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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 5 Recap

Strap in, kids. This could be a fun night, and an even more hilarious aftermath. We will see the eviction of the most clueless player in Big Brother history. Yes, this guy makes Lawon appear to be a brain surgeon.

The person in question still apparently has no clue that this is going to happen. Think about that for a second. He’s been the target from the moment Nicole became HOH. That’s well over a week. Even the most confident players begin to get a hint that the numbers aren’t working for them sometime before eviction night.

Not this time. He still believes he runs the house. He’s the “Messiah”. He can look at people’s eyes and know whether they’re lying. Point blank. Period. Or is that the other way around?

Yet every analysis of himself and the rest of the house couldn’t be further from the truth. Seriously, he’s clueless. He doesn’t even know how the game is played, which to be honest is a problem of most of this cast. He also thinks that this game is going to turn him into a real “media mogul” that will host the Grammys and appear in numerous movies. Yeah, right.

On the other hand, though, this  person’s eviction is going to create a giant hole for those of us who live by the drama of the house. As a person who helps create a podcast, this kind of person provides a ton of material. We’ll never get these hilarious moments from the likes of Bridgette or Paulie. I wouldn’t want him to win, of course, but I’d like for him to stick around for a few more weeks.

Oh well, it’s time to watch tonight’s episode! Julie’s onstage at the beginning, and Julie announces that for Glenn and tonight’s evictee “both of their games is far from over”. Yep, as expected there will be a returning player or two sometime this season.

Then after the way too long recap, Julie gives us a little intro and then we kick in with Paul taking himself off the block at the POV meeting. Paulie’s not surprised and not worried, Frank is cocky, Jozea is happy that Paul’s down because it’s “fantastic for my game”.

Jozea tells the new nominee, Bridgette, that he’s got her back. “You’ve got my word.” She’s not too convinced. “Yeah, that’s what everybody tells people.” She has been told this by most of the house, but she’s worried. Jozea then runs into Day and says this was a curveball. Now he thinks the Roadkill winner was Paulie. “Checkmate.” That was his original pick, remember. “My intuition is always right.” Um, no it’s not. It’s never right.

The Three Stooges are now outside talking about how they’re sitting pretty. Victor goes through their votes, but Paul says that Jozea should go have a conversation with Nicole to “cover your ass”. You see, because of three nominees there is a possibility of a tie. Jozea doesn’t agree. “It’s going to be a landslide against Paulie.”

He does talk to Nicole on the hammock, and she giggles when he claims he has no issue with her. He says out of the house they’ll be great friends, “one of my girlfriends”, and she agrees to work with him in the future. She laughs about this idiocy in the diary room. “For some reason if there’s a tie this week”, she says in the diary room, “Jozea, I’m sending you packing.”

Up in the HOH, Nicole asks Zakiyah and Day about Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie. “They’re moody”, says Zakiyah. They then talk about that disastrous spy caper they attempted on last night’s show. Nicole, of course, feels “really betrayed”. Shut up.

Outside, Nicole is hanging out with Day, Michelle, Tiffany, and Zakiyah. She says this is “the best set of girls I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. I’m not kidding.” Of course the other three agree. They’re now the new girl’s alliance. “We’re taking it to the end”, claims Zakiyah.

Back upstairs, this same group of girls (minus Michelle) decide to come up with a stupid name. “Fatal Five” is what they decide, and Michelle is informed. They all love it, for some reason. “This season we don’t fool around”, says Tiffany (I think). “You guys are geniuses”, laughs Nicole.

Ugh, more pranks from James. Seriously, this is beyond old. And this time he should be punished for putting mayonnaise in people’s lotion bottles. Bronte’s the first to figure it out, and screams at him. Please, stop this.

The insipid spy trio is now on the hammock, and Bridgette says she “has no idea what’s going on”. Yes, we know. “Everybody in this house is smart”, says Natalie. Bronte points out that nobody has come to her with deals for her vote. “Shouldn’t Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Michelle, and Paulie come up to me to ask to vote Jozea or Bridgette out of the house?” They agree that maybe they all have “something up their sleeve”. Bronte also seems to indicate that it may be smarter for them to save Jozea. You think?

Jozea and Paul are now hanging out with Zakiyah and Bridgette, and Jozea believes that his conversation with Nicole will help his cause. “She’s genuinely kind”, replies Paul. Bridgette pipes up and reminds them that she is a former player.

Obviously, Zakiyah heads upstairs to report what’s up, and paranoid Nicole is upset. “Oh my God, what did they say about me?” Zakiyah says that it was Bridgette more than the boys. “She said ‘I don’t trust her. Be careful with her.’” Bridgette is obviously not so innocent, according to Zakiyah. This little segment is to give up hope that boring Bridgette is going. She’s not.

