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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Friendship Returns To The HOH!

I had just posted my eviction article when the Big Brother doorbell rang. Yes, it was the return of Paul!!! And Pablo, too!

This is so much better than stupid Jeff. Paul is actually funny, and knows how to ad-lib. "Just found out you evicted an asshole", he shouted, "so they brought in a bigger asshole!" Everyone in the house was excited...except for Shelby who had no idea who he was.

Neeley in particular was thrilled. "You're looking sick, daddy." When he saw the box of condoms on the table, he asked who was boning. Danielle did not answer. He then got a tour of the house, and made a joke about how easy the have-nots have it this season as he could fit his entire family on one of those trampolines. He then pointed to his fifth tip on the board - "no showmances". Yes, we agree.

He was also asked who won his season, but before entering the house he had stated he wasn't going to reveal that piece of information. Jason later stated that because it was him coming in to host a comp so early in the season he must not have won.

The feeds then went down for fifteen minutes or so as the cast was brought out into the yard and given instructions from production. When they returned, we discovered the competition was called "Perfect Shot", and it was a modified (i.e. cheaper) version of last season's ball roll competition.

The big difference is that in this version not only is there only one rolling platform but they have to earn their rolls. Hundreds of balls were then rained on to the backyard, and some of them contain tokens. They could then exchange their tokens for balls. Due to her punishment in the golf comp, Alex had to wear "beer goggles" to blur her vision.

It takes some time for anybody to attempt some rolls, as they were pocketing the tokens as they found them. At one point, Neeley informed Paul that she's single, but she wasn't the only flirtatious one in the house. Later on, Morgan winked at him and said, "I like balls.". It wasn't until the twenty minute mark, Justin became the first to exchange some tickets. Shortly afterwards, everybody was doing the same.

Few people land anything close to the "bucket" at the end of the platform. Even those who make it all the way across tended to toss it too hard. Danielle, in particular, comes very close a number of times. Justin actually hit the little bucket but it bounced off the side.

The game then passed the 30 minute mark. If it was to go past one hour they were going to have some sort of different rules to follow. It was right around this time that Kryssie came to the table with ten balls, and in the most surprising moment of the season Kryssie nails it and is the new HOH!

This will create some good drama this week, but there's nothing I hate more than hypocrisy. Remember how upset Neeley got when she saw Shelby celebrating America's nominee? Now she was dancing around and singing "who's that bitch?" Remember Kryssie just an hour earlier decrying Scott using a backdoor to evict Shane? Well now she wants to backdoor Alex?

That's really about it for last night's activities, except for a weird moment when we find out that Kryssie's boyfriend had created a "hair bracelet" out of his own hair and some he gathered from her hairbrush. What???

It should be an interesting week. Like her or not, a power change is always good to rev up the feeds. Who do you want to see get voted the  ACP, as Have-Nots, or America's nominee?

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  1. I want Alex as the ACP. Just so it pisses off Krissie and she knows we as the viewers did it on purpose to piss her off.