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Friday, September 30, 2016

The First HOH of BBOTT!

He wanted it from the very start, and he was really the only one that worked the room to ensure he got it. I may not be a fan, but Monte is your first HOH. It's a big deal, guys. Just ask him.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The First #BBOTT HOH Competition!!!

Our first competition of the season has just started, and it's unlike any we've ever seen!
Shortly after 1 pm BBT, they were all called into the house after an outdoor lockdown. On a table in the living room was a mysterious blue bottle with a card that said, "only one may drink". After sitting around for a few minutes, Shane finally was the rebel who cracked the seal and drank it.
He was immediately called to the diary room, and 15 minutes came out later with an "infected" shirt. This comp will take a full day to complete. When a buzzer goes off, Shane has to "infect" somebody, who will then have to do the same thing to another person when the buzzer goes off again. This goes on until there's only one person not infected by the "BB Bug". They will then be the new HOH.
I like this. There's no advantage to any person. It could go a million different directions, depending on the person each person picks to eliminate.

Update #1: Shane has "infected" Danielle. This is no surprise, as we heard Shane and Monte talk about this for the last hour. For some reason they're intimidated by her. I don't think she'll take this lightly, as she has said from the beginning she's hear to play. We'll see. 

Update #2; When the buzzer rang, Danielle asked for any volunteers. When nobody stepped up, Justin finally agreed (after asking Monte why he didn't take it). What's funny about that exchange is that Monte already dislikes Justin for some reason.
Update #3: Not long after the last buzzer, we hear it once again. Justin hands it off to Shelby. She's actually excited! 
Update #4: Now Scott has been infected. If this alternating girl/boy routine continues, a girl will be the first HOH! 
Update #5: It seems like even the house is getting bored with this comp. When the buzzer went off, Scott asked Neely if she minded taking the bug. When she said it was ok, he handed it to her. It's humorous to me how at the beginning everybody was gathering together to see who was next. Now nobody moves an inch. That will change, though, as we get closer to the end. Especially given how Monte is making demands to his cohorts on who HE wants evicted.

Update #6: At dinner time, Neely asked who wants to be eliminated next. If nobody volunteered, then she'd somehow put everybody's name in a hat. Hard to do without pen and paper. Kryssie immediately responded, "I don't give a fuck. I'll take it." A bit later she stated to everybody, "if I had met your asses at a party, I probably wouldn't have talked to you. I wouldn't have approached 90% of you." While probably true, I don't think it was wise to state this publicly.
There was a break in the action here, though, as we witnessed the first "Big Brother Recap" show at 7:00 BBT. The voice of Big Brother narrated a 7 minute long compilation of the live feeds, accompanied by some diary room commentary. The fact that it only took seven minutes makes it not such a big deal, I guess.
After a long delay, the buzzer finally rang. Neely pulled Kryssie into the lounge to verify she's ok with it, and the exchange was made. So much for the alternating by gender that would result in a female win.
Update #7: This is become truly disappointing. For this round, Kryssie asked Jason, Whitney, and Morgan whether they would take the hit. Morgan did, so she's now "infected". It's almost guaranteed a boy will be nominated.
Update #8: Did you think I forgot you guys? Nope, the "comp" went into a 13 or 14 hour hiatus. It's too early in the season to wake people up in the middle of the night, I guess. We did learn last night that Morgan intended to give the "crabs" to Cornbread. When the buzzer went off, she was a bit nervous but finally put it around his neck. (He knew it was happening.)
Earlier today, Monte cockily stated that he's not even going to unpack as he knows he's going to be HOH. Although he's probably correct, I wish there was some way to knock that smug look off his face. 
Update #9: No surprise here, as this was also decided last night. Cornbread, Shane, and others want to target Jason this week anyway. So Corny came out and made a big scene to the few remaining eligible HG's before handing it to Jason.
A bit of chatter about Jason here. I know feed watchers love him, and he's a funny guy. But he's not playing this season any better than his previous attempt. Remember how he just laid around in bed talking shit about the rest of the house? Well, he's doing the same this season but it's now outside. He's making no effort to talk to anybody other than those that come to him. He has no clue what is going on, and that's why so many are already planning his demise. 
Update #10: We're finally close to wrapping this up, and Jason just made a major mistake. He doesn't want Monte to be HOH, but he won't do anything to prevent it. Instead, he asked Whitney if she would eliminate him if Jason gave her the "crab". JUST DO IT YOURSELF!!!
On the other hand, Jason had earlier promised Monte he wouldn't give it to him, so I guess he's not going against his word. It won't matter much, though, if it ends up he's the first to return to his couch at home. 
Update #11: As the time gets closer to the 24 hour mark, there's actually some wheeling and dealing. Well, not really. Whitney and Alex talk about what they should do, and they decide that they need to make some sort of deal with Monte that allows them to at the very least take showers upstairs. Ugh. Whitney then goes to talk to Monte, who claims that he knows Jason is going after him. Um sure. Of course, the deal is made, which makes the upcoming ceremony a bit moot.
The final update: As expected, Whitney gave the final infection to Alex, making Monte the new (and first) HOH!