The first set of adverts now come up before we go back to more house footage. James and Natalie are tossing chips at people, and Victor bitches that this is “literally how we get ants”. Valid point from that moron. Natalie says that living with him can be a “challenge” since he nitpicks her about everything. “There’s no observation too small that Victor won’t have a comment on. He just has an opinion on everything.” We see a number of these instances, and Natalie says “I can’t take it anymore.”

She wanders into the bedroom and complains about him to James. “He’s so fucking rude. He needs to control what he says. It’s not nice.” James says that this season is much less friendly than last year, and he thinks it’s about to blow. “Boys smell”, says Natalie. Paul joins the group, which also includes Tiffany and Bronte. He’s sent away because this is “girl talk”. Bronte accompanies him, as Paul is simmering that James gets to stick around. “Last time I checked you’re not a female, dude.”

They end up outside with Jozea and Victor, and Bronte (sensically) tells them that the boys should mellow out and not turn against each other. Paul will have none of that. “Hey Bronte”, he says in the diary room, “I have a mom at home. I don’t need ‘Paul don’t do this.’ ‘Paul don’t do that.’” The boys want to storm into the room and start a fight. Bronte is having nothing of it. “I need you to keep your mouth shut.” Jozea agrees. They all eventually just send Bronte away. “Let me go where I’m more peaceful”, she replies as she walks back in.

So that’s it for the house footage, and after another set of commercials it’s time for the final pleas. Jozea goes first, and he says that “from day one, I’ve been honest, truthful, and bold in this house. Anything you can expect out of me is friendship and honesty.” Um, what?

Paulie is next, and he says it’s been a “pleasure” to meet everybody, and hopes he gets to stay. He then goes into a bad Jersey impression. I mean really bad. Bridgette is last, and in her little-girl voice she says, “hey guys. I really hope you keep me. I think I’ve been super sweet and friendly to everyone.” She’s awful.

It’s voting time. Victor is the first vote, and he votes to evict Paulie. Zakiyah, however, votes against Jozea. Paul is next, and he obviously goes against Paulie. We know who Frank wants out. Yep, it’s Jozea. We then go to commercials. Nice job, CBS, for making it look like this will be a close vote.

When we return, Da’Vonne obviously goes against Jozea, as does Michelle. Bronte, though, votes to evict Paulie. So does Natalie. Hey, it’s tied!!! James then votes to evict Jozea, and so does Tiffany and Corey. Jozea is out by a 7-4 vote.

Juie then announces that Bridgette is safe before telling Jozea that he’s out. Somebody must have told him in the last couple of hours, as he’s amazingly calm. He hugs everybody before quickly heading out the door. So much for that cocky departure he promised us!

After that stupid couple of minutes where everybody watches his picture fade to black, Julie finally begins the interview...after more commercials. She asks why he didn’t say anything as he was hugging everybody. “I’m a very truthful and honest person, and those that betrayed shall have their day in the house. I don’t feel I have to say anything to anybody in the house.” He claims he feels most betrayed by Natalie. OMG, Natalie voted for you!!! He thinks it was a “last moment switcheroo”. Julie asks how the self-proclaimed “Messiah” is now out of the house so quickly. He thinks it’s only due to last-minute strategy by the “other side”. “Some people in the house are weak-minded, and they let gossip get the best of them”. Come on, you silly goose. He’s then asks why he targeted the HOH, and he claims that it was his “personal agenda”. There’s no sens in this reasoning, and even Julie just goes “hmmm”. Being honest, according to Jozea, can leave to an “uprising” or a “downfall”. It happened to be his downfall. This is just getting more funny by the minute. Apparently, all of these house meetings he called were because he’s such a great “motivational speaker”. Yes, he did say that. “I feel me being that leader, the Messiah you can come to, would play best for my strategy in the game”.

There’s then some goodbye messages, starting with Day. She says the Messiah stuff is “where you lost me, boo”. Nicole then speaks but I have no idea what that nasal voice said. Paul then says he has no idea what happened, but he’s going to do what it takes. Paulie, of course, has to bring up his brother. Stop it!!! Your brother was a pussy!

Julie then asks what he would do differently, and he says he would be “tight-lipped and make one person my best friend”. Julie then announces that he will have another chance “to get back in the game”. The next big twist is the “battle back”, and it will send one of the first five evictees back to the game.

Hmmm, this is weird. Jozea will battle against Gleen, and the winner will then go against the next evictee. This isn’t fair at all. That fifth evictee only has to win once, while Glenn and Jozea have to win four matches. What the fuck, CBS?

