He doesn’t waste any time, really, and doesn’t even hug anybody as he heads out the door. (I didn't hear it, but there are reports he said, "fuck y'all" as he walked out.)

This was pretty efficiently put on, and we had four different views of it!!! My advice, though, is for the eviction episodes put your device in quad view or you’ll miss some of the necessary audio. The voting, for example, was in camera 3, and wasn’t heard in the other cams.

So that’s it! Corny is out the door, and the feeds carry on! What did you think? Are you digging the new season? Are you happy that Cornyboy is out the door? Let me know!!!


  1. Glad Cornhole is gone. Loving the season so far, except for the current "blackout" (fish music but no fish) right as they are supposed to start the head of household comp.

  2. I don't mind that for five or ten minutes we get fish as they set up the comp. Compare it to the overall, and also how much more we're seeing than ever before.

  3. I thought it also sounded like he said "fuck y'all" when he walked out but I wasn't sure!