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Monday, June 13, 2016

We're Now On Patreon

With the cast announcement being pushed back a day, I thought this would be a good time to discuss something new and exciting for this year's Big Brother Gossip Show. Yesterday we announced that we have joined Patreon!
Patreon is kind of like an ongoing version of Kickstarter that's perfect for podcasts. Like Kickstarter, there are "perks" at various levels that rewards those who contribute to our show. Listeners have suggested we use this site for the last couple of years, but honestly I didn't really know how it works.
Since our kind listeners were so generous with donations last year, it made sense to investigate how we can give back to those who give to us. These rewards include the ability to send us questions to answer on the show. You can possibly also receive ring tones and other sound files. Another level includes the introduction of a bonus show that only goes to pledges of a certain level (and above).
That's right, I said BONUS SHOW!!! People have been begging us to do more shows during the season, and that's exactly what we're going to do. Details are pending, but we're considering a few different ideas. Big Brother will certainly be discussed, but we may spend some time talking about other shows we're watching. We will probably be recording and releasing these bonus episodes around the middle of the week.
Don't worry, these extra shows will not affect what we do on Saturday night. We'll still be on Mixlr every Saturday night at 10 pm ET, and those shows will be on iTunes and Stitcher shortly after we're finished. We also won't be "saving" topics for the bonus shows.
Another great aspect of Patreon is that you are only charged when we do a Saturday show (or if we do it on Friday or Sunday due to a scheduling issue). If we skip a week for any reason (which is unlikely), you don't have to worry. This will also be the case when the season is finished.
We're still open to ideas for perks. If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up on twitter or as a comment to this post.


  1. Pledged $10 per show but wish I could afford to give more! You guys are a big part of making this summer addiction fun! Keep up the awesome work on the show!!

    -GDurban -barahir

  2. I'm very excited for another chance of spending my Big Brother Summer with you guys..i will also be donating what i can when i can you guys totally deserve it, for all the hard work you all put in to make our Big Brother Experience that much greater!!