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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 3 Recap

Generally speaking, we know everything that happens on a Sunday. In fact, we’ve joked in previous seasons how the producers must be listening to the Big Brother Gossip Show as almost everything utilize is featured in the previous night’s show.

This first Sunday broadcast is a bit different. There’s a new competition replacing Battle of the Block. While live feeders know who captured the prize, and whose game has changed due to it, we really don’t know a lot about how it works.

One thing that rarely changes, however, is that the show starts off with the moments right after Nicole’s nominations of Paulie and Josea. Paul gets up and says “welcome to Big Brother”. Nicole whines “oh my god” as she headed into the storage room. “I pretty much drew a line in the sand between the returners and the newbies”, she adds in the diary room. Josea was nominated because he’d been saying she’s his target and Paulie so that he can win that POV.

Josea says that Nicole should “be very scared of me” because he’s coming after her. Stupid Paulie babbles about how good he looks and “don’t worry, Cody”. Ugh, he’s worthless. Paul knew it was going to be two newbies but “I dodged that bullet”. Victor also feels good because he’s not nominated but it was a “ballsy” move by Nicole.

Josea runs into Day and hugs her. She lies and says that Nicole never told her she was going to nominate him. That’s good work, Day. “That threw a curveball”, he says, and she responds that she hopes to be able to play for him. She’s loving the fact that she’s playing “the Messiah”.

Paulie and Corey head into the HOH to talk to Nicole, who says she heard that Josea stormed off in a huff. She does an impression of his head wave that is actually pretty accurate. “Cody’s going to kill me. I’m sorry, Cody.” Hey, he’s not playing this year.

Now Paulie is downstairs with Josea and Paul thinking up some strategy to save both of them. Yeah, right. “They’re trying to get rid of strong players” he tells Josea. “It’s because she can’t compete”, he replies. If he gets any power, he’s going right after her. Suddenly Bridgette pipes up that she follows her on twitter, and didn’t think she was so ruthless. Paulie can’t believe that Josea has been openly saying these things all week. “And now you’re shocked you’re on the block?”

Day is now coming up to hang out with Nicole. She fills her in on her conversation with Josea. “He’s got to go”, she says. Suddenly she sees Josea on the tv screen, and says she’s “scared”. Day leaves so they can talk, and Nicole tries to say that her pool of people were pretty small. “I don’t want you to be mad at me”, the chickenshit says. Josea says he’ll never suck up or beg to be saved. “I’m 100% real.” Oh my god, this guy is stupid. Nicole then adds that she put up two strong players from other teams. In the diary room, though, Nicole states the obvious about how she has to go after somebody who is talking about taking her down.

Nicole is now seen coming out of the diary with an “important announcement from Big Brother”. We get the whole “expect the unexpected” babble again, and the BB Roadkill is announced. There’s an RV that will visit every week, and people will compete individually. The winner will get a “game-changing power. They will secretly nominate a third house guest for nomination.” They all begin jumping around, and Zakiyah is worried. Josea loves it because the “odds are better”. He’s not worried anyway because “I know the house loves me”. Ugh, he is just dumb. Nicole is now worried because Josea may end up staying in the house and “I’ll be in a lot of trouble”.

After an advert break, we see the house walking away from the living room after Nicole’s announcement. In case you didn’t understand what just happened, Paulie repeats the story in the diary room.

Josea tells Paul and Victor that if they win this competition they need to put up Frank. “We never talk to him. What is your strategy, man.” In another room, James tells Frank that he’s worried for him. Frank agrees. “I feel like I have to win this because if not it’s going to be like season 14 all over again.”

Day and Nicole are again upstairs talking about how they have to “continuously” win this BB Roadkill deal. Day complains that now she’s gotta “run around here and smile and giggle in everybody’s face”. Nicole continues on and on, but she’s already become Charlie Brown’s teacher to me.

On the “bridge” Zakiyah and Day are talking about how two African-American women have never teamed up. Day loves her, and wants to bring her to the “other side”. They both tell each other they have the other’s back. “I just want to make sure you’re covered”, Day tells her.

