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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

POV Meeting Spoiler!

In a week of firsts, we now saw how a POV meeting works. Actually, it's not that different than what has been shown on TV in the past. Jason was called to the diary room for instructions, and after he came out he called everybody in the house.

Jason then instructed everybody how to gather in the living room, which lit a light bulb in my head. I figured out why there had to be a returnee this season. With EVERYTHING happening on the feeds, and little opportunity for production to intervene, they needed somebody to help guide them through these first couple of weeks. Somebody that has been through all of the various ceremonies. Thankfully, we voted in Jason. Can you imagine Jozea leading these meetings?

Before making his "decision", Jason allowed the other two nominees to give reasons why they should be saved. Cornbread addressed the house instead of Jason, though, and said, "I'm a well-rounded player. I'm not strong in all the categories but I'm right up there with the best of them. I'm just here to make this fun and enjoy my time. I love every one of y'all."

Danielle then spoke. "I'm not expecting you to use the veto on me cause I'm expecting you to take yourself off the block." Which, of course, is exactly what he did.

Monte then stood and talked bullshit. "Y'all know this isn't easy for me. Even right now in these moments I'm still torn." He then nominates Kryssie, and claims, "I've tried to save you. I didn't want you to go home. Maybe the house will vote in your favor."

Why is this bullshit? Well, keep in mind that until the last minute, Kryssie was his choice to be up next to Jason. After Jason won POV, Kryssie became the obviously replacement, even after people like Danielle tried to talk him into putting up Shelby instead.

Justin doesn't know how this works, however. When Jason adjourned the meeting, he thought it was now time to vote. Silly man. Danielle immediately informed Kryssie that she tried to get Monte to put up Shelby. She's pissed and said, "if I'm get evicted first, I'm going out with guns five seconds will be memorable." Although we heard that quite often last season with little followup (except Michelle), I have a feeling Kryssie may buck that trend.

One more note - stupid Monte is acting like it's an affront to his HOH status that Jason won POV. Taking himself down is apparently "bucking the system". No, douche lord, it's playing the game.

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  1. If Jozea would have won, it would have been, to quote Bethenny Frankel, "the blind leading the deaf."

    Monte is the one with the douchey last name right? Because it's fitting...