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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hudson's HG Rankings!!!

Ever since the season started, I’ve been inundated with allegations that I’m “biased” towards a certain side. Some believe that I’m in the pocket of the plastics, while others say I’m a card-carrying “misfit”.

Hogwash. As I’ve said for years, I’ve never had my enjoyment of a season determined by the fate of an individual or an alliance. I just want to be entertained. I want drama. I want fun. I want unpredictability.

Although anybody can study the history of my Big Brother Gossip podcasts, posts, and even my twitter to see that I’m consistent with this belief, my personal disappointment with what is otherwise a great season is the fanbase abuse. You would not believe what I’ve been called over the past few weeks, and out-of-context tweets are quite often utilized as “proof”.

You silly geese. The fact that I don’t have a rooting interest means that at some point of any season every Big Brother contestant is criticized. Everybody has moments where I make fun of them. Nobody is out of bounds for snark.

That’s not to say I have equal opinions on every single person. Of course not. There are those that I completely detest from minute one. Paulie from last season was a perfect example, as was “He Who Shall Not Be Named” in his season.

With all this said, along with some spare time, this is my current rankings of those still involved in the Big Brother Over The Top season. It’s not a “most likely to win” list, nor is this an overview on gameplay. It’s simply who entertains me. I’m just combining primarily entertainment value, along with game play and other traits into a likabilyt list.

Keep in mind that this is my order today. Yesterday may have been different, and next week I’m bound to again change my mind. For example, two weeks ago Danielle would be much lower on my list than she is today, but her annoyance level has dramatically decreased since boring lover boy Shane was evicted.

1. Justin. Is he a great Big Brother strategist? Not at all, but he’s not nearly as inept as some believe. He’s kind of sneaky good, and from day one he’s never had a problem with hanging with the “other side”. He even gives pep talks when times are bad. When feeds are boring, I just look for Justin.

2. Jason. While his first season was spent primarily in bed, this season’s anti-napping rules have been great for his game. Although he and the rest of the Misfits tended to isolate themselves from the rest of the house in the early weeks, he’s come to realize in the last week or so that he needs to establish some other relationships. His live diary room segments are also much more insightful than anybody else in the house.

3. Shelby. Ok, everybody knows why I initially loved this little twit. She’s cute, especially in a bikini. Her stock lowered a bit as time went on, but I’ve come back to appreciate her. In fact, it’s now more than just looks for me. For one, she’s hilarious. Her snark level is unprecedented for a female Big Brother contestant. I also believe that she’s playing up her ditzy L.A. girl persona, and her always-entertaining live diary rooms are proof of that.

4. Alex. Let’s get the negatives out of the way. Yes, she is the worst in the diary room. In fact, she makes Big Brother 18’s Natalie appear restrained. Her begging “America” for our votes should also be banned. She is the true ringleader of the plastics, though, and she’s been pretty masterful at leading not only the other three girls but her obsessed, drooling, friend-zoned manservant Scott. Why she’s not getting more accolades from the fan base that has long desired a girl’s alliance is beyond me.

5. Danielle. Two weeks ago I was begging for the house to evict her. I couldn’t handle any time the feeds were on her, as she dominated each and every conversation. Her fifteen minute rundown of every birthday in her life showcased just how self-centered she was, and the story of how her dog died angered almost anybody who heard it. In the last two weeks, though, she’s greatly calmed down. When Kryssie was HOH, she quietly was the rock that kept her grounded. As HOH this week, she’s using logic and strategy instead of the pettiness most of us predicted.

6. Morgan. The hate towards Alex’s sister is also perplexing. There’s nothing exciting about her. She’s not some great strategist, nor is she likely to make it to the end unless Alex drags her there. But outside of befriending Monte, she hasn’t done anything truly offensive. Truthfully, how is she any worse than any of the females from Big Brother 18? Now that I think about it, I’d take her over any of them!

7. Kryssie. I go back and forth on Kryssie. There are many things likable about her, but any time I think of her positive attributes she’ll loudly burp for five seconds. My main problems with her have everything to do with hypocrisy and delusion. She’s offended when the plastics celebrate in the bathroom, but was all about Neeley’s bump and grind dance after she won HOH. She’s anti-backdooring in principle...except when it’s her side planning the backdoor. She also firmly believed (for a few moments) Morgan would use the POV on Neeley instead of herself last week. What really dropped her in this list, though, was not so much the fact that she gave up on the wall POV but she turned a couple of blisters into a modern day version of Jesus being hung on the cross.

8. Whitney. I’ll admit that she’s not playing a bad game, but that’s all you’ll get from me. I hate her voice. I detest her Middle America pop culture taste. She’s simple. She’s boring. The fact that until this weekend’s have-nots she has not been voted a nomination is mind-boggling to me.

9. Scott. If he quit trying to live out a real-life version of Revenge of the Nerds, some people could easily root for him as an underdog. Instead, he thinks of himself as a ruthless Evil Dick-ish antihero who is there to keep his fair maiden Alex safe. None of his antics of the last few days (antagonizing Danielle, clapping at Neeley’s eviction) has done anything to elevate his game, and has probably squashed the potential of cementing working relationships with Jason and/or Justin.

There you have it. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll update this list. In the meantime, what is your list? I’d love to see “fair and balanced” lists from other feedsters. A word of warning, though. I’ll always ignore anybody who attempts to lecture me on what my opinions “must” be.


  1. Pretty damn good analogy I must say...I would want Krissy out before anyone and that is big for me, I have always, from day 1, almost, wanted Dani out...she drove me nuts...I love Shelby!

  2. Jason gets on my nerves. I think if you could get him and Krissie out then you may have a shot of the house finally working together.

  3. Being someone not from the U.S., I find it funny how often I see hate from people living in the U.S. for people that 'sound' like Whitney. Being someone that games online a lot (playing stuff like Dota2 mostly), the moment someone with that accents says anything they get bombarded with insults often simply for their accent. It seems absolutely crazy, yet I see/hear it happen at least two times a week, and it isn't funny, or pleasant. I am guessing it is just something in Amrican culture that I will never understand.

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  5. I agree for the most part. I would only make Krissie last. I cant stand the stuff you noted but also her constant know it all attitude and her constant complaining. She is allergic to the sun, has a fear of heights and suffers from night blindness. She needed a hand transplant after the wall comp and is apparently susceptible to infection because while waiting for the wall comp to end she stated her massive wound was becoming infected by standing there. Oh and her constant period complaints. As Shelby put it " They come every month, shut up"

  6. the bottom three are all pretty close to each other.

  7. I think it's pretty spot on. Kryssie is probably my least favorite right now. All that whining...ugh.