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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Your New HOH Is... be revealed in a minute. After some fiery discussions in the house about loyalty and bullying, the cast was called to the memory wall to view some "baseball cards" (photos). Ten minutes later, BB attempted to get them in the backyard, but they had some audio issues.

These problem persisted for a bit longer before it finally commenced. It's a true/false competition called "One Strike You're Out" where you're knocked out for an incorrect answer. The first question is whether in "down the line" there is a black dot between the letters OTT and HOH. The answer is true, so Scott, Alex, and Shelby are already out.

Question two is about "7th inning stretch" - whether the words "cold drinks" are visible. The answer is true, and now Morgan is eliminated. Things are looking good for the Misfits.

The third question is whether the care package box is in the shade, and they all get this wrong. Two of them started to walk away before they discovered they were still in the game. Question four is whether there were bananas in a picture, and Justin and Jason are the next ones kicked to the curb.

That means it is now Danielle versus Whitney, and they both get this question correct. We finally have a winner...and it's Danielle! Oh boy, this is going to be quite the week!

I'm off to bed!!! Have fun with the ramifications of this comp!


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  2. Honestly, with Americans nomination, and the care package, is it even a good idea to get HoH? Veto is without question the most important comp to win this season, and for whatever reason America always seems to vote against the HoH's interests.

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