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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Brother Over The Top starts TONIGHT - what you need to know.

It seems a lot of folks missed the news and still don't understand what is going on with Big Brother Over The Top so here is my <cough> "Brief" and <hack hack> "Simple" explanation of what we know so far about this new version of Big Brother that begins at 7pm Big Brother Time (BBT) - 10pm Eastern Wednesday night.

First things first. This version of Big Brother is ONLY online.  You will not see any of it on TV, unless you are using a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick.  You will need to be a subscriber to CBS ALL ACCESS. With that you will be able to watch the live feeds a ton of different ways including phones, tablets and your computers.  If you have a Big Brother Live Feed Subscription you are already set, if not you can sign up for a one week free trial via banners on this site or by clicking here.

Once you have a subscription you can check out the 12 new HGs videos here if you like, or read on to see what we know as of now.

How many HGs this season? 13 HGs will be entering the house Wednesday night. 12 are new and one will be either Jason from Big Brother 17 or Jozea from Big Brother 18. Voting ended Tuesday and based on what I am seeing I'd say it will be Jason by a landslide.

As for the rest of the new HGs - I'll keep it brief - here they are:

What is the schedule like?  CBS has provided a really helpful schedule - check it out:

That may be a bit hard to read so here it is by day with notes.  Since the week starts/ends on Wednesday, so will I.

Wednesday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekly Live Show - this is the one 'show' the entire week.  I assume Julie will host it and perhaps summarize whats gone on all week.  
Wednesday 8pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Live Eviction.  Looks like we will see the HG get the boot - perhaps see a brief interview with Julie?  Not sure how long this will take or if it will be a 10 minute thing because the next 'event' doesn't happen until 12am.
Wednesday 9pm Pacific / 12am EST: Head of Household Competition. It sounds like its possible these could be much longer than on recent Big Brothers. We will have to see.

Thursday Time to be determined: Julie talks to the house-guests. I'm guessing it will be via video but she might even enter the house.
Thursday Time to be determined: Julie will interview the evicted house guest.  I'm expecting this to be a replacement for Jeff's longer interviews.
Thursday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. We aren't sure how this will work, will it be narrated? It appears it will only be about a 30 minute show.

Friday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. (see above)
Friday 7:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm EST: Live Diary Rooms - from what we have been told - this will last at least a couple hours and involve the HGs taking turns and entering the Diary Room where they will answer questions provided to them. My guess is WE will be allowed to submit questions that will be given to the HGs to respond to.

Saturday 1pm Pacific / 4pm EST: Have Not Reveal - Unless they change something up - this is going to be a 'ho hum' moment if you ask me.  We are not getting to vote on what types of Have Not foods the HGs eat so we will just watch them react to some food combination that, unless they change things up, will be a BONUS food item for the slop eating have nots.
Saturday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Safety Ceremony - this is new - we don't know how many HGs will be told they are 'safe' or how it will be revealed (will a few keys be pulled out of a box?). We also don't know if we will be involved in the process - will we be allowed to save someone(s)? Stay tuned - we will find out Saturday.

Sunday  7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Final Safety Ceremony - Nomination Reveal - LIVE on the feeds. Does this mean that everyone else that is 'safe' is named so that those not safe are revealed as nominated?  I'm unsure.  Will the HoH be allowed to change nominations at any time up until the last moment?  Its a LONG time from Wednesday night until Sunday - when exactly do the nominations have to be locked in?  Just things to ponder.

Monday 1pm Pacific / 4pm EST: Power of Veto Competition - Just what it sounds like - except we will see it LIVE on the feeds! Chances are these competition will not be nearly as elaborate as during the TV season but we will see them live and unblocked.
Monday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. (see above)

Tuesday 1pm Pacific / 4pm EST: Power of Veto Meeting - No two day break - you got 24 hours to decide what you are going to do and get on with it.  Remember - the eviction is Wednesday so its going to be Bang Bang Bang Monday to Wednesday.
Tuesday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST: Weekday recap. (see above)
Tuesday 7:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm EST: Live Diary Rooms (see Friday) this is done Tuesdays and Fridays.

And thats a week,  Seems like a lot right?  I think its a TON. I am not happy about the times.  I'm in the eastern time zone so most events will take place while I am either working - or late at night.  Thankfully of course I will be able to go back and catch up with flashback.

What won't we see?  In interviews published the last couple of days we found out that we will NOT see things like Zingbot or the OTEV POV competition.  They will be reserved for the TV edition.  I'm fine with that.

No Jury? Thats right - we will be voting for the winner in Big Brother Over the Top.  I'm hoping the HGs are NOT told about this initially so I can hear a couple say, "I just want to make Jury" and then find out there isn't one when evicted - or from an announcement by Julie.

When will it end? The producers said the show will last 65 days.  That puts the finale around December 1st.

Still playing for $500k?  Nope, the budget is smaller with this version, the winner only gets $250,000. Thats still decent money though!

That is a quick and dirty layout of whats going on. One thing is 100% certain - you HAVE to be a CBS All Access Subscriber to see the action and participate.  No "TV Only" viewers this time around - only Hard Core fans need apply.  At $5.99 a month with one free week it will cost you about $18 to watch the entire season. That's dirt cheap to me when we used to pay $15 for just one month.

Please sign up for the Big Brother Over The Top live feeds via links on this page to support Big Brother - its appreciated!!

UPDATE: We have a few house pictures to share... looks like the Have Not Room has a Halloween Theme.


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