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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Week In Review!

Sorry, kids, for the lack of updates. I actually started tonight's post back on Monday during the POV competition, but the fact that it ran so long meant that I had to put it aside to focus on the latest Big Brother Gossip Show episode.

As you undoubtedly know, the HOH this week is Kryssie. Her immediate targets were Scott and Alex, but this was foiled when Alex won America's Care Package. This prize gave her immunity from nomination, but also made her Kryssie's "maid" for the week. Kryssie was as unhappy with the idea of Alex being her servant as Alex was for having to endure Kryssie.

With Alex no longer available, Kryssie had to come up with an alternate plan. Obviously, this was going to be either Shelby, Morgan, or Whitney. Kryssie decided to wait until after the Have-Nots were announced to make her pick, and this week's slop-chompers ended up being Jason, Neeley, and Scott.

Saturday saw the first safety announcements, and they went to Justin, Danielle, and Neeley. The following night Kryssie gave safety to Jason, Whitney and Shelby. This obviously made her nominees Scott and Morgan.

This morning saw the unveiling of America's Nomination, and it went to Neeley! This greatly upset Jason, who went on and on about that "prostitute" Shelby. Classy, my friend. The POV draw also happened at that point, and Justin's chip was pulled. Scott had a Houseguest Choice chip, and he picked Shelby.
Monday afternoon saw this week's POV competition. This comp was called "Wall of Shame", and it was an individual timed event. There was a wall they had to "climb" to unveil questions regarding previous evicted houseguests Cornbread, Monte, and Shane. Each answer was a number which the contestant had to go back and grab. If they fell, extra time would be added. The longest they could spend on the comp was 30 minutes, but there total time could exceed that if penalties minutes were added

Morgan was the first to compete, and we thus first saw the questions. Shane's query was, "in Shane's awful performance in 'Live By The Sword', ____ HG's were eliminated before him. The day of Monte's eviction is the second question. For Cornbread, it was about how many people voted against him. 

Morgan drew the first chip, and after a couple of miscues she completed the task in approximately 8 minutes. Neeley was next, and took over 20 minutes, and had two penalties. Kryssie moved faster than I ever thought she could, but wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the numbers. She also purposely took a couple of penalties so she could just walk back. Incorrect guesses also screwed her potential for a shocking win, along with a different issue. "Can I just give up? I'm fucking bleeding." She did finally just stand on the platform until the 30 minute maximum time ended. (BTW, all of this "bleeding" she was bitching about? She had a small blister on her hand.)

After that embarrassing display, Shelby is the next person up. Being tiny certainly helped her scamper around the wall, but she also wasted a lot of time thinking. Her time ended up being just north of thirteen minutes (but she looked cute doing it!).

The it was Scott's turn. He had spent the last hour or so in the yoga room doing yoga and psyching himself up like a fool. He did really well, but the sex noises he was making drove me nuts. When he finished he acted like he was a WWE heel stealing the heavyweight title. He was jumping around and screaming, and continued it when he returned to the yoga room.

Finally, it was Justin's turn. Let's just say he had no idea what the answers were, so although he was amazingly quick he had no chance to finish in time. Morgan thus won, as Scott's 8:51 was just a few seconds slower than Morgan!

Obviously, Morgan was going to save herself, but the others had different ideas. Alex wanted her to save Scott with it, and Kryssie said there's no way Morgan wouldn't save Neeley with it. Wait, what??? She did indeed take herself down, and Whitney was put up in her place (she volunteered). Scott also got into a little argument with Danielle, and Neeley yelled at him earlier today.

So that catches you up to tonight's eviction, and I really have no idea how this is going to go. I don't know who the online vote is going to choose, and there are actually a couple of votes that could go either way.

This eviction was quite fun. Scott's final plea was nothing but "thanks for the memories. One love." Neeley then filibustered, going on and on about how Scott didn't deserve to be in the house, plays for TV time, and applauded Kryssie's hand injury. In the meantime, Scott just sat there and acted shocked she would say such a thing. Whitney then babbled a bit, but I muted so I didn't have to hear her.

Then the voting began, and it was as expected. Jason, Danielle, and Justin voted to evict Scott, while Shelby, Morgan, and Alex voted to evict Neeley. Since America voted against Neeley, she was out by a 4-3 vote.

When Kryssie read the announcement, Scott immediately began clapping hard. Kryssie yelled at him for this, and he did his usual "this is Big Brother" routine before continuing to clap as he wandered around the house. The girls all went to the bathroom to celebrate. Kryssie interrupted them to ask why they were keeping this nasty kid in the house another week. They gave her some excuses about doing what was best for them, and Morgan apologized. Alex even added that Scott has been as "bullied" as he has bullied others. Ugh, that word again.

So that's it! There's a HOH comp in less than an hour. Who do you want to see win? Does Scott make it past another week? We shall see really really soon!

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