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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is America's Nominee Once Again Doomed?

What a glorious day of live feeds!

The day started with the announcement of America's nominee. Yes, it was Danielle. And yes, there was some good fun at this meeting, which also included the POV draw. Justin and Alex joined Scott, Neeley, Kryssie, and Danielle.

The fireworks began almost immediately as Neeley noticed the girls celebrating in the bathroom. How dare they? She was fuming as she related the story in the bedroom. "I'm about to rip her ass off and hand it to her", she fumed. "Took everything and the angels and Jesus Christ to stop me from jumping on the back of her neck. She's being way too ignorant, and real reckless right now."

Jason attempted to clarify what happened, so she carried on. Kryssie and her saw them celebrating as they were warming up their tea in the microwave. Those "bitches just ran to the bathroom, and started shimmying and all this bullshit." At some point, the word heifers was thrown in there. Good stuff.

It took almost an hour, but the expected whine session from Danielle also finally kicked off. "I don't understand why America wants to keep people like that in this game", she said. "After Neeley came in here, it took everything in her not to go punch Shelby in the face. I don't understand why I'm constantly being targeted, and now America made me a have-not and nominated me in the same week. My whole life I have been bullied and made fun of by girls like that. I have a thick skin and can take the passive aggressive thing from the girls but my biggest fear coming into the house was America not liking me."

When they all headed outside, there was a curtained off area with buzzers facing it. One cam showed the view behind the curtain which was puzzle pieces and platforms to place them. On a table were the three different types of vetoes, and a lengthy card of instructions for Jason to read. "It has paragraphs on it", he said just before the feeds went to fish. (This is done for production to provide them some information.)

It's a knock-out type puzzle comp. One person challenges another, and the first to complete their puzzle moves on to the next round. If the person who buzzes in is wrong, they are eliminated and their competitor moves on. Game pieces are also reset between rounds.

Scott then announces he's choosing the double veto. Jason then pulls the order of players in this round, which is Kryssie, Danielle, Scott, Neeley, Justin, and Alex. Kryssie chooses to go against Alex, and it took just a minute or so for Alex to win. Danielle then challenged Scott, and it took a bit longer but Danielle wins this round.

Since Scott was taken out, it's Neeley's turn to challenge, and she picks Alex. They both fly through it, but Alex again wins. Justin challenges Danielle (somewhat surprisingly), and he wins! This doesn't look good for the showmance. She hides behind the rest of the cast and begins to cry as Shane attempts to comfort her. "Why wouldn't he fucking throw it to me? That's bullshit."

Round two commences with Alex picking Justin. Wait, aren't they the two POV winners? There's some confusion, and then it's announced that they indeed both won the POV.

As they came back in the house, a tearful Danielle attempted to head to the diary room, but instead buried herself under the covers as the "plastics" celebrated in the kitchen. She knows that Justin picking her to compete against indicates he's not going to use it on her. In fact, he's obviously now working with Scott. "He's fucking retarded." Shane says he just doesn't understand the game, and he expects to be backdoored.


  1. If Justin picked Alex Danielle would have been safe. Nobody noticed. They didn't even realize the game was over. Of course in hind sight Neely Krissie, Shane and Danielle all claimed to know this. I hope Danielle goes but Shane is supposedly the Plastics target and they have the votes no matter what because Scott breaks any ties. Krissie has become beyond annoying. her side of the house celebrated every loss the Plastics suffered but the Plastics celebrating is childish and rude. Neely mentioned she doesn't want strong black women voted out. I only like Justin and Jason on that side and even Jason can be annoying. It amazes me each season when the team in power gets all high and mighty and then is shocked when they get clipped. Always the same. I want Krissie, Scott and Neely on slop next week. They seem to get that we have a lot of power in the game. The other side knows we do but seem to think we only see episodes the way they talk. There really are some dumb players this time.

    1. These guys only had power from us. They aren't winning comps. Now they we have abandon them this week they are scared.

  2. Danielle is apparently the only person that has played in every single competition...and she's been a failure at every single competition.