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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You Down With BBOTT? Yeah, You Know Me!

Exactly seven days after Nicole officially became the winner of Big Brother 18, another season is already upon us. This online season is called Big Brother Over The Top (as I'm sure you know), and is only available online.
I know that this has confused quite a few Big Brother fans, and quite frankly we still aren't sure how this is all going to work. I do know, however, that the Big Brother Gossip Show is going to continue to give you the real scoop on what's happening in the Big Brother house!
Obviously, we'd like everybody to purchase the live feeds, but even if you don't all you need is our show to know what's happening throughout the season. In fact, if real life interferes with you ability to find time to watch this online version, you can still keep up with what's happening by listening to us!
Having said that, I'm reaching out to all of you once again about becoming one of our Patreon supporters (or continuing if you already are). Quite frankly, t's your contributions that allow us to keep our podcasts free. We're a strictly independent show. We're not part of a network that feeds traffic and advertisers. Every download is because an individual has decided we're worthy of a click, and those that contributed over this past season has assisted in our goal to always grow and improve. Patreon allows us to branch out into other projects, such as Day Drinking With Scott and Colette.
That drive to always get better is also why we're looking at offering additional rewards. We're contemplating a number of possibilities, and we're always open to ideas. Let us know if there's something that could incite you to think we're worth a tiny bit of your hard-earned cash. 
And to those who have so graciously donated, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You even bring a smile to Colette's cold, cold heart. You even make Scott forget about his beloved Replacements for a bit. Most importantly, you keep Mike out of divorce court as the end of this fall season of Big Brother will mark six straight months his lovely family have been forced to endure his obsession. 

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