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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 2

After last night’s two-hour premiere, we were left with a team whose members are destined for both good and bad futures. The good news is that one of them will be the next HOH.

The bad news is that there will be an eviction tonight. The four members of said team (I refuse to use their stupid names) will compete in one final round. This will obviously be an individual competition, and the person who loses will be automatically booted. Will it be Nicole, Glenn, Corey or Tiffany? I know who I want to see disappear.

Of the remaining three, they must then somehow decide which one will be the first HOH of the season. Too bad it wasn’t Da’Vonne’s team in that position, as there would be some good drama between her and her loudmouth teammates Paul and Jozea.

This new HOH apparently will have to pick the first two nominees of the season. I have to say that they’re pushing harder than usual at the beginning of the show. In past years all we really saw after two broadcasts is a HOH winner. Except for the year “poor” Jodie was booted.

So let’s get started!! Instead of the usual Julie Chen intro, tonight’s broadcast begins with the losing team moaning about their plight. James is with them giving Nicole some sympathy, and she’s then shown whining in the diary room. God, I hate that voice! James reminds them that one of them will be HOH. Tiffany and Da’Vonne then come into the room, and Day takes her aside because she’s upset. She’s in tears as she says it’s so embarrassing that she could be the first person going home. She admits to Day that Vanessa is her sister. Day gives her a little pep talk.

Back in the bedroom, Nicole picks at her ass after Paul walks in. When she leaves, Paul reminds the newbies that they’re still in line to evict the returnees as quickly as possible. Corey doesn’t like this plan.

In the bathroom, Frank and James meet up. They move over into the lounge, and Frank says he thinks that there is a pact against them. Day joins them, and Frank says they need to “nurture their teammates” so they evict themselves. Day hopes that either Tiffany or Nicole wins the first HOH competition.

A bit later, Nicole goes into the living room and pulls Corey aside. She claims in the diary room that last time she “let the game play me”. She’s not going to do that this time. They talk about who the next HOH will be because she wants to be it. There it is! The first “blood on your hands” mention of the year. Her goal is to make Corey not want to be HOH. Which he does. Like real quickly. That voice!!!! UGH!!! “Thank you for thinking of it.”

It’s now time for the dramatic final part of last night’s competition. The four losers are playing a game called “Hit The Road”. They’re “stranded” on their own island. They have to climb a tree and grab coconuts. Each step, though, causes the island to move, and coconuts will move around and possibly fall off the platform.

Nicole whines, Corey says he can’t go home first, Tiff says the “stakes are high”, and Glenn says he’s “frustrated” with the game and team. This is not real exciting to watch. CBS tries to liven it up with cheesy sound effects, but to no avail. The noobs cheer for their own, while the returnees cheer for Nicole.

Nicole gets her coconuts in place and wins the competition. Yes, she’s “so so happy”, and then makes an awful joke about somebody up there seeing her SOS. Awful. They all give some more diary room lines before we head to the first commercials.

Coming back, Corey is getting close to winning but the other two aren’t far behind. Tiffany seems to be losing one for every one she grabs. Tiffany fills her up and grabs second place.

It’s now between Corey and Glenn to see who goes home. They’re both pretty close, but Glenn’s finished first. Unfortunately, his every move causes the platform to wobble. Corey hears the cheers and Glenn grabs the flag at the same time that some coconuts start moving. It’s a photo finish!!!

The Latin Lover gets the results from the officials, and Corey beats Glenn. That means Glenn is going home!!! He’s crushed! The three remaining people from this team huddles together, and Tiffany helps Nicole out by saying it should be the first one to accomplish the task to be HOH. Yes, Nicole is the first HOH, and gets some safety promises.

Paul is not happy. Frank is, though. “I want to go over there and throw her up in the air.” Glenn says goodbye to everybody, and Paul says he “went out a champion in my books” because he came so close to beating the baseball jock. Glenn says he was still “so happy to play Big Brother this summer”.

Everybody else heads into the house, and Glenn’s picture is already blacked out. Bronte is worried that the returnees know what they’re doing, and “they are out for blood”. Paul complains to Corey in the storage room, and Corey now thinks giving the HOH to Nicole may “backfire on me”. Paul yells some more about it in the storage room.

After more adverts, Paulie is shown laying around in the HOH with James and Nicole. They all talk about how they “can’t believe” this is happening, and they’re all with each other. Paulie talks about his brother, and James says he has all respect for him. Nicole may want to keep him as an ally, but Cody was the one to boot her out twice. Paulie, though, says they can trust him 100% when Nicole asks who he would have nominated. James adds that he’s the “most loyalist player out there”. Yes, that’s what he said.

Back downstairs, James gathers the troops to talk about “getting messy”. Jozea says he has no problems with that. The Latin Lover then heads upstairs to ask Nicole what her strategy is for this week, and she says she has no idea. “I don’t have a strategy.” That idiot says the newbies “want to stay together”. You fucking moron!!! He then takes his shirt off and Nicole goes quiet. “I don’t want to go after people who are after me.” He replies “that’s everybody”, and throws Jozea under the bus. Nicole can’t believe he’s revealing everything. “This has to be, like, one of the stupidest moves ever.” For the first time ever, I agree with the dingbat.