You'll Never Guess What Happens Next When Big Brother Casts Pretty Girls!

I love this season!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Big Brother Over The Top: The First Night

We've waited and waited and waited. Ok, we haven't. We only had seven days to rest from last week's finale. But so far I give Big Brother Over the Top an A+.
At exactly 7 pm Big Brother Time, we saw Julie on our live feed screens. After a little bit on an intro, we were shown the video packages of the cast.
After that, they went right into allowing us to view each and every person to enter the house. There was one issue about this, though. Instead of spreading out the entrances by ten minutes or so, production should have pushed them through every five minutes...or less. Ten minutes was way too long, and even their energy would lag at times with uncomfortable silences.
It didn't help the the first person introduced was Scott Dennis, a 24 year-old debt collector from Maine. He's this season's version of  Ian/Steve, and he's just, a bit off. For some reason, he's wearing a Walmart greeter-ish blue vest, and everything he does is just awkward.
The next to enter was Morgan Willet, a 22 year-old publicist in some weird (yet sort of sexy) outfit. Cute girl. Unfortunately, she had to play nice with Scott. They wandered around the house and chatted about nothing as they awaited the next contestant.
(BTW, it was at this point that I discovered that the quad cams actually were already working. In fact, they even showed four different views throughout the night. That's so much better than the 1 or 2 shots spread out over the cams that we usually were provided.)
That person turned out to be 24 year-old roofer Shane Chapman. I have a feeling that our girl Colette will be bringing the lute back out for this long-haired hunk. Morgan was also pretty impressed.
Fort Worth's Neeley Jackson then came in. The 33 year-old sales associate is bound to be this year's outspoken fireball. The routine of new people had already set in. After hugs and brief chit-chat, they then all wandered around checking out the house.
Now we have the momentous entrance of the person I'm bound to love. 24 year-old law school graduate Shelby Stockton is my treasure for the season. Cute, sexy, lively, and featuring a voice that reminds me of many morning afters. You know, those days where you sound like a combination of loud rock and roll screaming, whiskey shots, a pack of cigs, and a line or two. You get what I'm saying here? I don't think Morgan really liked her, though, as Shane started to give her a bit more attention instead of her. (Some claimed that she sounded like a Nolan girl, but that's a real insult to my Shelby.)
From the sublime to the ridiculous as we then got to meet 41 year-old Michael "Cornbread" Ligon. The tree removal company owner talks like his nickname. I swear he's right out of that professional wrestling "it's still real to me" video. Yeah, time to move along.
And from a hick we go to the loud outsider. 31 year-old Chicago waitress/punk rocker Kryssie Ridolfi now came in. She's going to be fun. A complete smartass. But a lovable smartass. So far.
Remember how much I hated Nicole's voice? Well she's nothing compared to 21 year-old medical assistant Whitney Hogg. Seriously, her mouth creates the worst noises I've ever heard. "Ahhhmmmmmmmm frommmmmmm Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnntuckyyyyyyyyy." Gross.
At this point a couple of interesting things happened. First off, Kryssie and Whitney both announced they had boyfriends, so they needed to find "cuddle buddies". There was also an interesting division as the boys and girls separated into their own groups. Oh, and Whitney is having trouble remembering names. That's not shocking.
One more thing I noticed at this point. They never went to "fish" whenever they mentioned production. That's a great sign for this season.
It's now time for New Orleans restaurant owner Justin Duncan. The 27 year-old entered dressed as a pimp. Well, a pimp with little money. Nah, he sounded pretty cool, actually, although he really had little to say to others outside of "this is crazy". Interestingly, now there were three groups of mixed genders hanging out together, and Scott won't shut up about the bed situation. Yep, we get that there are only 7 beds. Shut up! (He's no Ian or Steve.)
Morgan's 25 year-old sister Alex comes in next, and she pretends to not even know her sister. Seriously, it won't take much time for people to figure this out. But oh well. This should be interesting.
Production then announces that the storage room is open. Bring on the alcohol!!! In fact, they have to announce it multiple times before Shelby starts hopping around in excitement.
The girls all seem to be excited when 25 year-old engineer Monte Massongill rings the doorbell. Seriously, they're all lining up to hug him. He looks like a bore to me.
Finally, the last of the "noobs" is in the house, as 23 year-old preschool teacher Zakiy...I mean Danielle Lickey. She does look a lot like Zakiyah, but prettier. Which is saying something. Hopefully, she has higher self-esteem than Zakiyah and doesn't end up with a horrible man like Paulie. Weirdly, everybody is pretty subdued as she comes in. While they all rant to hug Monte, Danielle had to come to them. Strange. Also unlike Zakiyah, she seems to have a personality. I think I'm going to like her.
And now we come to the end of the big cast entrances. It was between Jozea and Jason for this year's token vet. Either one would also fill the CBS quota for another trait, which is a sad thing I have to report. He gets a huge ovation when he comes in, which is somewhat surprising given that most of this cast are recruits. The girls all LOVE him! "Show me around the house", he squeals. "It's like iy'd deja vu but it's not."
The storage room now has champagne for the cast, so I guess it's time for the little meet and greet on the couch that we always see every year. As Tony Kornheiser once said about the Redskins, "this is an era of unbridled optimism." At this point, however, I'm going to bed. This has been fun!
Don't forget the Big Brother Gossip Show returns on Saturday!!!
Edit: Just after I published this post, we found out that Chen was going to address the contestants. A few minutes later, a pre-recorded message from Julie cam on the screen explaining a few things, and being slightly mysterious on other things. As you may expect, that got everybody babbling afterwards. I need to sleep. Good night.

