Saturday, August 1, 2020

Big Brother Gossip Show #1101: Season Premiere

Just a few days ago, CBS announced that Big Brother was back. And it's an all stars season! While CBS has not officially announced the cast, we have some behind the scenes info on who may be involved who may be entering the house. It's so much fun to get the trio back together and talk about what we think may happen this season!

Oh how much fun we had tonight, and you should also enjoy our giggling throughout tonight's episode. We thank you guys so much for listening to this show, and it also helps us out a lot if you do some simple little things like retweet this post, or any post about the Big Brother Gossip Show. Or if you're a member of our Facebook group, hit that little share button. You can find this show at all of the various podcast sites, or click here for a direct download!And if you really love what we do, please consider contributing to our Patreon. We offer all kinds of rewards, including access to Scott and Colette's Day Drinking show. You can even be an executive producer of this lovely little program.Oh, and I almost forgot that we now have Big Brother Gossip merchandise! Click here for shirts, mugs, and other merchandise related to both this show and the Day Drinking bonus show!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I Played a Sequester Mini and I Liked It.

Several weeks ago as I was on the verge of going stir crazy I saw some rumblings about an event coming up a few days later that would pit Big Brother USA alumni vs Big Brother Canada vets.  It was for a game called Sequester created and moderated by Big Brother 17 cast member Audrey Middleton.

Sequester at its most basic is a 'vote off the island' type of game with elements seen in Survivor and Big Brother but also with twists and turns that are totally unique.  I recalled one version of Sequester being promoted several years ago and that version lasted about a week and to play you had to log on for a couple hours every night.  For me it was too time consuming to invest in.  However the version of Sequester that was being played with Big Brother alumni is called a Mini and is completed in one night.  This was much more my speed.

So on a Friday night in April I tuned in to and watched 20 former Big Brother players spend about 6 hours eliminating each other until a winner was crowned.  I won't spoil it for you because you can actually watch the event on the Sequester Replay Page.

My reaction in a tweet from that night sums it all up for me by comparing it to Big Brother, "It had the rush of a live double eviction / endurance competition and aftermath."  While there were down times there was also times where multiple conversations were going on at once and you could not keep track.

I immediately signed up to be a "Patron" for Sequester, which happens to be requirement if you'd like to be able to play in a Mini yourself.  I didn't initially intend to play as I've always kept a low profile when talking about Big Brother but after a couple of days of thinking about it I decided to throw caution to the wind and actually apply to play.  Thus I found myself recording what I hoped wasn't too embarrassing a video for the application and crossing my fingers.

Less than two weeks later I found myself sitting in a virtual "room" with three other people for an hour but we couldn't talk to each other.  This is when everything is being set up for the start of the game.  We all had to shut off our phones on camera and were under strict instructions to NOT use any form of social media for the rest of the night, or at least until / if we were eliminated from the Mini.

After what seemed like an eternity Audrey came on and welcomed all the viewers (I think we had about 2,000 viewers over the course of the night, the Big Brother Mini had over 5,000).  She then played all of the intro videos we had recorded, as we watched we had only seen the three other players from our own rooms (there are five rooms in all to start for a total of 18-20 players).

Once all the videos have been shown the game is on.  While the home viewer can see every room and pick which one to listen in on, the players can only be in one at the time and can't tell who is in any other room.  Its a mad scramble to form alliances and keep yourself safe.  I immediately suggested a final four alliance with my pre-show "roommates" Jacob, Emma and Daniel, and they readily agreed, or at least they seemed to.  We then clicked our mice and headed off to other rooms to socialize and try to see who's name was being thrown about.  As the 'old guy' I was on a few peoples lips as I expected so I did my best to meet as many people as I could to hopefully make a good impression and avoid being the first out.  After about 10 minutes (the length of a round varies), Audrey tells everyone to MUTE and the voting commences.

I'll spare you a replay of the entire night but you can actually see my game on via a direct link HERE.  I will say I did better than I expected, a lot of it stemming from good luck.

Many of the rounds have interesting twists such as the person with the 2nd highest votes is evicted, or you can only vote for someone you haven't voted for before. Most nights also feature a round called 'safety chain' in which one randomly selected person is safe and then gets to choose someone else to be safe  and  so on and so on until the last person is (usually) eliminated.  Audrey mixes the order of the rounds up and doesn't play the same rounds each night so you are never sure what you'll see next.

Audience participation is also encouraged with the YouTube Channel chat participants voicing their wants and needs ("More Drama!!" "No Floating!") and Twitter polls to determine certain twists.