The show then ends with the next HOH competition. It’s a team competition again, and the entire team is safe if they win. It’s called “Berry Balance”. They race across the wood planks to grab a “berry”. There are two paths. One is shorter but more difficult. If they fall, their berries will be dumped and they will be out of the game. The new HOH is the final person on the winning team to get a berry. (They will decide who gets that final opportunity.)

It’s immediately evident that this competition will head into overtime. Natalie makes a strong run, but falls on her return. Corey is the first to successfully return a berry, and Victory is second and Paul is third. As the show heads to its conclusion, James team appears to be in the lead.

So that’s it. Are you happy Jozea is gone? What did you think of the selective editing to make it look like he could be saved? Do you think this new twist is fair? Let me know your thoughts!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 4 Recap

I’m expecting lots of laughter on tonight’s episode. This really should be the broadcast where certain people show how little they know about this game. Or maybe not. They tried to make us believe they were all big fans of the show in the preseason interviews, but the commentary over the last few days is too hilarious to not be mentioned. Especially since one of these clowns is destined to get the hook tomorrow.

Besides hilarity, we have a POV competition tonight. And we’re also bound to need our ears cleaned after each and every scene that shows Nicole. But that’s just me (and other smart people).

So let’s kick this off with a replay of Paul being put up as the third nominee by the secret winner of BB Roadkill. Frank, who made the pick, notes how everybody is trying to figure out who nominated Paul. “It feels great to have this big secret.” Nicole whines that this is a great pick for their alliance. They just now have to win the veto competition. Josea says that this is a blow to them, as their goal was to send home a veteran, but that can’t be done with three noobs on the block. “What is the next best thing? To get out a newbie who is related to a veteran. Sucks for you, Paulie, but you gotta go.” Clueless is that silly goose.

Paul struts around the kitchen and says “this beard is pissed”. He promises to win this veto competition. “You’re all going down.”

In the bathroom, Josea tells Victor that it was definitely Michelle that put Paul up. Remember, he can read people. Well, obviously he can’t. Natalie comes out of the bathroom and Josea tells her this piece of info, too. He knows this is the truth because she looked down when the nomination was announced. Paul has joined them and he says he didn’t expect that. Frank then walks in saying, “I did not see that coming.” He agrees it was Michelle. Frank laughs at their stupidity. Josea is still not worried because “I have a strong group in the house with my newbies, and I’m starting to bring some veterans into the fold. Trust me, I’m going to have no problems getting everybody on board and getting Paulie out of the house this week.” Oh lord.

In the storage room, Paul is joined by Nicole. She gives him a hug because she feels she needs “to do some damage control”. He doesn’t care, though, as he’s thinking only of the “gigantic pickle” he’s eating. “I’m assuming that we are cool, then”, she says.

In the lounge, Josea is still babbling. Why was another guy put up? It has to be a girl that nominated Paul. James and Day pretend to agree with this analysis. Funny thing is that everybody in the room does know it was Frank that put him up. James says the only thing to do is agree with him and say that they wish they were just like him. Day says the “next thing I want to hear him say is ‘it was nice meeting you’ as he walks out”.

Now they’re in the kitchen, and Paulie is making Bridgette giggle. For some reason, this makes Paul angry. “She’s putting her team ahead of her group, and that’s not ok.” He wanders into the bedroom and is joined by Victor. He whines about how she should be protecting “her team” instead of giggling with Paulie. Bronte and Natalie join them, and Victor asks if she’s a turncoat. These boys are so idiotic.

Now a bunch of girls are in the other bedroom. When Nicole leaves, Bronte and Natalie talk about how they have to vote to evict Paulie. The plan is for the three girls (including Bridgette) to “lay low and be smart about our moves” and then later go after Victor, Josea, and Paul. Bronte adds in the diary room that she doesn’t completely trust these other two. They would also like to actually keep Paulie because he’s so cute. “I spent the entire week staring at Paulie’s ass”, says Bronte.

It’s now time to pick the veto players. Since only six people are playing, there are only two people besides the HOH and nominees. The HOH then has to pull both chips, which isn’t really completely fair. Her first chip belongs to Da’Vonne, and the second is her own name. This means she gets to choose her player, and she naturally picks Corey. “He’s been glued to her butt 24/7”, complains Paul.

James and Frank head into the bedroom to celebrate. “We couldn’t ask for a better thing”, says Frank. “A smart one and a beast. And Nicole.” They then practice their own special celebratory leap. Yes, you read that right.

As they walk out of the corner, they run into a sad Josea. “It’s time to play a sad clown”, says Frank. He knew Nicole was going to pick Corey, but Frank agrees no matter what Josea has the votes.

In the HOH room, Zakiyah and Day are celebrating with Nicole. Zakiyah notes how disappointed Josea was, and Day promises to keep the noms the same if she wins. “Alright”, says Nicole. “Let’s do this.”