You Down With BBOTT? Yeah, You Know Me!

Exactly seven days after Nicole officially became the winner of Big Brother 18, another season is already upon us. This online season is called Big Brother Over The Top (as I'm sure you know), and is only available online.
I know that this has confused quite a few Big Brother fans, and quite frankly we still aren't sure how this is all going to work. I do know, however, that the Big Brother Gossip Show is going to continue to give you the real scoop on what's happening in the Big Brother house!
Obviously, we'd like everybody to purchase the live feeds, but even if you don't all you need is our show to know what's happening throughout the season. In fact, if real life interferes with you ability to find time to watch this online version, you can still keep up with what's happening by listening to us!
Having said that, I'm reaching out to all of you once again about becoming one of our Patreon supporters (or continuing if you already are). Quite frankly, t's your contributions that allow us to keep our podcasts free. We're a strictly independent show. We're not part of a network that feeds traffic and advertisers. Every download is because an individual has decided we're worthy of a click, and those that contributed over this past season has assisted in our goal to always grow and improve. Patreon allows us to branch out into other projects, such as Day Drinking With Scott and Colette.
That drive to always get better is also why we're looking at offering additional rewards. We're contemplating a number of possibilities, and we're always open to ideas. Let us know if there's something that could incite you to think we're worth a tiny bit of your hard-earned cash. 
And to those who have so graciously donated, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You even bring a smile to Colette's cold, cold heart. You even make Scott forget about his beloved Replacements for a bit. Most importantly, you keep Mike out of divorce court as the end of this fall season of Big Brother will mark six straight months his lovely family have been forced to endure his obsession. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Brother Over The Top starts TONIGHT - what you need to know.

