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Monday, October 10, 2016

POV Results

Although Alex had chosen Justin to host today's POV, a couple of hours earlier we were informed that Jeff Schroeder would be the special guest host. Ugh. Sure enough, ol' Man Boobs rang the doorbell approximately a half hour before the competition.

After chatting with everybody and touring the house, they finally made it outside to play. As expected, it was a golf competition. There were four holes, worth 5, 10, 15, and 30 points. There was also a scoreboard with various "prizes". 60 points and you can exchange your "tickets" for POV, 40 points made you ineligible for the next POV, 35 is a "water hazard" where they have to pull golf balls out of the pool for a week, 30 is a "19th hole" where they won't see straight in the next HOH, 25 is a "sand trap" where they must spend the next 24 hours, and 20 is a "caddy costume" that they must wear and drag golf clubs for the next week.

The game began with Danielle taking an early lead by aiming for the ten point hole. Most others were after the 30, and most were missing by a mile. Danielle was the first to get to 30 points, and was followed by Shane and Alex. Shelby, Monte, and Scott were godawful.

Shelby finally got two ten-point holes, and traded her tickets in for the caddy costume. After numerous attempts that came close to falling in, Shane finally nailed the 30 pointer that he needed to win the POV.

From there, the game had to continue to claim the rest of the punishments. Danielle cashes in to take the water hazard, Alex takes the 19th hole, and after a couple of holes Scott took the sand trap. This leaves Monte with the "missed cut" which causes him to not play in the next POV (if he lasts that long).

So that's it. Who will Alex put up to replace Shane? Will Shane use the POV on his girl? Who do you want to see go home?

Edit: I neglected to mention that earlier today it was announced that "America" had chosen Monte to be the third nominee.

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