After commercials, it’s time for more pranks from James. I’m sick of this idiocy so I’m not going to recap it.

It is now time for the POV competition, and the backyard includes dog houses and other assorted pet-related toys. The competitors come out dressed as a dog, and of course Nicole thinks that Corey is a cute dog. “You’re making my tail wag.” Stop with the scripted DR’s!!!

So the competitors have to spin around 15 times, and then they have 45 seconds to stack their doggie treats. They have to return to hit their button before the clock hits zero. The first “dog” to stack their treats wins the POV.

There’s a bunch of the usual “we need to win this” comments before it finally commences. As you may expect, there’s lots of sound effects and the typical whining from Nicole. It’s not really interesting to watch, especially with the scripted diary room commentary, so let’s just skip to the finish. Paul wins with an unorthodox pile.

After commercials, we see everybody wandering into the house. Day and Paul walk into the storage room, and she informs him that it’s “tradition” for the winner to have the storage room to themselves for their very own happy dance. She leaves, and he dances.

In the bathroom, Josea and Victor talk about how fun that competition was. Josea feels great as one of his team won. “Now it’s time to get Paulie out of the house.” Paulie and Nicole hug, and Paulie says that he hopes that the vets keep their word. Yes, they will.

Natalie tells Bridgette not to stress. Because two teams are safe from nominations, the only people that can go up in Paul’s place are Frank, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and her. “It’s making me feel queasy.” Tiffany tells her that she’s on nobody’s radar. “Everyone loves you.”

Upstairs, Paulie and Tiffany are now playing chess. She decides to inform him that she’s Vanessa’s sister. Why this is a big deal I don’t get, as only a moron couldn’t figure that out. Tiffany wants him in her “back pocket”, though. They talk about how they’re in such a similar situation, and laugh at how Josea has been trying to teach her the game.

Frank and Josea are now in the bedroom, and Josea notes that Frank’s butt is big. Josea starts talking about how observant he is, and he adds in the diary room that he’s confident that Frank will do whatever he wants. America is “going to call me the glue”, he adds. “I stick people together. I feel like I’m the Messiah.” Frank laughs at this in the diary room.

There’s a few more adverts before we see the self-proclaimed “leader of this house” call a house meeting. “It’s time to get everybody on the same page, and that page is for Paulie to go home.” Day thinks it’s hilarious, and she’s sent to “discreetly” get Zakiyah. Everybody in the HOH laugh at this, and Zakiyah is asked to take notes for Nicole.

At the same time, the “spy girls” have a top secret plan that nobody will notice or care about. Bridgette is sent upstairs to “infiltrate” the folks in the HOH room while her and Bronte go attend the secret meeting. James notices this happen, and decides to crash the meeting. “What’s the deal, man? What’s going down?” James is actually funny here.

Josea says that “this bunch runs this bitch. Point blank, period.” He only has “one agenda”. Bronte asks if this is “to vote Paulie out?” Paul asks everybody to not let anybody else sway their vote. James says “this is the weirdest meeting ever”, and maybe they shook check to see who is on their team before putting out orders. Tiffany suddenly walks in to hear Josea “preach like Obama”. Day laughs at how he’s leading this meeting in a “damned dog costume”. It really is hilarious.

Somebody asks where Bridgette is, and stupid Bronte says that she’s upstairs “getting information for us”. Zakiyah can’t believe she actually admitted that. We then see Bridgette’s horrible spy work. She’s asked why she’s not at the meeting, and she stupidly says that these secret meetings aren’t for her. “It’s not cool.” She’s the worst spy ever!!!!

Back in the kitchen, Nicole tells the boys she’s going to bed. Paulie then asks Josea about the meeting. He claims that he didn’t call it. “Legitimately, everybody called the house meeting.” Oh boy. There’s yet another period, point blank as they start to bitch after each other. “We have freedom of speech”, says Josea. “We run this house. We run this house. That is it.” Want to know how to tell when a person is an idiot? When Paulie looks like the smarter of the two in an argument.

It’s now time for the POV meeting. Paul wanders into the living room to look at the wall of photos. He babbles some garbage about how the person who nominated is a “coward” that will “regret that decision”. He puts on the POV necklace and calls the cast into the house. Guess what he does? Yep, he saves himself. Of course.

Nicole then gets up and says that since the “roadkill” nominee has been replaced, that secret roadkill winner has secretly nominated a replacement. The screen then shows that Bridgette is our new nominee! Josea’s mouth drops.

Bridgette is “upset”. Seeing her name on that screen “just sinks my heart”. She says that she will go after whomever did this to her, but it’s the least convincing threat I’ve ever heard. Paulie is still worried even though everybody claims that he’s safe. Josea says he “feels really chill. I know my alliance loves me, and my alliance is pretty well half the house. Paulie sorry but not sorry. You need to start packing because you’re going home.” Frank finishes things off by saying that he hopes Josea’s “ego can fit through that door”.