It seems a lot of folks missed the news and still don't understand what is going on with Big Brother Over The Top so here is my <cough> "Brief" and <hack hack> "Simple" explanation of what we know so far about this new version of Big Brother that begins at 7pm Big Brother Time (BBT) - 10pm Eastern Wednesday night.

First things first. This version of Big Brother is ONLY online.  You will not see any of it on TV, unless you are using a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick.  You will need to be a subscriber to CBS ALL ACCESS. With that you will be able to watch the live feeds a ton of different ways including phones, tablets and your computers.  If you have a Big Brother Live Feed Subscription you are already set, if not you can sign up for a one week free trial via banners on this site or by clicking here.

Once you have a subscription you can check out the 12 new HGs videos here if you like, or read on to see what we know as of now.

How many HGs this season? 13 HGs will be entering the house Wednesday night. 12 are new and one will be either Jason from Big Brother 17 or Jozea from Big Brother 18. Voting ended Tuesday and based on what I am seeing I'd say it will be Jason by a landslide.

As for the rest of the new HGs - I'll keep it brief - here they are:

What is the schedule like?  CBS has provided a really helpful schedule - check it out:

That may be a bit hard to read so here it is by day with notes.  Since the week starts/ends on Wednesday, so will I.

Wednesday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekly Live Show - this is the one 'show' the entire week.  I assume Julie will host it and perhaps summarize whats gone on all week.  
Wednesday 8pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Live Eviction.  Looks like we will see the HG get the boot - perhaps see a brief interview with Julie?  Not sure how long this will take or if it will be a 10 minute thing because the next 'event' doesn't happen until 12am.
Wednesday 9pm Pacific / 12am EST: Head of Household Competition. It sounds like its possible these could be much longer than on recent Big Brothers. We will have to see.

Thursday Time to be determined: Julie talks to the house-guests. I'm guessing it will be via video but she might even enter the house.
Thursday Time to be determined: Julie will interview the evicted house guest.  I'm expecting this to be a replacement for Jeff's longer interviews.
Thursday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. We aren't sure how this will work, will it be narrated? It appears it will only be about a 30 minute show.

Friday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. (see above)
Friday 7:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm EST: Live Diary Rooms - from what we have been told - this will last at least a couple hours and involve the HGs taking turns and entering the Diary Room where they will answer questions provided to them. My guess is WE will be allowed to submit questions that will be given to the HGs to respond to.

Saturday 1pm Pacific / 4pm EST: Have Not Reveal - Unless they change something up - this is going to be a 'ho hum' moment if you ask me.  We are not getting to vote on what types of Have Not foods the HGs eat so we will just watch them react to some food combination that, unless they change things up, will be a BONUS food item for the slop eating have nots.
Saturday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Safety Ceremony - this is new - we don't know how many HGs will be told they are 'safe' or how it will be revealed (will a few keys be pulled out of a box?). We also don't know if we will be involved in the process - will we be allowed to save someone(s)? Stay tuned - we will find out Saturday.

Sunday  7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Final Safety Ceremony - Nomination Reveal - LIVE on the feeds. Does this mean that everyone else that is 'safe' is named so that those not safe are revealed as nominated?  I'm unsure.  Will the HoH be allowed to change nominations at any time up until the last moment?  Its a LONG time from Wednesday night until Sunday - when exactly do the nominations have to be locked in?  Just things to ponder.

Monday 1pm Pacific / 4pm EST: Power of Veto Competition - Just what it sounds like - except we will see it LIVE on the feeds! Chances are these competition will not be nearly as elaborate as during the TV season but we will see them live and unblocked.
Monday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. (see above)

Tuesday 1pm Pacific / 4pm EST: Power of Veto Meeting - No two day break - you got 24 hours to decide what you are going to do and get on with it.  Remember - the eviction is Wednesday so its going to be Bang Bang Bang Monday to Wednesday.
Tuesday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. (see above)
Tuesday 7:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm EST: Live Diary Rooms (see Friday) this is done Tuesdays and Fridays.

And thats a week,  Seems like a lot right?  I think its a TON. I am not happy about the times.  I'm in the eastern time zone so most events will take place while I am either working - or late at night.  Thankfully of course I will be able to go back and catch up with flashback.

