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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #701: Season Premiere

This episode was not supposed to go almost three hours. We had all decided before the broadcast that we were going to be super-concise. While there was a lot of information for us to cover, we felt that we could do it in less than two hours.
We couldn't have been more wrong, and it's primarily because Scott, Colette, and Mike are completely energized by this back to basics format. This online-only season is so full of innovation. For example, we actuallygot to watch the first week the cast was in the house. Previously, that first week was condensed to a one-hour season premiere episode. This time, we saw them from the moment they entered the house. It was quite amazing to watch them slowly get to know each other, and the various cliques that began to from a day or so later.
Besides this intriguing view, we talked about everything you need to know about the season so far. We went through the various special rules for the season, the weekly schedule, and our thoughts of this year's cast.
And what a cast this is. It's looking as if it's the best in years, and both Scott and Colette have found objects of their lust. For Colette, it's the long-hair stud muffin Shane, which will inevitably cause her to get her lute out of storage. For Scott, it's the lovely Shelby. A pure goddess is this girl. Cute, funny, and an inspiring lawyear. What a catch!
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