So that’s it for tonight! Did you laugh as much as I did? Are you shocked by the stupidity of not only Josea, Paul, and Victor, but also non-entities such as Bridgette? Comment away, my friends!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 3 Recap

Generally speaking, we know everything that happens on a Sunday. In fact, we’ve joked in previous seasons how the producers must be listening to the Big Brother Gossip Show as almost everything utilize is featured in the previous night’s show.

This first Sunday broadcast is a bit different. There’s a new competition replacing Battle of the Block. While live feeders know who captured the prize, and whose game has changed due to it, we really don’t know a lot about how it works.

One thing that rarely changes, however, is that the show starts off with the moments right after Nicole’s nominations of Paulie and Josea. Paul gets up and says “welcome to Big Brother”. Nicole whines “oh my god” as she headed into the storage room. “I pretty much drew a line in the sand between the returners and the newbies”, she adds in the diary room. Josea was nominated because he’d been saying she’s his target and Paulie so that he can win that POV.

Josea says that Nicole should “be very scared of me” because he’s coming after her. Stupid Paulie babbles about how good he looks and “don’t worry, Cody”. Ugh, he’s worthless. Paul knew it was going to be two newbies but “I dodged that bullet”. Victor also feels good because he’s not nominated but it was a “ballsy” move by Nicole.

Josea runs into Day and hugs her. She lies and says that Nicole never told her she was going to nominate him. That’s good work, Day. “That threw a curveball”, he says, and she responds that she hopes to be able to play for him. She’s loving the fact that she’s playing “the Messiah”.

Paulie and Corey head into the HOH to talk to Nicole, who says she heard that Josea stormed off in a huff. She does an impression of his head wave that is actually pretty accurate. “Cody’s going to kill me. I’m sorry, Cody.” Hey, he’s not playing this year.

Now Paulie is downstairs with Josea and Paul thinking up some strategy to save both of them. Yeah, right. “They’re trying to get rid of strong players” he tells Josea. “It’s because she can’t compete”, he replies. If he gets any power, he’s going right after her. Suddenly Bridgette pipes up that she follows her on twitter, and didn’t think she was so ruthless. Paulie can’t believe that Josea has been openly saying these things all week. “And now you’re shocked you’re on the block?”

Day is now coming up to hang out with Nicole. She fills her in on her conversation with Josea. “He’s got to go”, she says. Suddenly she sees Josea on the tv screen, and says she’s “scared”. Day leaves so they can talk, and Nicole tries to say that her pool of people were pretty small. “I don’t want you to be mad at me”, the chickenshit says. Josea says he’ll never suck up or beg to be saved. “I’m 100% real.” Oh my god, this guy is stupid. Nicole then adds that she put up two strong players from other teams. In the diary room, though, Nicole states the obvious about how she has to go after somebody who is talking about taking her down.

Nicole is now seen coming out of the diary with an “important announcement from Big Brother”. We get the whole “expect the unexpected” babble again, and the BB Roadkill is announced. There’s an RV that will visit every week, and people will compete individually. The winner will get a “game-changing power. They will secretly nominate a third house guest for nomination.” They all begin jumping around, and Zakiyah is worried. Josea loves it because the “odds are better”. He’s not worried anyway because “I know the house loves me”. Ugh, he is just dumb. Nicole is now worried because Josea may end up staying in the house and “I’ll be in a lot of trouble”.

After an advert break, we see the house walking away from the living room after Nicole’s announcement. In case you didn’t understand what just happened, Paulie repeats the story in the diary room.

Josea tells Paul and Victor that if they win this competition they need to put up Frank. “We never talk to him. What is your strategy, man.” In another room, James tells Frank that he’s worried for him. Frank agrees. “I feel like I have to win this because if not it’s going to be like season 14 all over again.”

Day and Nicole are again upstairs talking about how they have to “continuously” win this BB Roadkill deal. Day complains that now she’s gotta “run around here and smile and giggle in everybody’s face”. Nicole continues on and on, but she’s already become Charlie Brown’s teacher to me.

On the “bridge” Zakiyah and Day are talking about how two African-American women have never teamed up. Day loves her, and wants to bring her to the “other side”. They both tell each other they have the other’s back. “I just want to make sure you’re covered”, Day tells her.

Having conquered Zakiyah, Day now begins working on Michelle. She indeed wants to be a part of them, and Day is shocked how easy this is. “I don’t even have to open my mouth and say follow me”, she says in the diary room. They talk a bit more about other house guests, including Corey. Michelle explains to us that as a longtime fan she definitely wants to play with veterans.

