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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Julie's First Live Appearance!!!

Today marks one more "first". It's Julie Chen's first live interaction with the house, so everybody spent a little time cleaning themselves up. Even Justin took a shower. What was funny is that the king of egos, Monte, was convinced that Julie was going to spend the most time talking to him.

When she did come on the screen, the first question did go to him. Monte was reminded that none of his nominees were evicted. How did that make him feel. His response is ridiculous. "I'm just happy to be here." Alex is then congratulated on being the new HOH. She's asked if knowing about the fan vote will affect her nominations. "Absolutely." She says she has to be more strategic. "A lot more thought has to go into it."

Neeley asked about being the runner-up. She says it was a "hard" competition. "Whoop, it was hard." It is then on to Krissy regarding the stress of being on the block. She was afraid of "nervous-puking on the couch". "I wasn't ok until my name wasn't called." Julie responds that this "means the game is working". Danielle is asked the same question, and she says it's "an experience I don't look forward to seeing again". Has being a returnee hard for Jason? He says yes. "As you can see, I was under the thumb last week...but I miss my BB17 people."

Everybody giggles when Justin's name is brought up. He admits he didn't know a "damned thing" about the game. "I'm just taking it as it goes. I'm very aware, I'm ready, and excited to see what's next". He adds that the most surprising part of the game is watching everybody's strategy.

Funny enough, Shelby is asked how everybody is getting along, and she admits that groups are being formed and "I'm hearing what everybody is saying about me at night". Shane is asked if he knows everybody plenty well. "It's Big Brother. Expect the unexpected, but right now everyone seems to be genuine." Morgan is asked if the game has changed since Cornbread left. She says it was a "big wakeup call to them". They were all having fun the first week, but now "it's a game...especially with America voting".

The difference between playing and watching is...well, I couldn't figure out what Whitney said. She's impossible to understand! As a big fan, Scott is also asked how the America votes is changing how he's playing. He knows that "America has a different perception on how everything proceeds".

Alex is then reminded that she has an important decision to be made due to being the HOH. And that's it for this little chat! Honestly, this went about as expected. Julie's not exactly a journalist, but it was kind of fun to listen to.

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