Having conquered Zakiyah, Day now begins working on Michelle. She indeed wants to be a part of them, and Day is shocked how easy this is. “I don’t even have to open my mouth and say follow me”, she says in the diary room. They talk a bit more about other house guests, including Corey. Michelle explains to us that as a longtime fan she definitely wants to play with veterans.

With her work finished, they all meet up in the diary room. Yes, there’s a name created before any real talking. I always hate this idiocy. Frank then comes up with the “Eight Pack”. That’s the new name, and it’s the only time you’ll see it typed in my recaps.

Another set of commercials and it’s now time for the BB Roadkill comp. There’s a bunch of honking, and Nicole heads outside. That means we have to listen to her describe the RV and “camping gear”. Oh, and then she has to read the rules. It’s a comp where you have to take your clothes off (down to a swimsuit) while “driving”. You have to constantly touch three buttons, and releasing a button adds extra time to your score.

It’s pretty funny to watch, especially since Nicole has no idea on what she’s doing. In fact, this whole competition is pretty hilarious to watch, but I’m not going to recap this whole thing.

They all are shown in bits and pieces before we get to the results. They all have “tackle boxes”, and the winner will be revealed. They can reveal if they won, but they don’t have to. They all head to a different part of the backyard, and again Cody repeats the rules. The winner turns out to be...Frank!

There’s some more diary room chatter about this after a commercial break, and then James doesn’t initially believe Frank when he says he won. They jump around a little bit to congratulate themselves. Downstairs, Josea predicts that Tiffany won, but then they start believing it was Nicole. When Paulie walks out, Josea is sure that Paulie actually won. Frank then comes in and gives an Academy Award performance. Well, he really doesn’t but these dummies fall for it. They do believe it’s Paulie. “I read faces”, says Jozea, “and I’m always right”.

In another room, James informs Day that Frank won. He then enters the room and they jump around a bit more. “This is the best case scenario”, says Day. “We’re running things right now!”

There’s now a rare appearance of Natalie and Bridgette. Natalie wants an alliance with Bronte to “prove to America that girls can kick butt and stay loyal to each other”. Good luck with that, but she’s on to something when she says they just have to “play dumb”. That shouldn’t be hard. Bridgette then whispers the idea to Bronte, who is super-excited about this. They’re now outside coming up with “Spy” names. Oh lord. Natalie is “Sporty Spy. Bronte is “Wifey Spy”. Bridgette becomes “Spunk Spicy”. Seriously, they’re giving five minutes to this idiocy.

Funny thing is that Tiffany is sitting on the hammock just a few feet away from her, and she hears all. Yep, Tiffany, we agree that they’re idiots.

The big alliance then meets to figure out who the third nominee should be. Bridgette’s name is the first to come up, but Frank thinks it should be Paul. He’s pretty onto something, especially since if Paul wins POV he’d use it to save himself instead of Josea.

We’re now at the end of tonight’s broadcast. They’re all hanging around doing nothing, and a handful of them are called to the diary room. Oh, it’s the “Mystery Land” punishment. Bridgette is excited, but she won’t be for long, as Frank’s entire team has to wear “nothing but pixels”. Yep, it’s flesh-colored undies with pieces of pixilated cardboard. Bronte is very happy to look at Paulie. Not Gay Corey says the boys have great bodies, and we see him giving one of the boys a lookover. Michelle hates it, but Paulie thinks it’s the best thing ever. We get it, Paulie. You’ve been designated as this year’s heart throb.

Nicole then gathers everybody for the “Roadkill Ceremony”. The winner (Frank) has secretly nominated somebody, and the third nominee is Paul. Well, we have some added drama beforehand...sort of. The ceremony is now over, and after a few diary room comments the episode is over! Wait, one final word of “wisdom” from Josea. He thinks that no matter what the POV should be used on him. Yeah, right.

I must say it was sort of interesting tonight, and the Roadkill stuff is much better than Battle of the Block. What did you think? Who do you like so far? Do you think these newbies are as dumb as I do? Let me know!!!


  1. Ooh, we had a "hope a good person" winning it mention. Started early this year.

  2. Luckily for us there are no good people. lol