With her work finished, they all meet up in the diary room. Yes, there’s a name created before any real talking. I always hate this idiocy. Frank then comes up with the “Eight Pack”. That’s the new name, and it’s the only time you’ll see it typed in my recaps.

Another set of commercials and it’s now time for the BB Roadkill comp. There’s a bunch of honking, and Nicole heads outside. That means we have to listen to her describe the RV and “camping gear”. Oh, and then she has to read the rules. It’s a comp where you have to take your clothes off (down to a swimsuit) while “driving”. You have to constantly touch three buttons, and releasing a button adds extra time to your score.

It’s pretty funny to watch, especially since Nicole has no idea on what she’s doing. In fact, this whole competition is pretty hilarious to watch, but I’m not going to recap this whole thing.

They all are shown in bits and pieces before we get to the results. They all have “tackle boxes”, and the winner will be revealed. They can reveal if they won, but they don’t have to. They all head to a different part of the backyard, and again Cody repeats the rules. The winner turns out to be...Frank!

There’s some more diary room chatter about this after a commercial break, and then James doesn’t initially believe Frank when he says he won. They jump around a little bit to congratulate themselves. Downstairs, Josea predicts that Tiffany won, but then they start believing it was Nicole. When Paulie walks out, Josea is sure that Paulie actually won. Frank then comes in and gives an Academy Award performance. Well, he really doesn’t but these dummies fall for it. They do believe it’s Paulie. “I read faces”, says Jozea, “and I’m always right”.

In another room, James informs Day that Frank won. He then enters the room and they jump around a bit more. “This is the best case scenario”, says Day. “We’re running things right now!”

There’s now a rare appearance of Natalie and Bridgette. Natalie wants an alliance with Bronte to “prove to America that girls can kick butt and stay loyal to each other”. Good luck with that, but she’s on to something when she says they just have to “play dumb”. That shouldn’t be hard. Bridgette then whispers the idea to Bronte, who is super-excited about this. They’re now outside coming up with “Spy” names. Oh lord. Natalie is “Sporty Spy. Bronte is “Wifey Spy”. Bridgette becomes “Spunk Spicy”. Seriously, they’re giving five minutes to this idiocy.

Funny thing is that Tiffany is sitting on the hammock just a few feet away from her, and she hears all. Yep, Tiffany, we agree that they’re idiots.

The big alliance then meets to figure out who the third nominee should be. Bridgette’s name is the first to come up, but Frank thinks it should be Paul. He’s pretty onto something, especially since if Paul wins POV he’d use it to save himself instead of Josea.

We’re now at the end of tonight’s broadcast. They’re all hanging around doing nothing, and a handful of them are called to the diary room. Oh, it’s the “Mystery Land” punishment. Bridgette is excited, but she won’t be for long, as Frank’s entire team has to wear “nothing but pixels”. Yep, it’s flesh-colored undies with pieces of pixilated cardboard. Bronte is very happy to look at Paulie. Not Gay Corey says the boys have great bodies, and we see him giving one of the boys a lookover. Michelle hates it, but Paulie thinks it’s the best thing ever. We get it, Paulie. You’ve been designated as this year’s heart throb.

Nicole then gathers everybody for the “Roadkill Ceremony”. The winner (Frank) has secretly nominated somebody, and the third nominee is Paul. Well, we have some added drama beforehand...sort of. The ceremony is now over, and after a few diary room comments the episode is over! Wait, one final word of “wisdom” from Josea. He thinks that no matter what the POV should be used on him. Yeah, right.

I must say it was sort of interesting tonight, and the Roadkill stuff is much better than Battle of the Block. What did you think? Who do you like so far? Do you think these newbies are as dumb as I do? Let me know!!!

Big Brother Gossip Show #602: We Run This Sh*t

It's the first real episode of the season, and we cover these 16 twits via what we witnessed on the first two broadcasts episodes and two days of live feeds!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Update - POV Comp Results

Howdy howdy all,

Another quick update on the major event of the day.

The POV competition was held and Paul won it.  Since he was nominated by the Mystery Comp winner (now it looks like that was actually Frank), it appears Frank will be the one to do the re-nom.  This is much like the MVP from Big Brother 15.

So we think as of now Paul will use the POV to save himself and Frank will put up Bridgette in his place (but many don't know Frank is the one with the control).  Expect that to happen on Sunday.

In the meantime there is much plotting and we learn more and more how un-knowledgeable about Big Brother most of the house guests are - including James, Davonne and Frank who couldn't remember that it was Big Brother 3 HG Marcellas that didn't save himself with the POV and was voted out.

