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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Picture Day On The Feeds!!!

A couple of days before every season premiere, CBS releases poolside shots of the entire cast in swimsuits. They're obviously able to do this because the cast is in the house for a few days before the show begins. 
Since we've been able to watch this season from the second they walked into the house, these cast shots couldn't take place until after we began viewing. Would they block the feeds for this? Would they skip it entirely?
Of course not. Today was the photo shoot, and it was live on the feeds! We even got a rare shot of non-competitiors (photographers) in the habitat!

It was great fun, especially for us who believes this is a good looking cast. We watched them primp before it happened, and then each person having individual solo shots culminating in a handful of group pictures.
Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, except for one person. Kryssie had no desire to be a part of this, and for the most part set herself apart from everybody else. While I understand where she's coming from to an extent, this is not a good time for her to be this way as Monte is looking for a reason to make her Jason's replacement on the block.

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