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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 35 Recap

CBS is getting lazy with their production/editing of these episodes, so I'm going to be just as lazy. This is all that happened tonight:

1. Egg/chicken wire HOH comp, with cut-ins back to Michelle finding out she was the target before the eviction episode started. Lots of cheesy sound effects, and ear-piercing commentary from Nicole. Victor wins.

2. A short segment on Michelle stealing Pablo.

3. Nicole's from a small town. Hilarity ensues.

4. Natalie and James realize they made a mistake making a final 4 with Nicole and Corey.

5. Corey sleep-talks.

6. James telling Natalie she doesn't have to like him. She says he's nuts, although they're now sleeping in separate beds.

7. More Corey sleep-talks.

8. Nicole kind of whining to Corey that he shouldn't have gone for the have-not safety.

9. James unsuccessfully pleading with Victor and Paul to keep Natalie off the block. He leaves when Nicole and Corey show up, and they report to the two what James said.

10. James relays to Natalie that his pleas didn't work.

11. Nominations of James and Natalie. The usual diary room blather as the show ends.

See? This was a nothing episode. You're better off listening to last night's Big Brother Gossip Show.


  1. The feeds suck when the HG's are so few. Only thing good on the feeds is the HoH comp if it runs after the show. The talk after the winner. Then Noms which we already know. POV comp and the winner is revealed. After that nothing to see until the live show.

    Only other thing to watch is how pathetic James is in not getting clear hints that Natalie put him in the friend zone day 1 of their fake showmance. Her trying to convince him she cares for him without committing to hanging out when the show is over. She tells him about her plans and how busy she will be and wont have time for anyone. Feel Bad for him because he is blinded by boobs. She is Meg Part II

  2. He was officially friendzoned yesterday afternoon.

  3. The U.S. military should look into the possibility of using Nicole's voice as a field grade weapon. It has to be one of the most hideous voices I've ever heard. Being married to her would be hell on earth.

    1. Ditto to the max., Peter Dragon, my sentiments entirely! Yikes!

    2. My wife just said Nicole should marry a deaf guy. 😂

  4. I feel sorry for anybody who marries her.