Thats it for now - yes this is a short one.  Remember we have out second Podcast of the season at 10pm Saturday night.  Tune in live via the link at Big Brother - or catch it later at our Patreon site.

Live Feeds Reveal 3rd Nomination.

As the feeds kicked off tonight we started to learn lots more about the HGs.

The biggest news appears to be that, as a result of the 'mystery' competition that we will see on Sunday, Paul was nominated - making it a total of three nominees.

Nicole was the winner of the mystery competition and secretly nominated Paul - but many in the house seem to think that Michelle was the winner and made the nomination.  Nicole and Michelle discussed this briefly about 1:04am.

More details we've picked up in the 1st 4 hours of the live feeds.......
  • Have Nots ended at 12am BB time. 
  • POV has not been played yet. We think it will be later today. 
  • One Team (Frank, Paulie, Bridgette and Michelle) have to wear costumes that make them look nude with their 'privates' pixelated out.


  • 8 Pack - Frank, James, Corey, Davonne, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah and Tiffany
  • Fatal 5 - the 5 women from the 8 pack above (secret all girl alliance)
  • Paulie and Bridgette apparently are the 9th and 10th members of the 8 pack.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 2

After last night’s two-hour premiere, we were left with a team whose members are destined for both good and bad futures. The good news is that one of them will be the next HOH.

The bad news is that there will be an eviction tonight. The four members of said team (I refuse to use their stupid names) will compete in one final round. This will obviously be an individual competition, and the person who loses will be automatically booted. Will it be Nicole, Glenn, Corey or Tiffany? I know who I want to see disappear.

Of the remaining three, they must then somehow decide which one will be the first HOH of the season. Too bad it wasn’t Da’Vonne’s team in that position, as there would be some good drama between her and her loudmouth teammates Paul and Jozea.

This new HOH apparently will have to pick the first two nominees of the season. I have to say that they’re pushing harder than usual at the beginning of the show. In past years all we really saw after two broadcasts is a HOH winner. Except for the year “poor” Jodie was booted.

So let’s get started!! Instead of the usual Julie Chen intro, tonight’s broadcast begins with the losing team moaning about their plight. James is with them giving Nicole some sympathy, and she’s then shown whining in the diary room. God, I hate that voice! James reminds them that one of them will be HOH. Tiffany and Da’Vonne then come into the room, and Day takes her aside because she’s upset. She’s in tears as she says it’s so embarrassing that she could be the first person going home. She admits to Day that Vanessa is her sister. Day gives her a little pep talk.

Back in the bedroom, Nicole picks at her ass after Paul walks in. When she leaves, Paul reminds the newbies that they’re still in line to evict the returnees as quickly as possible. Corey doesn’t like this plan.

In the bathroom, Frank and James meet up. They move over into the lounge, and Frank says he thinks that there is a pact against them. Day joins them, and Frank says they need to “nurture their teammates” so they evict themselves. Day hopes that either Tiffany or Nicole wins the first HOH competition.

A bit later, Nicole goes into the living room and pulls Corey aside. She claims in the diary room that last time she “let the game play me”. She’s not going to do that this time. They talk about who the next HOH will be because she wants to be it. There it is! The first “blood on your hands” mention of the year. Her goal is to make Corey not want to be HOH. Which he does. Like real quickly. That voice!!!! UGH!!! “Thank you for thinking of it.”

It’s now time for the dramatic final part of last night’s competition. The four losers are playing a game called “Hit The Road”. They’re “stranded” on their own island. They have to climb a tree and grab coconuts. Each step, though, causes the island to move, and coconuts will move around and possibly fall off the platform.

Nicole whines, Corey says he can’t go home first, Tiff says the “stakes are high”, and Glenn says he’s “frustrated” with the game and team. This is not real exciting to watch. CBS tries to liven it up with cheesy sound effects, but to no avail. The noobs cheer for their own, while the returnees cheer for Nicole.

Nicole gets her coconuts in place and wins the competition. Yes, she’s “so so happy”, and then makes an awful joke about somebody up there seeing her SOS. Awful. They all give some more diary room lines before we head to the first commercials.

Coming back, Corey is getting close to winning but the other two aren’t far behind. Tiffany seems to be losing one for every one she grabs. Tiffany fills her up and grabs second place.

It’s now between Corey and Glenn to see who goes home. They’re both pretty close, but Glenn’s finished first. Unfortunately, his every move causes the platform to wobble. Corey hears the cheers and Glenn grabs the flag at the same time that some coconuts start moving. It’s a photo finish!!!

The Latin Lover gets the results from the officials, and Corey beats Glenn. That means Glenn is going home!!! He’s crushed! The three remaining people from this team huddles together, and Tiffany helps Nicole out by saying it should be the first one to accomplish the task to be HOH. Yes, Nicole is the first HOH, and gets some safety promises.

