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Saturday, October 8, 2016

One More First - The First Fight!!!

This is good stuff. The story starts earlier today when Monte and his favorite plastics were talking about Justin and his nice clothes. Monte made a joke about how he must steal them.

Danielle was sitting with them at the time eating breakfast, and immediately after the have-not announcement she informed Justin what he said. This initiated fireworks, as Just yelled at Monte to never look at him, along with a couple of "fuck you's" and "suck my dick".

Monte, as always, rose to the occasion. On one hand, he was admitting to saying such a thing as he kept complaining that somebody ratted him out, but at the same time he denied saying anything remotely racial. More than once he said that he hoped Justin would punch him so he'd be immediately kicked out.

At this point, Monte and others were blaming Scott for spreading the initial story. The last 24 hours haven't been good for Scott, as people are figuring out his game. They all know he's running to one side with stories from the other side, and last night he enraged Kryssie when he described how his game plan is to make one-week deals. In other words, this week he's promised his vote to what Alex wants, which is different from last week and will be different again next week. Not the brightest method.

Things got a bit weird at this point, though, as Neeley asked Monte point-blank if he's racist. What's he going to say? "Oh yeah, I hate your race." Of course not, but when he gave the predictable answer it was enough to satisfy Neeley.

After that, Danielle did admit to Monte that it was her that told Just what had been said earlier. Now she didn't say this when the moment was heated, but an hour later in the storage room. This led Monte to get onto a strange rebuttal where he actually said it's hard to be a white southerner in these controversial times. He repeated said story a number of time the rest of the afternoon.

When everything died down, the cameras caught a tiny yet telling moment between Danielle and Shane. As everybody else wandered off, they whispered to each other that their mission was accomplished. They think they saved themselves.

Now there's a little bit of differing viewpoints on that conversation. Some think it was referring to Monte's outburst, and others feel it was getting the blame put on Scott. The answer is actually both Monte and Scott. Keep in mind that both Danielle and Shane know they're likely to be nominated together. If they can get Alex mad enough at either Scott or Monte (or both), or can get Kryssie to use her power to save one of them, there's a greater chance that both will survive the week.

If you're still not convinced, remember that yesterday Danielle made allegations that Monte is homophobic to Kryssie. According to her, he's used a certain word to describe Jason, and he also supposedly claimed that he caught Jason looking at his crotch. In that same conversation, she also confided that in a conversation during the first week she pretended to be a Trump fan in agreement with Monte to raise suspicions with some people in the house.

I guess it's safe to say that Danielle is more conniving than we originally believed. The joke is on her, though, as Alex has not backed down from her plan on putting them both up, and as this was going to press Kryssie announced that she was saving Jason with her power.

Interesting stuff, right? Any thoughts?


  1. Great article and my thoughts are that it was great move by Danielle to try and get the target off her and Shane by putting it on Monte and/or Scott, but the way she went about it I disagree with as she wasn't smart enough to do it in a strategic way and instead had to take the cheap way out and smear Monty's name and reputation in the dirt and make false accusations, I don't respect that one bit and hope she goes home this week.

  2. Thanks, Trent. I agree that it's a slimy way to try to save yourself.

  3. The allegation wasnt false. Monte said it. I heard it when it happened. When the whole thing happened I couldn't figure out how all the rage turned towards Scott. He was playing a ok game. Both sides knew he was playing them but didn't see him as the immediate threat. Him telling Shane straight up that he was on the plastics side this week was stupid. They now all have a mutual target in Scott. Alex isn't buying it but the rest of her group are and they vote. I hope BB is taking notes on how much the fans love this. All the input we have in the game is pretty cool. Like we collectively are a HG. Some of the HG's are taking us into account while others like Monte seem to be clueless. He treats anything America does as helping him. With the have not vote he thinks we gave it to him because he is the exercise guy. Such a douche. Between Scott, Monte and Shelby the rest of the HG's have some people they can deflect to and have everyone vote out. It just takes us as viewers to guide them.