What won't we see?  In interviews published the last couple of days we found out that we will NOT see things like Zingbot or the OTEV POV competition.  They will be reserved for the TV edition.  I'm fine with that.

No Jury? Thats right - we will be voting for the winner in Big Brother Over the Top.  I'm hoping the HGs are NOT told about this initially so I can hear a couple say, "I just want to make Jury" and then find out there isn't one when evicted - or from an announcement by Julie.

When will it end? The producers said the show will last 65 days.  That puts the finale around December 1st.

Still playing for $500k?  Nope, the budget is smaller with this version, the winner only gets $250,000. Thats still decent money though!

That is a quick and dirty layout of whats going on. One thing is 100% certain - you HAVE to be a CBS All Access Subscriber to see the action and participate.  No "TV Only" viewers this time around - only Hard Core fans need apply.  At $5.99 a month with one free week it will cost you about $18 to watch the entire season. That's dirt cheap to me when we used to pay $15 for just one month.

Please sign up for the Big Brother Over The Top live feeds via links on this page to support Big Brother - its appreciated!!

UPDATE: We have a few house pictures to share... looks like the Have Not Room has a Halloween Theme.


Monday, September 19, 2016

The BB18 Finalists Got A White Board And You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!!!

In all the years I've watched Big Brother, there's never been a reason to watch the feeds after the second of three final HOH competitions. The game is over. They're waiting for finale night as anxiously as we are. They're also as bored as those of us at home.

This year is a bit different, though. It's kind of up in the air who is going to take who. Both Nicole and Paul have told James he's going with them to the finals, and at the same time they've promised the same to each other. Which are genuine? As I said on last Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show, it seems to me that the Nicole/Paul conversations are more honest and forthcoming than the dismissive attitude they both have for James.

But at times when alone they both question themselves about which is the smarter move. Well, it is smarter for both of them to take James, but I for one would (shockingly) rather see Nicole make some money than worthless James.

Enough with those predictions. The reason for this quick post is due to something surprising that happened today. I mean truly surprising to viewers and the remaining contestants. It's the first "expect the unexpected" that actually lived up to the hype.

Here's what happened. At 4:19 pm Nicole came out of the diary room with a card to read to the other two. It said that Big Brother had a surprise for them. They were then shown a commercial for the upcoming online season, and then they were provided a white board to compose some "tips" for the new players.

To say the trio were not happy is an understatement. James in particular seemed to be pissed as it really does take away those few weeks of "stardom" they tend to revel in after the season is over. (And of course he volunteered to be on the new season.) Nicole was also bummed, and repeated "you're kidding me" over and over. She was hoping the surprise was a puppy.

Eventually, they divided the white board into three parts so that each could fill out a portion.

Here's what James wrote:

Captain Camo's Pointers
1. Don't be that guy/girl!
2. If a fight doesn't involve you, walk away!
3. Take in more information than you give out!
4. Find the cutest girl or guy and get in a showmance, but make sure they can win comps!
5. This game is a marathon not a sprint, slow your roll! Don't show your cards too early!
6. Start to study every event, days, and get to know your housemates! Be social but don't be annoying!
7. Wash your hands after using the bathroom! Big Brother will call you out! Ask Paul!
8. Short burst cardio is your best friend. Don't trust the quiet or loud guy/girl.
9. Good Luck! Make this summer your best!
10. Don't throw the comp that gets you evicted! But throw 75%

Paul's was (not surprisingly) a bit more blunt:

Paul's Friendship Tips
1. Drop your ego!
2. Have fun.
3. Be yourself...unless you suck.
4. Play your own game, you're not Derrick.
5. Fuck showmances!
6. Call people out. It's fun!
7. Always remember, Friendship!

And finally, Nicole's list (which is harder to read):

Nicole's Daily Reminders
1. Breathe
2. Be You! That's why you're here.
3. Make the best of crazy situations.
4. Feel free to trust your gut, head, and heart.
5. Play Big Brother and not Big Baby.
6. Have the time of your life!
7. Try not to fall in love.

Too bad that some of these folks didn't follow their own rules.