Paul is not happy. Frank is, though. “I want to go over there and throw her up in the air.” Glenn says goodbye to everybody, and Paul says he “went out a champion in my books” because he came so close to beating the baseball jock. Glenn says he was still “so happy to play Big Brother this summer”.

Everybody else heads into the house, and Glenn’s picture is already blacked out. Bronte is worried that the returnees know what they’re doing, and “they are out for blood”. Paul complains to Corey in the storage room, and Corey now thinks giving the HOH to Nicole may “backfire on me”. Paul yells some more about it in the storage room.

After more adverts, Paulie is shown laying around in the HOH with James and Nicole. They all talk about how they “can’t believe” this is happening, and they’re all with each other. Paulie talks about his brother, and James says he has all respect for him. Nicole may want to keep him as an ally, but Cody was the one to boot her out twice. Paulie, though, says they can trust him 100% when Nicole asks who he would have nominated. James adds that he’s the “most loyalist player out there”. Yes, that’s what he said.

Back downstairs, James gathers the troops to talk about “getting messy”. Jozea says he has no problems with that. The Latin Lover then heads upstairs to ask Nicole what her strategy is for this week, and she says she has no idea. “I don’t have a strategy.” That idiot says the newbies “want to stay together”. You fucking moron!!! He then takes his shirt off and Nicole goes quiet. “I don’t want to go after people who are after me.” He replies “that’s everybody”, and throws Jozea under the bus. Nicole can’t believe he’s revealing everything. “This has to be, like, one of the stupidest moves ever.” For the first time ever, I agree with the dingbat.

We come back from a break with stupid James pulling silly pranks again. He heads into the HOH room, and tells a showering Nicole that he is Victor. “Can I come talk to you?” “While I’m in the shower?”, she replies. He babbles that he had a feeling she hated him, and is up to make amends. “You know we’re coming after you, right?” The silly girl is falling for it. “What do you want me to say?” He then acknowledges the it’s James.

And now it’s time to introduce slop to this crew. Remember, this is what Da’Vonne’s team must endure this week. (Again, I won’t be using their silly team names.) They head into the Have-Not room, and it’s a circus-style room. Day, of course, isn’t happy.

Back outside, Day and Jozea talk for a bit. Jozea thinks he’s a strong player. “I’m like a messiah for the newbies.” Day doesn’t like this. He goes on that “it just kind of happened.” This is the Day I love, not the shrieking twit from last night. She asks him who he wants to go after, and HE ALSO outs the originals versus vets. He wants Nicole out first, followed by James and Frank. My God he’s an idiot!!! He adds that the game “don’t start until they’re gone”.

Day heads up to inform Nicole of everything. She also can’t believe he’s that stupid. “I’m getting to the point where I’m stressed, but I don’t know.” Yep, we know that Nicole can’t handle any power.

Shortly before noms, Corey heads into the HOH to talk to Nicole. She tells him everything Jozea told Day, but Nicole doesn’t know who the second nom will be. She wants Jozea to go home, and is talking about putting up Paulie since he’ll be a good POV player. “I need Jozea to lose”, she says in the diary room. She’ll only do it, though, if she’s good with it. Oops, there’s the second “blood on my hands” reference.

Before we get to the nominations, the HOH’s and Paulie are hanging out in Nicole’s room. She still doesn’t know about putting up Paulie as a pawn. Paulie is asked who he thinks she should go up, and he suggests Jozea and Zakiyah. Nicole suggest somebody strong, but Paulie doesn’t bite. Frank finally flat out asks, and he says “I could go to bat”. She says it’s the “best option for him to go”. Day adds that they all “have loyalty. If I’m telling you I got you, I got you.” In the diary room, Paulie can’t see why she’s already willing to risk him. Nicole admits he has a point. Well, she’s doing it because she’s spineless.

It is now time for the nominations. She reads last year’s script, and the first key she turns is Jozea, while the second one is indeed Paulie. Nicole explains that this “wasn’t an easy decision. I decided to pick a strong player from each team.” Gutless. She’s gutless.

Paulie hopes he can trust Nicole, who agrees it’s super-risky. “It could be a terrible thing”, she acknowledges. Jozea isn’t surprised, as “she was a snake in her season, and she’s a snake this season”. He claims that he “rules the majority”. Yeah right. Day thinks it’s “instant karma for (his) butt”, which makes me giggle.

And that’s it for tonight. On Sunday we get to see the new competition for this year, and also the feeds go live tonight!!! Don’t forget we have a new episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show this Saturday night, and we also have a Patreon site if you want to help fund this little program. In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on tonight’s show. Were you happy Glenn left? Are you pleased with Nicole’s nominations? Comment, my friends and enemies!!!