And yes, there is even a way to keep yourself safe if you are lucky.  Every once in a while there is a chance to earn / win a "Locus of Safety" (LOS) which may be  used to save yourself or others if you choose.  The LOS also can keep you from being "dragged" which is an occasional twist where the player that is voted out gets to take another with them.  There is also a "Wheel of Misfortune" - that comes into play when the players fail to evict each other, usually due to being unable to break a tie vote.

In the end you get a final two facing off in front of a jury of the last seven players voted out, they come back to ask questions or just tell the final two off, its their decision.  Then there is a vote and a winner is crowned.  No prizes, not trophy's, but the admiration (jealousy?) of your Mini-Mates is assured.

We finished our Mini after 1am Eastern time (currently they begin at 8pm ET) and I couldn't go to sleep until after 4am I was so wired. Its truly amazing how welcoming the Sequester community has been and I've gained loads of new friends through the experience.  I've watched almost every Mini since I was on and am looking forward to the one this coming Saturday that will involve 20 former Survivor Alumni!  It should be a blast.  There is also a "regular' Mini on Friday.

If you want more information you can check our, or Follow @SequesterAccess on Twitter.  Still better become a Patron and try out Sequester for yourself!

Update: I have since played in a second Mini on 5/30 - you can check that out here.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Big Brother Canada is ending early - what to watch now while we are all on lockdown?

So.....  Big Brother Canada and other Big Brother's stopped very suddenly thanks to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  First my wishes that everyone is safe ans well.  Second what can you watch now?

I bring you a mostly repeat of a post I made after Big Brother 19.  With a couple new suggestions (scroll to the end - hint "O") this post holds up VERY well.  Best of all ANYONE can watch these - no subscriptions required.

 Here are some shows on YouTube you can check out.  I've watched them all and feel they are worth your time if you enjoyed Big Brother.

Big Brother Australia.  The kinder, friendlier version of Big Brother with the 'normal' rules as opposed to the Survivor style rules BBUSA put in effect after season one.  After a brief hiatus, Big Brother Australia came back in 2012 with 3 seasons.  Many consider 2012 to be the best followed by 2013 and then 2014.  I personally liked 2013 the best.  Important!!! If you want to watch all three  you should start with 2012 as there are spoilers as to who won previous season in the latter ones.  As of today my youtube playlists for 2012 and 2013 are complete - but over time accounts get suspended so I will likely have to fix some (Just re-fixed 2014 again!).

Big Brother AU 2012 (85 Videos):

Big Brother AU 2013 (98 Videos):

Big Brother AU 2014 (56 Videos - fixing now!!):

The Glass House (2012): ABC brought us The Glass House in 2012 and it ran from June to August.  They had free "Live Feeds" but the times were limited.  The winner took home $250k.  Its only 10 episodes so if you have the time and are looking for something that is Big Brother like - then check it out!

The Joe Schmo Show (2003): I wish I could link you to this show but its not on any streaming service and there is only the following brief clip on YouTube.  If you've never seen it you should. The premise is everyone except "Joe Schmo" is on on the act - its a fake reality show with lot of goofs on Survivor and Big Brother (The Bachelor got the treatment on Season 2).   The most famous cast member is probably Kristen Wiig, unknown (to me) at the time.  If you want a treat - buy the DVD and enjoy.  Get Season 1 - Season 2 is ok but 1 is the gold standard.  The clip below is from one of the fake evictions.

Space Cadets (UK 2005): Space Cadets was a 2005 "Reality" show that aired in the UK. Being from the USA I would call it a cross between Joe Schmo and Big Brother (Big Brother because of the camera work and diary room type entries). The premise is they FAKE a shuttle launch. I kid you not - they manage to fool several people into believing they are on a real shuttle.  Its not a 'great' show but I enjoyed it

The new additions......

All of the above are on YouTube and you should be able to watch them without issue.  However there was a new show that popped up last year called "The Circle" and it was all the rage.  So much so that Netflix bought the rights to the US version and had both seasons of the UK version removed from YouTube.  I have tracked down online copies via BMX-TV but be forewarned, they may not work on mobile devices (I tested them on my PC) and you MUST use an ad-blocker or you'll be inundated with popups (I use AdBlock in Chrome)! As with Big Brother Australia you should watch Season 1 first because the winner of Season 1 is shown on Season 2.

Circle Season 1
Circle Season 2

Is there anything you'd suggest folks check out??