We come back from a break with stupid James pulling silly pranks again. He heads into the HOH room, and tells a showering Nicole that he is Victor. “Can I come talk to you?” “While I’m in the shower?”, she replies. He babbles that he had a feeling she hated him, and is up to make amends. “You know we’re coming after you, right?” The silly girl is falling for it. “What do you want me to say?” He then acknowledges the it’s James.

And now it’s time to introduce slop to this crew. Remember, this is what Da’Vonne’s team must endure this week. (Again, I won’t be using their silly team names.) They head into the Have-Not room, and it’s a circus-style room. Day, of course, isn’t happy.

Back outside, Day and Jozea talk for a bit. Jozea thinks he’s a strong player. “I’m like a messiah for the newbies.” Day doesn’t like this. He goes on that “it just kind of happened.” This is the Day I love, not the shrieking twit from last night. She asks him who he wants to go after, and HE ALSO outs the originals versus vets. He wants Nicole out first, followed by James and Frank. My God he’s an idiot!!! He adds that the game “don’t start until they’re gone”.

Day heads up to inform Nicole of everything. She also can’t believe he’s that stupid. “I’m getting to the point where I’m stressed, but I don’t know.” Yep, we know that Nicole can’t handle any power.

Shortly before noms, Corey heads into the HOH to talk to Nicole. She tells him everything Jozea told Day, but Nicole doesn’t know who the second nom will be. She wants Jozea to go home, and is talking about putting up Paulie since he’ll be a good POV player. “I need Jozea to lose”, she says in the diary room. She’ll only do it, though, if she’s good with it. Oops, there’s the second “blood on my hands” reference.

Before we get to the nominations, the HOH’s and Paulie are hanging out in Nicole’s room. She still doesn’t know about putting up Paulie as a pawn. Paulie is asked who he thinks she should go up, and he suggests Jozea and Zakiyah. Nicole suggest somebody strong, but Paulie doesn’t bite. Frank finally flat out asks, and he says “I could go to bat”. She says it’s the “best option for him to go”. Day adds that they all “have loyalty. If I’m telling you I got you, I got you.” In the diary room, Paulie can’t see why she’s already willing to risk him. Nicole admits he has a point. Well, she’s doing it because she’s spineless.

It is now time for the nominations. She reads last year’s script, and the first key she turns is Jozea, while the second one is indeed Paulie. Nicole explains that this “wasn’t an easy decision. I decided to pick a strong player from each team.” Gutless. She’s gutless.

Paulie hopes he can trust Nicole, who agrees it’s super-risky. “It could be a terrible thing”, she acknowledges. Jozea isn’t surprised, as “she was a snake in her season, and she’s a snake this season”. He claims that he “rules the majority”. Yeah right. Day thinks it’s “instant karma for (his) butt”, which makes me giggle.

And that’s it for tonight. On Sunday we get to see the new competition for this year, and also the feeds go live tonight!!! Don’t forget we have a new episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show this Saturday night, and we also have a Patreon site if you want to help fund this little program. In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on tonight’s show. Were you happy Glenn left? Are you pleased with Nicole’s nominations? Comment, my friends and enemies!!!


  1. I want to thank you for your recap this night in particular. The weather in my area is horrendous and I missed about 30 minutes of the show including the last 10.
    Questions from this episode: What does it say about Nicole that James was able to fool her by not even trying to sound like ? Also, did she not lock the HOH door while she was taking a shower? Is this the start of another fan favorite edit for James where he only appears on the show when he is nominated or when he pulling pranks?

  2. Barbara, I'm happy to be of service. :)

    Yes, that's a reason I can point to when they try to defend her. And I don't need a daily prank spot for James. I had about enough of those last year.

    1. First of all, I meant to include the word Victor in there, but I didn't for some reason. I agree wholeheartedly about James. James seems like a nice enough guy, but I feel like Production molded him into being fan favorite when I would have been okay with a lot of other people on the cast getting that award over him (not Meg...never Meg).

  3. Yeah I agree. And I understand this semi-fame went to his head this past offseason.

  4. I hope Jozea goes home. He is super annoying and thinks he is in control. He wants Nicole out but when he is nominated she is somehow a snake. He realize this is a game and someone has to go home? His fake drama is the type I hate in the house season after season.

    1. I just couldn't believe that Jozea just revealed everything anti-returnee to a returnee. He may have just torpedo not only his game, but the game of his alliance as well in that one move.

      However, you have to give props to Day for not exploding on him and just playing it cool. That shows some improvement from her game in 17. Hopefully this continues for her.

  5. Frankie 😜
    So glad they didn't bring him back.

    1. I am just worried that with a Paulie and a Frank on this season, I am going to refer to someone as Frankie and not mean it in a bad way.