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Monday, October 3, 2016

First Veto Competition Results!

As stated in the previous post, those playing in the POV include the three nominees (Jason, Danielle, and Cornbread), plus HOH Monte, Alex and Whitney. The feeds went down for a few minutes (10 at most, maybe), before Shane read the instruction. It's a comp called "POV Vault". There's a vault in the backyard that holds the veto, and they have to find the four-digit code to unlock it. Inside the house are clues to the code. If nobody figures it out within three hours, a new code will be entered.
At the sound of a buzzer, they all ran into the house to search for the clue. Danielle was the first to attempt a code and it was incorrect. Cornbread was next, followed by another try by Danielle. They all continued to punch in numbers.
It's interesting that everybody is helping each other by comparing guesses, including Alex and Whitney, with the exception of Jason and Danielle. Obviously, nobody wants either of them to win.
Based on camera shots, the clues appear to involve the table setting, the goldfish, the dishes on the table, and the word veto spelled out on the fridge,
Frustrations grew as time went on, but finally a half hour into the game Jason won!!!! (BTW the winning number was 2449.) As Big Brother said, "the following new items were in the house - 2 dining room chairs, 4 magnet letters, 4 sunflowers, 9 goldfish = 2449!"
To say the internet is happy is an understatement. Jason is truly an online fan favorite (although I'm so-so on his actual game play) so there was a huge online sigh of relief. Jason claims that all credit must go to Da'Vonne because "I wore your socks! I didn't wear them in the comp but I put them on just before!"
Who will go up in his place? The odds are that it will be Kryssie, and if that's the case she'll undoubtedly go home.
Again, this was wonderful to watch play out live on the feeds!! What did you think?


  1. Poor Monte AKA Daniel Douche with the coon hat woke up with his plans cruising. Cornbread was nominated as the 3rd nominee. It was funny listening to others trying to cheer up cornhole. " They might have put you up to protect you" was my favorite. Then with the POV Monte sees him and 3 others working together against Jason and Danielle fail. He went into damage control mode kissing jasons ass as did the rest of the house that wouldn't even talk to Jason today prior to the POV competition.

    Monte is the biggest douche that has ever been the first HoH. He doesn't know the game He actually thought that the HoH doesn't play in the POV and he thought the POV happened before the nominations. He won't let anyone share his room but I bet he expects others to share it with him. He thinks he is protecting the house by putting up Jason. I love that fans hate him and have voted to spite him. If Cornbread doesnt win HoH I bet Monte and him will be have nots. Must be the fans protecting them again,lol

    I have said it before but I'll say it again. This online only thing is great . Better than the TV version.

  2. The online only version is fabulous. You're spot on about everything here. Watching him deflated was THE best!