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Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Update - POV Comp Results

Howdy howdy all,

Another quick update on the major event of the day.

The POV competition was held and Paul won it.  Since he was nominated by the Mystery Comp winner (now it looks like that was actually Frank), it appears Frank will be the one to do the re-nom.  This is much like the MVP from Big Brother 15.

So we think as of now Paul will use the POV to save himself and Frank will put up Bridgette in his place (but many don't know Frank is the one with the control).  Expect that to happen on Sunday.

In the meantime there is much plotting and we learn more and more how un-knowledgeable about Big Brother most of the house guests are - including James, Davonne and Frank who couldn't remember that it was Big Brother 3 HG Marcellas that didn't save himself with the POV and was voted out.

Thats it for now - yes this is a short one.  Remember we have out second Podcast of the season at 10pm Saturday night.  Tune in live via the link at Big Brother - or catch it later at our Patreon site.


  1. Does Frank renominate in the DR or is he outed by this and has to do it in front of everyone? I like this third twist but it has to remain secret to be good.

  2. Like the mvp we think it's done in secret. But if he is being truthful, about half the house knows he won it.