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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The First #BBOTT HOH Competition!!!

Our first competition of the season has just started, and it's unlike any we've ever seen!
Shortly after 1 pm BBT, they were all called into the house after an outdoor lockdown. On a table in the living room was a mysterious blue bottle with a card that said, "only one may drink". After sitting around for a few minutes, Shane finally was the rebel who cracked the seal and drank it.
He was immediately called to the diary room, and 15 minutes came out later with an "infected" shirt. This comp will take a full day to complete. When a buzzer goes off, Shane has to "infect" somebody, who will then have to do the same thing to another person when the buzzer goes off again. This goes on until there's only one person not infected by the "BB Bug". They will then be the new HOH.
I like this. There's no advantage to any person. It could go a million different directions, depending on the person each person picks to eliminate.

Update #1: Shane has "infected" Danielle. This is no surprise, as we heard Shane and Monte talk about this for the last hour. For some reason they're intimidated by her. I don't think she'll take this lightly, as she has said from the beginning she's hear to play. We'll see. 

Update #2; When the buzzer rang, Danielle asked for any volunteers. When nobody stepped up, Justin finally agreed (after asking Monte why he didn't take it). What's funny about that exchange is that Monte already dislikes Justin for some reason.
Update #3: Not long after the last buzzer, we hear it once again. Justin hands it off to Shelby. She's actually excited! 
Update #4: Now Scott has been infected. If this alternating girl/boy routine continues, a girl will be the first HOH! 
Update #5: It seems like even the house is getting bored with this comp. When the buzzer went off, Scott asked Neely if she minded taking the bug. When she said it was ok, he handed it to her. It's humorous to me how at the beginning everybody was gathering together to see who was next. Now nobody moves an inch. That will change, though, as we get closer to the end. Especially given how Monte is making demands to his cohorts on who HE wants evicted.

Update #6: At dinner time, Neely asked who wants to be eliminated next. If nobody volunteered, then she'd somehow put everybody's name in a hat. Hard to do without pen and paper. Kryssie immediately responded, "I don't give a fuck. I'll take it." A bit later she stated to everybody, "if I had met your asses at a party, I probably wouldn't have talked to you. I wouldn't have approached 90% of you." While probably true, I don't think it was wise to state this publicly.
There was a break in the action here, though, as we witnessed the first "Big Brother Recap" show at 7:00 BBT. The voice of Big Brother narrated a 7 minute long compilation of the live feeds, accompanied by some diary room commentary. The fact that it only took seven minutes makes it not such a big deal, I guess.
After a long delay, the buzzer finally rang. Neely pulled Kryssie into the lounge to verify she's ok with it, and the exchange was made. So much for the alternating by gender that would result in a female win.
Update #7: This is become truly disappointing. For this round, Kryssie asked Jason, Whitney, and Morgan whether they would take the hit. Morgan did, so she's now "infected". It's almost guaranteed a boy will be nominated.
Update #8: Did you think I forgot you guys? Nope, the "comp" went into a 13 or 14 hour hiatus. It's too early in the season to wake people up in the middle of the night, I guess. We did learn last night that Morgan intended to give the "crabs" to Cornbread. When the buzzer went off, she was a bit nervous but finally put it around his neck. (He knew it was happening.)
Earlier today, Monte cockily stated that he's not even going to unpack as he knows he's going to be HOH. Although he's probably correct, I wish there was some way to knock that smug look off his face. 
Update #9: No surprise here, as this was also decided last night. Cornbread, Shane, and others want to target Jason this week anyway. So Corny came out and made a big scene to the few remaining eligible HG's before handing it to Jason.
A bit of chatter about Jason here. I know feed watchers love him, and he's a funny guy. But he's not playing this season any better than his previous attempt. Remember how he just laid around in bed talking shit about the rest of the house? Well, he's doing the same this season but it's now outside. He's making no effort to talk to anybody other than those that come to him. He has no clue what is going on, and that's why so many are already planning his demise. 
Update #10: We're finally close to wrapping this up, and Jason just made a major mistake. He doesn't want Monte to be HOH, but he won't do anything to prevent it. Instead, he asked Whitney if she would eliminate him if Jason gave her the "crab". JUST DO IT YOURSELF!!!
On the other hand, Jason had earlier promised Monte he wouldn't give it to him, so I guess he's not going against his word. It won't matter much, though, if it ends up he's the first to return to his couch at home. 
Update #11: As the time gets closer to the 24 hour mark, there's actually some wheeling and dealing. Well, not really. Whitney and Alex talk about what they should do, and they decide that they need to make some sort of deal with Monte that allows them to at the very least take showers upstairs. Ugh. Whitney then goes to talk to Monte, who claims that he knows Jason is going after him. Um sure. Of course, the deal is made, which makes the upcoming ceremony a bit moot.
The final update: As expected, Whitney gave the final infection to Alex, making Monte the new (and first) HOH!